moo grob

Moo Grob (Deep Fried Pork belly)

Okay so the last two dishes I posted were healthy ones so that’s my justification for this seriously tasty but artery blocking dish. Imagine a giant pork scratching that still has all the meat attached and you get moo grob. I should probably recommend that it’s served with some vegetables but let’s be realistic, it won’t change the fact your still going to be consuming one giant hunk o’ deep fried pig- enjoy responsibly!!

For 2 you’ll want-

  • a nice fresh, even piece of belly pork with equal layers of rind, fat and meat
  • half a cup of white wine vinegar
  • Thai sweet chilli/ Sriracha sauce for dipping
  • and a shed load of vegetable/sunflower oil for frying

Okay, start things off by boiling the belly pork, yes, like the last recipe, the meat is boiled first. Keep it on a steady boil for around 30 minutes until the pork is fully cooked. It’ll look pretty miserable at this stage, all grey and floppy but don't despair. Take it out and pat it dry all over with kitchen towel. The skin will now be soft and a little gluey. The skin may already have been pre- scored but to make sure you end up with ultra crispy skin, spent some time cutting a deep grid pattern through the rind and follow that up with a fork or skewer, stabbing the pork all over the rind, right through to the meat. Take a plate, pour your white wine vinegar onto it and lay the pork, skin side down into the vinegar, this helps it to dry out and tighten up. Leave it bathing in the vinegar for ten minutes while you get your largest pan heating, filled about half way with the oil. After ten minutes, take the pork out of the vinegar and again, thoroughly dry it all over with kitchen towel. Hopefully now the oil should be really hot, if you have a deep frying thermometer, about 180*c/ 350f. I cannot stress enough at this point- YOU MUST HAVE A WELL FITTING LID FOR THE PAN. Gently and swiftly, lower the pork skin side down into the boiling oil and get the lid on instantly- It may even need to be held down as it will bubble and pop like crazy for a while. Keep on a medium heat. Eventually, it will calm down but don’t go away, after 10/15 minutes it should be deep brown and crisp. Be very careful when lifting the lid off as there will be condensation inside the lid which can crackle and spit if it falls in the oil. Turn the pork over in the oil, to give it just a few minutes cooking on the other side and you’re done. Lift it out and drain on kitchen towel before using your biggest knife to cut it into chunks. Serve with Thai sweet chilli or Sriracha sauce for dipping the chunks into. Messy, unhealthy but totally worth it!