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Love ♥ Love ♥ Love ♥ your drawing of Little!Hiddles lost in the woods. I hope you've shared this with Tom, he'll love it too!!

Thank you! I’m not sure leading Hiddleston to my blog would be a very wise move though.

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Why? Most colleges let you move rooms the first month or so if you’re not getting along.

My situation is complicated.
But rest assured, if its not this roomate, it’ll be another that I’ll not get along with because of something.
The issues wouldn’t go away…
I’m wishing would have signed up for a single room…

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Honestly, people are super upset with Tom? Did they REALLY think they had a chance with him? As for being mad because he didn't disclose this right away - well, look how they're reacting! Perhaps it was HER decision; perhaps she originally asked him not to reveal who she was. Perhaps it was done to better his marketability; more girls 'crushing' on the single guy. Perhaps he didn't want her to be bombarded with hate and abuse from all the freaks.I AM HAPPY FOR TOM, WHOEVER THIS WOMAN IS!!


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Currently reading "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. There is a character in the book whose name is Low-Key. I thought of you immediately, just because of his name. You, of course, are a lot nicer!

Interesting, I’m glad you thought of me.   Now I want to check out that book.  Did you like it?

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Do you know where he’ll be filming? Last week it was…Sandusky, inside a building.

Well according to an interview, he said he was returning to Cleveland today, and that he’d be fighting Captain America soon. 

So, hopefully, he’ll just be on the street like the two Chris’s were. And I know the streets where they’ll be filming, so I’m hoping that everything will go as planned. :D