Yes yes alright XD I got my MOO postcards in the post earlier today, here’s a preview!

I’ll be selling them as mini prints, first up at the London MCM Expo, and if I have any left over, probably online and at later events! The set includes:


Antony & Cleopatra

Legend of Korra

Pokemon Britain

Cafe Suada: Crossdressers

Heart Shaped Balloon

and Maria.

Moo Printing Review


As a designer, I’m always looking for new ways to print.

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I came across a company called Moo while looking for a fast online printer.

Moo is an online printing company that differentiates themselves with what they call ‘Printfinity’, there unique printing technology, allowing you to print a different image on every card in a pack. Click Here to See the Video on the Homepage.

I’ve used their services twice now, both times purchasing their mini-cards. Because I was in a hurry both times I didn’t use the custom editor allowing you to choose multiple backgrounds for you card. However I did choose from one of their really great background option sets.

I’ve broken down my review into a few short categories:

PRICE: Average printing costs but extremely worth the money if you use the “Printfnity” to your advantage. IDEA: Use the back of the card to show the names & contact info of your many employees. Then use the other side of the card to show the company info that stays the same for each employee.

QUALITY: Great for digital printing. Don’t expect any fancy printing techniques like foils or embossing, although while visiting their site today I saw they now offer rounded corners.

ORDERING:  Very user friendly. The design platform is pleasant and easy to use. The checkout process was fast and efficient.

TIME: Like many of the other online printing companies they give the option for rushed printing and shipping. The time was average, no better or worse than most online companies. The packaging was nice and kept the business cards safe from bending.

OVERALL: The company is great, and I would recommend using their services. I’m even thinking about joining their affiliate program. I don’t have any ad space on my site but when I do add space I will be diligent to only show interesting, positive and useful companies and personalities.

The above picture shows how I display my business cards. I purchased this pup from an antique store in Shelby, NC. I would encourage anyone to get creative when displaying their calling cards.

Photography: © Copyright Bryonie E. I. Danby

Ooh I set up an page and received these cool cards from moo for free. You have to pay p&p - which costs a few quid - and can upload your own images… like I did yay:) They’re lovely quality and methinks I’ll get my proper top notch business cards printed by them once all my websites are updated. Get your own here