24 Days of Handers - Day 4

December 4: Getting the person who doesn’t like Christmas into the right festive mood

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Summary:  Anders has next to no interest in Christmas, and Garrett is determined to change that.

Rating/Warnings: G - another round of fluff

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Anders awoke the next morning and immediately sensed something was off. Or rather, something was missing. He scooted towards the center of the bed, and instead of hitting the space heater he called his boyfriend, Garrett was nowhere to be found and his pillow was cool to the touch.

He frowned, listening for any faint sounds of Garrett in the shower or the kitchen, but all was quiet. Garrett never got out of bed first…maybe he was sick. Sicker.

With a sigh, he sat up, the chill of the room greeting him as he pushed the covers down. After a quick trip to the bathroom (confirming Garrett was definitely not there), Anders stretched and made his way to the kitchen. Maybe he could convince Garrett to come back to bed for another hour or two. Not like they had anything else to do that day.

Upon entering the other room, however, he was greeted by the sight of boxes spread out all over the living room…Garrett sprawled right in the middle of them.

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