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Yar! A Peak Inside Bip Ling’s Creative Emporium

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There’s always something happening in Bip Ling’s (@bipling) world. She’s a fashion blogger, a model, a GIF maker, a DJ and now, a musician. On top of that, she’s got to keep track of Mooch, her sassy, round, two-dimensional friend who likes to waltz in and out of her photos.

“He’s got a crush on Hello Kitty and wants to date her, which is really annoying,” says Bip, over the phone from her flat in London, about her animated sidekick.

Really, Mooch is just another piece of Bip’s creative universe, one filled with photo shoots and cheeseburgers and “Yar” — a word she likes to add to the beginning and end of her sentences.

Bip first started getting attention in London culture circles through her zany fashion blog, which she launched back in 2009. From there, she started picking up modeling gigs with brands like Louis Vuitton and Forever 21. But her focus soon shifted, and five years into blogging, she had an epiphany.

“I was making this blog but I wasn’t quite satisfied, and I came to the conclusion that music was what I had to do — that’s my release,” she says. “I love making GIFs — I will be making GIFs until I die. But that wasn’t making me content.”

Bip has been writing and listening to music since she was young, taking a go at the drums and the violin. But she didn’t really know how to start a band — none of her friends were interested in playing music. Thankfully, that’s a problem of the past. Over the last year, Bip’s turned her attention to writing lyrics and releasing two singles in “Bipping” and “Bip Burger,” while working with musician Stefan Abingdon and producer Aaron LaCrate.

Like any emerging singer, she currently has plans to release more music and, eventually, a full-length album. But, as with anything Bip does, there’s a twist.

“Have you heard of hip-hop? I make bip-bop,” she says. “I want to be the first pop artist in the whole world to use my name in every single song ever. Bip-bop. It’s a whole new vibe, yar.”

—Instagram @music