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Show me the Bunny

For sagetheone

Original Prompt: “Delirious has a chinchilla or bunny but pretends to have a pitbull so that the crew doesn’t call him ‘girly’ but he accidentally tells them during a recording session and all they want is to see his pet and he shows them over Skype and they see his face”

Delirious had a problem. Well, it wasn’t so much his problem as it was a problem with how the world perceived people like him; grown men who preferred fluffy adorable animals of the smaller variety.

When asked if he had any pets, Delirious panicked and had told everyone he owned a pitbull.

Sure, Teddy could get a little mean sometimes and tried to bite his hand when he changed his water, but he was certainly no pitbull.

Delirious often played with his bunny snuggled sleepily in his lap. He would stroke his ears and smile before going back into his crazy persona and blowing people the fuck up.

Sometimes, Teddy would get too disturbed by his loud laugh or sudden jolts and would jump off of his lap before heading into his cage and curling up into his hut. Delirious had no problem with leaving the cage open so that Teddy was free to hop around the room to his little heart’s content.

Delirious loved the hell out of his furry baby but didn’t think his friends would understand. And he was too far into the lie now to come clean about it.

He was playing with the guys one day, absentmindedly petting Teddy and thinking about how the poor bunny was out of food. Delirious didn’t even have any carrots or lettuce to give him. Hell, he didn’t have food for his damn self.

“I’m gonna have to call it for today, guys.” He told them.

“No way! You just got here, Jonathan!” Evan exclaimed, and Delirious smiled (as usual) at the fact that only Evan called him by his real name during sessions.

“What could be so fucking important that you have to leave right this second?” Wildcat asked.

And maybe Delirious was still thinking about the way his name sounded coming from Evan’s lips because he responded, “I have to get bunny food.”

He regretted it the second it left his mouth.

“Did he just say bunny?” Wildcat asked.

“No!” He laughed nervously.

“I definitely heard bunny.” Moo supplied.

“You’re supposed to be my friend, Moo! I said I need to buy funny food.” It was a shitty excuse and he knew it wouldn’t fool them. So he braced himself for the inevitable teasing.

“Delirious, I demand to see your bunny right fucking now.” Marcel said sternly.

“I don’t have a fucking bunny!” He yelled. He needed them to change the topic and briefly considered just dropping out of the call.

“Jonathan,” and Delirious knew he wouldn’t be able to resist Evan. “I think you need to show us your bunny.”

“Fine!” He shouted as he turned on his camera. He was frustrated by their insistence and didn’t think about the fact that he was showing them his face for the very first time. Instead, he held up Teddy and said: “Are you assholes fucking happy now?”

When his eyes caught his reflection on the screen, they grew wide and panicked as he realized what he’d done. He fumbled for the mouse, nearly dropping Teddy in the process, and clicked the camera back off.

He closed his eyes, mentally kicking himself. That was not how he had wanted to do this.

“Uh…Delirious?” Mini started to say but Evan cut him off.

“Jonathan, are you okay?” And of course the first thing Evan would ask about is his well being.

“I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to…”

“No one is judging you, dude.” Wildcat assured him.

“Yeah, man. How come ye didn’t tell us that ye were hot?” Nogla exclaimed.

“I’m not hot. Not compared to you guys.” Delirious flushed. “And I’m certainly not as great as you all are.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Evan sounded angry. “You’re fucking H2O Delirious, one of the best Youtubers out there! You’re amazing. And yes, you are fucking hot. Don’t sell yourself short, Jon.”

“Thanks…I guess.” He cuddled his bunny, embarrassed by the compliments.

“Yeah, yeah. Now that we’ve seen your beautiful face, can I please see the fucking bunny?” Marcel yelled. “You moved it too fast and I couldn’t see how cute he is.”

Delirious opened the camera, still a little self conscious, and again held up Teddy.

While the others cooed over the bunny, Delirious noticed that Evan’s eyes never left his.

send yer friends farm-related asks


big green tractor - whats yer fav song?

harvest - whats yer fav vegetable?

neigh - ya ever ride a horse?

moo - do ya like milk?

hay - who would ya go on a hay-ride with?


cowboy hat - trust ya with my cows!

egg - yer my bff (best farm friend)

field - id go on a hay-ride with ya

barn - sure do love yr farm!

Baby Moo

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okay sorry this is late, i had a panic attack today but I’m fine now :) also who knew that niall saying moo would be so hot???

“I’m guessing you like the outfit?” Niall asked, feeling his smile on me, “say moo if ya do.”
“Moo, baby moo.”

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