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Meet Scarlett

Sasha Hostyn, or more commonly known in Starcraft 2 as her alias “Scarlett”, is a transgender professional gamer. (x)

While Scarlett has acknowledged that she is transgender, she hopes esports fans will focus on her play rather than her gender

“Okay, to stop all this speculation — it is true I am MtF transgender, and I kind of expected this reaction. I have never tried to bring attention to myself for anything other than my play, so I don’t feel like this should be a big deal,” she said last April.

“I have always tried to make it a complete non-issue,” she wrote, “and including this [in my player page] is subverting that and akin to mentioning someone is the best gay/black/etc player; something that has absolutely no relevance on how they play.” (x)

Her entrance into the world of professional Starcraft 2 is a perfect case study to reveal many of the problems still plaguing our society. Initial reactions were negative. Name calling and derogatory comments quickly populated the Starcraft 2 stream chat.

But now, Scarlett has asserted herself as a dominant force in the game. A member of Team Acer, she is now also a champion. These days, the trolls are silent as she establishes herself as a permanent fixture in esports and a true threat to the top players in the world, Korea and elsewhere. (x)


feeling down? having a bad day? ski jumpers are here to cheer you up! i’ve prepared a list of the most amazing videos that never fail to bring back my smile:

*in no particular order*

★ Manu from The Golden Austrian Circus

★ Wuff’s epic fail - fortunately, nothing bad happened and we can laugh at it now…


★ the sexy German trio

★ basically EVERY VOLKSBANK AD (here’s my top 3)

★ Gregor’s smile…forever…and ever


★ Schliericam was a true gem

just an ordinary day with Team Norge…


Norwegian Tanning Team in Fuerteventura

it’s all about pranking

Gangnam Style

Didl and his famous backflip

party hard or what

4:50 Welli being cute and shy

Kofi and his Manner ads are life

…and so is the whole Dingsbums series even though i cannot fully appreciate it because i don’t speak German lol

Welli & Michi stealing candy

The Thomas Morgenstern Show 2013

Gregorgeous speaking my mother tongue

messy hair don’t care

Michi & Schlieri - finalists of The Facial Expressions Contest in Einsiedeln

Bardal’s going out of control

Magnus and his teddy bear

The Voice of Norge

classic & hilarious

viewer discretion is advised…

the beauty of stretching

the famous joke

CHAMPAGNE SHOWERS with Olympic Champions

+ everything posted by Team Austria on facebook

obviously this is not a complete list (forgive me my bad memory) and you may expect some new treasures in the future

but for the time being - have fun watching those! :)


here’s another one! a playlist of upbeat songs to make the bad days seem a little brighter :’)

remember that you can request a playlist for a certain theme in my askbox!

years ago my boyfriend at the time taped a cat-height “no meowing” sign on my bedroom door to stop the two cats from yowling us awake in the morning. two days later, i returned home to an insurrection already in progress