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Moo u should be mystic (Idk whatever it's up to you don't be pressured just do what makes u happy)

I am literally Hufflepuff. Soooo….



[Wow, I’ve been lookin all over for these babies~! But yes, these are 10 dollars each if anyone is interested~!]

                                 CREATURE ADOPTABLES!
               These little critters need a good home!
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                                          CREATURE INFO

These creatures are a closed species, known as the ‘Kamuflyazh (KAH-MOO-FL-YAH-Z) Hunter

They’re a species of dragon that are mostly built for speed. They don’t roar, but they purr, hiss, and whine. They also make a series of contact calls that sound mostly wolfish.

Unlike most dragons, they usually hunt during moonlit nights or just before the sun comes up. It’s said that they’re known for their silent kills, due to the fact that this bodies are able to ‘blend’ to their surroundings, making it easier to take down their prey. They distribute a major amount of melanophores in it’s body which is responsible for the change in color.

If you need more information, I have an info sheet here for you to read up on!

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Creature 1-

Creature 2-

Creature 3-

Creature 4-

Creature 5-

Creature 6- OWNED BY @nillyandthefunkybunch