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Actual Plastic Bag In the Sky

May 22, 2017

On our way out of Joshua Tree, we had a chance to see an actual white plastic bag floating on the wind beside the highway.  It was some 20 feet above the ground, was ragged, and spun in a circle.  Plastic shopping bags are small, and this is as clearly as I could zoom in while in a fast moving car.

Although I’m not disputing that the high flying “plastic bag” may not have been a craft, it is not clear what it was.  I’ve seen planes with partial logos in the sky.  If the craft are shape shifting to look like familiar objects, a logo would make sense, like the “Ross” logo seen on the “bag” on May 20.  The problem I’m having with resigning to the fact that this was a bag and not some object that just looked like a bag is that if a bag that was 20 feet up looked so tiny, how could a bag so much higher in the sky (at least hundreds of feet up) look so similar in size?  Also, the next day, May 21, another object that was very similar appeared in the sky over David Wilcock’s talk again, and my neighbor in the next booth called out, “Wilcock, your goddam plastic bag is back!”  It disappeared again shortly thereafter.

An unidentified flying object is anything in the sky that you can’t for sure say what it is.  As usual, my questioning the world around us and my curiosity about an object which appeared suddenly out of nowhere brings in the naysayers.  I’m not saying that this was surely a UFO, but it is strange at least how clearly this small bag appeared when it was so tiny and high in the sky.

No one said anything about the see-through plane I posted.  I wonder what kind of dismissal that one could get?  So far, it hasn’t gotten any, so I await the explanation of why this is not a holographic image cloaking an orb.