mood of the king
Flora Nocturna — The Secret of the Forest X - Thranduil x Reader

The air in Thranduil’s halls is heavy with anticipation now that the dwarves are indeed on their way to the mountain. And with Tauriel and Legolas gone the king is in a sour mood and it is best not to tangle with him. So you spend most of your days waiting for whatever might happen, but the weeks drag on uneventfully. Until finally one day something does indeed happen …

Disclaimer: © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved. The Hobbit/Thranduil trademarked to Middle-earth Enterprises and licensed to New Line Cinema. No profit is being made.

Roger Rabbit: “ Toons are supposed to make people laugh.”

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Aquarius Sun & Mercury 
Leo Moon,
Aries Mars,
Pisces Venus

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Ryan Haywood and Gavin Free, “Team Love and Stuff”

The unlikely duo, chaotic vagabonds who follow rules fit only for the insane. Destruction is a given, police never get a wink of sleep with these two around.