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Terrorladd Friendship
  • Craig: If me and Tyler got into a fight, who would win?
  • Evan: Tyler
  • Brock: Tyler
  • Lui: Tyler
  • Marcel: Tyler
  • Craig: HEY >:(
  • Brian: I think you'd win Craig.
  • Craig: Really :D
  • Brain: No, Tyler is gonna fuck you up.
  • Moo: How was golf it? How did it feel to have your ball get knocked off it's course over and over again? When you hit the ball but it doesn't listen to you and goes completely out of whack. How does it feel to hit the ball too hard and end up having to restart, only to find out you don't have enough time. The trick shots aren't worth it. The trick shots aren't worth it. The trick shots aren't worth it.
  • Vanoss: You ok bud?

This kimono is amazing. The way the sequins reflect the light and change the color of it slightly… wow…

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Terrorladd Friendship #5
  • Brock: There's only one thing worse than death.
  • *Rips of piece of paper above death to reveal 'Craig's*
  • Brian: *Gasp* Craig
  • Brock: No
  • Craig: .....Bitch

From Vanoss’s Video when Marcel couldn’t hit him xD Sorry if the background looks bad… TvT

Terrorladd Friendship #3

Brian: So everyone what did you do over the summer

Brock: I went to the beach

Evan: I made some music

Scotty: I finally learned how to make pancakes

Brian: and you Craig?

Craig: I looked at memes all summer and haven’t seen the sun for the past 2 months

Brian: ….