mood whimsy

I just saw a harrie state that Harry looks so comfortable wearing these clothes and something about adpirational whimsicality??? Where? Every single solo appearance he’s nade you can see whats either nerves or just him being down. He never once has looked like he was in the mood for ‘whimsy’ or canary yellow suits. So as someone said the clothes wear him not the other way round. At least in 1D he had the confidence to pull off the suits so it was annoying but not uncomfortable to watch. The 1975 have been doing the New Romantic look for ages now, Olly from Years and Years does the couch suits and loads of other weird stuff too, but it fits so much with their personalities you dont notice it. Harry should come out in his country club gear, that would ring alot truer than what he’s attempting, it’d at least feel authentic 'him’