Ever Since I Tried Your Way (26k) E

@lesbianiconharrystyles / flowercrownfemme

written for @bhficfest

 Harry had been kissed before, but never like this.

 He’d shared sweet, curious kisses behind bleachers and in soda shop booths, one or two more daring ones in cars parked on dark suburban streets, but the girls he’d kissed had never filled him with the desperation that erupted from Louis’ touch. He parted his lips and pulled him closer, as though he could breathe Louis straight into his lungs, as if he could swallow him. He wanted to consume Louis the way he consumed the body and blood of Christ. He wanted to place Louis on his tongue and feel him dissolve into a frothy mess of starch and saliva. He wanted to gulp him down until his teeth were stained purple and he was drunk on him. He wanted him in some violent holy way that made his hands shake where they were twisted in Louis’ shirt.

In 1949 Harry left his bride at the altar, running away from the only life he’d known. When a kindhearted farmer offers him a ride in his truck and a place to sleep the two find themselves inexplicably drawn together. Isolated on Louis’ farm with nobody but a field of dairy cows to intrude, the men are finally able to explore the parts of themselves they’ve spent their lives hiding away.


pan polyam nonb ace

requested by anon

pan: attraction to all genders; attraction regardless of gender

polyamorous: someone who can fall in love with more than one person at a time; desires a relationship with two or more people at once, with full consent from all involved

nonbinary: someone who doesn’t identify solely or at all with the binary genders

ace: doesn’t experience sexual attraction; an umbrella term for people who identify with part of the asexual spectrum