moo i am a cow

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I don’t feel this cow is as enamored with Zion as I am.

my family is playing a game where u list things u cant see and ppl r saying shit like ‘oxygen’ 'dignity’ 'time’ and it was getting really deep until my grandmother blurted out 'the moo sound cows make’ i am too tired 4 this

The children's tea set you catch him using with the other boys (request)

Thanks, Katie!






So Derek Hale was 19 in the first episode of Teen Wolf. Because they said so outside of the show. 

A full year has yet to pass. And his birthday is marked as Christmas? 

So he’s still 19. 

Stiles has been mentioned as being 17 in this season. 

Derek is 19. Stiles is 17. 

In California, I live here so I know this shit, there’s this interesting thing about age of consent which gives a three year extension to the rule. Meaning, legally if you’re 16 you can date someone up to the age of 19, 17 to 20. 

(Which yes. That means an 18 year old could date both a 15 year old and a 21 year old, which is odd as fuck but that’s besides the point.)

So all that whining about Derek being sooo much older than Stiles is a moo point. (It’s like a cow’s opinion. It just doesn’t matter. It’s moo.)