so i was in town yesterday and found this thing called a mood bank. you can express what youre feeling through pictures and stuff and i cant really describe it that well so i went on their website and found a good description :)))

“City spaces have often been thought about in terms of the functional flows of people and things: the money that is exchanged, the congestion of rush hour, the accumulation of rubbish and the cold face of professionalism.

But what about the more diverse and complex emotional life of the city? How do we actually feel? At the Moodbank you can visualise, deposit and exchange emotion.”

it was just a really cute idea and the wall had pictures from everyone up on it and it was a cool experience getting to see all these different emotions and the pictures depicting them, i saw the ripped one and i thought it was interesting so i took a photo of it and katrib (flewly) and i drew the third to last and last ones in the picture to the bottom right :)