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Samurai Jack (2017)  || Ep. 2: Nuts and Bolts 
“Aku doesn't know, and he hasn't shown himself in years. He keeps thinking one of these machines can defeat me. It always seems bad at first. But then I find a way. They’re just nuts and bolts…. Just nuts, and bolts.”

You’re suddenly fine

I’ve realised being a teenager is a piece of work…

Having a crush on that kid

Stressing about school.

Not meeting deadlines

Having a crush on that other kid 

Stressing more about exams

Having a crush on that same kid

Somebody else likes that kid too, they’re prettier than you.

Insecurities grow

Exams come closer

Insecurities get bigger

then….you’re suddenly fine

You realise everything about life is great

Someone ruins it 

Parents don’t understand you

Nobody understands you

You feel moody and nobody can brighten that mood up

then…you’re suddenly fine

Wake me up when my teenage years are through.

BTS’s Reaction When You Steal Their First Kiss. [[Requested by seven-scenarios ]]

[[Oh my god this is my first reaction– seriously I don’t know if anyone has done this but yeah here I go]]


“W-wait! I was not ready for that!”


“Nah, I don’t think you will get away with this– come here.”


“Can we do it one more time? Please?" 


Trying to remain calm– Not


”…..My lips “


Weird alien giggling 

~Jungkookie~ "B-be back in a couple of hours!" 

Anyone up for friendship?

I just wanna make a shit ton of internet friends

•Stay up late and talk about totally random stuff while laughing so hard our stomachs hurt.
•long deep conversations about our futures and plans.
•hour long calls with awkward silence but still having a totally normal conversation.
•Help them and talk to them about their life.
•Talk about how funny it would be if we lived closer and the crazy times we would have.
• learn about each others favorite things.

Just actually relate to someone for a while and not feel so alone.