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Asdfjiggle ~

Hey guys! Muii here. Sarah and I have agreed that I’m going to take over this primary blog and she’s running an aesthetic and art side blog I believe by the URL of @salty-popsicle .

For this transition, I’m going to need a new URL because asdfjiggle was out group chat name and I don’t want to take that as my own :,)

if things get a little confusing I am sorry! . Also… if you have a URL suggestion, preferably something along the lines of Muii pls drop in my ask box ^^ ty for staying with us! Catch Sarah at her account!


So this is the most interesting pair of this year’s crop. The cow is around 13 but you wouldn’t believe it because she’s fucking psycho and threatened to plow me over while I took pictures. Even though she’s mean we haven’t culled her because she has took every single time she was bred and her steers make for some good eatin. She has earned the name Clownface.

Her calf is my favorite this year and the only baldy born. No idea what to name her.

evakoorhelm  asked:

Halla my prince <3 I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being in my life. You are the part of me that I was missing, if soulmates exist you are definitely mine. You complete me haha :') you are beautiful and kind and funny and you ship my ships which helps haha :P You are the best friend I have ever had and I am reserving you for valentines day next year ;) I love you more than anything Bloo <3 <3 <3

I don’t even know what to say to so much sweetness! I’ve just been sitting here staring at this message, all speechless and whatnot. I know I’ve gotten a little better reciprocating but sometimes you still surprise me with such loveliness. Is this because I said I didn’t hate William? This is so because I said I didn’t hate William, right? :’D It convinced you that we’re supposed to be the bestest of fated friends. Haha. No but seriously, I’m so grateful for you. I hope I have you around for a very long time. I love you. <3