How to Realisticly Manage Your Time and Get Good Grades: Debunking the No “Homework” Myth

Every night I can count on at least one of my friends bragging about their lack of homework.

I can’t help but wonder to myself (and depending on my relationship with them, even ask) do you really have no homework? I mean don’t get me wrong, no homework night was my favorite night back in elementary school, but my days of “no homework” ended in middle school. 

Myth 1: All I have to do is read. That’s not really homework!

 Reading is still homework. You still ought to read, and your professors expect you to. They don’t assign readings as busy work; they assign them to help you prepare for the next class or review materials. Furthermore, they do expect you to read it all and keep up with the class. Some people will claim that professors don’t actually expect you to read it; they want  you to skim it. That too is a myth. If you have reading, you have homework. Reading is homework. Same as writing a paper is homework.

Myth 2: If Moodle, Blackboard, the internet is down it means I don’t have to do homework.

No. It means you’re screwed. Don’t procrastinate, turn it in early in case of internet problems! Your professor will NOT accept internet issues as an excuse.

Myth 3: The professor forgot to post it.

You still have homework. If it is on the syllabus, you are expected to have done it by the next class. Take responsibility. Google the article if you have to.

Myth 4: I have no homework due tomorrow.

I hate to break it to you, honey, but this is why the professor gave you a syllabus! If you have somehow magically gotten ahead, or have no homework, keep going! There will be times this semester when you get sick, or are too busy or too tired to do your homework and being slightly ahead will save you from falling behind! Be grateful for the opportunity.

Myth 5: I’m too tired for my homework.

I wouldn’t really say this is a myth, but just a weak excuse. Your professor won’t care if you were too tired, or had too much homework in your other classes, they still expect you to get it done. You can try taking a power nap, going to bed but waking up early the next day to finish, or drinking some strong coffee, but in the end, you will still need to do the homework. If you have a disability which regularly prevents you from doing your homework in a timely manner, I recommend registering with disability services, talking to your professors, and considering a lighter course load, or an alternative route through school.

Keep it up! I believe in you and your ability to power through your homework!

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