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I love seeing people (usually older men) bitch about snakes being called “glitternoodle”, or “long dog”, or wearing hats, or any of the ongoing cutening movement. Know why?

‘Cos your manhood’s tied into believing that these animals are SupRemE PreDaTors and I love seeing some deconstruction of harmful macho BS that shakes you up a bit. I just love it. I love how uncomfortable you are that a BADASS PREDATOR is wearing a hat.

Hey, manly man? The most dangerous predator in the world is the human being, and I have it on the best authority that human beings… wear… hats. MY GOD.

Nothing in my stewardship of animals or personal mental health is tied to an elaborate mental image of snakes as deathseeking meat tubes. I had as well think of my African dwarf frogs (who also eat “meat”, or bloodworms anyhow) the same way.

P.S. Making things cute and harmless is a great way to keep them safe, both from people with irrational phobias and from apathy and indifference to their abuse by the general public. People care about cute things. Make snakes cute.



I was wondering why your face seemed so familiar to me then I remembered it was from an original piece of wlw fiction like 5 years ago I read on this site called xenafiction (full of wlw fanfics and original works). There was a story and the description of one of the main characters was exactly like you, same hairstyle,facial features and your face is exactly what I pictured. Lmao the woman(character) described ran these BDSM parties in her spare time. 

Writer’s Blog

If you’re reading Dal Segno al Fine, my latest Phantom phic, you know the characters in it are much older.

I had a vision tonight of Christine sitting on the sofa, knitting a pair of slipper socks for Erik’s long bony feet, and I’m just completely tickled by it.  He will reluctantly take them, and tell himself that he will wear them because she made them, but secretly loves how warm and soft they are.

And no, that’s not going to be part of the story.  ;)

It might get an update tomorrow….maybe…