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The lovebirds

Prompt/Fic request: Reader is playing a character in a new MCU movie and is secretly dating Chris (the cast know) They go to a comic con and y/n gets a couple of invasive questions and Chris saves the day. And RDJ also, as he’s Like the dad to all the cast.

A/N: I’m sorry this took soooooo long. I just hope you like it.


“Baby” I felt his strong arms around my waist. There was an amazing feeling that only him could make me drag into. I put my hands over his. His body covered mine. He started to move his hips side to side, while he hummed in my ear. His fragrance surrounded and spread in the tiny room. I filled my lounges with the electrifying and manly smell.

“Hey” I whispered. I turned around so we could be face to face. He was the most attractive, kind and sweet man I’d ever met. That look got me hypnotized.

“I just wanted to wish you luck” he leaned and traced my lips with his yhumb, I smiled and then, he kissed me.

“We’re going to be in the same place, silly.” I used my tip toes to gain height and kiss him back.

“I know, but we’re going to be undercover” he sighed and hugged me tight. “I hate this, I want to hold your hand, or kiss you or just be able to tell you that I love you in public. Why is it so hard?” I took distance, I looked at him. Even when he was way taller than me, this kind og situation made him look so adorable.

“You know the rules. We’re almost over with this, love. Two more appearances. We’ll wait a month after that and we’ll scream at the top of our lounges how much we love each other. Besides, we still share house, don’t we? Maybe when we go out of here we…” I used the tip of my toes again so I could tell him my dirty plan.


“this question goes to y/n…” I smiled, though inside I rolled my eyes. The last three questions were for me, all about my personal life. Chris was in the other side of the stage. Robert was next to me. I saw him rolling his eyes and I smiled. “Is it true that Chris and you were lovebirds and had a sex scene but it was deleted because you looked to…?” Robert interrupted him and I laughed.

“Boy! Don’t you know manners?” Robert defended me. I looked at Chris, there was a slight line in his mouth. He was mad. “Grow up, dude! You should be happy of being in the same room that this monumental woman”. Everybody clapped and the guy received some bad looks from everybody in the room. Especially from Chris.

“Alright, next?” I heard someone but I felt dizzy by the whole situation.

“Y/N” I closed my eyes and smiled trying to be interested “how was like working with a bunch of man?”

“Well, I grew up with boys so it wasn’t hard to be part of the crew. Although, more than a cast is a family. They helped me a lot, respected me and played with me. I love them like they’re my brothers and sisters. I think I’m actually going to miss them” I made a little grin.

The questions kept going. I heard the answers and nodded once in a while. Until something kept my eyes wide open.

“Chris, isn’t y/n your type of woman? I totally ship you and I…”

“All of us do, but let me tell you something” Robert interrupted again because we both knew that Chris and his big heart could tell everything. “I adopted her and she will be able to date until she’s 70” everybody laughed, including Chris. Robert had that funny and sarcastic way to say things that made you smiled.

Two months later.

Robert showed up in the kitchen, Chris and I were talking.

“Kids you made a frenzy with that rock, and left, typical of Chris. Let me see” I smiled and Chris kissed my cheek while Robert looked at the ring that was in my finger. “I can’t believe how everybody bought that shitty story, I mean, it’s enough to be with you for one second to realize that you too are crazy for each other”. Chris and I smiled. “Congrats, lovebirds”.  

“You know? He’s right” I said once he was gone. Chris had his arms around me. “Anybody could tell that I’m so in love with you, love” Chris leaned and kissed me.

“I agree, I don’t know how we did it…”

“Love makes us do crazy things, lovebird.”

In the sculpture hall of the V&A in London there’s a monument to a woman called Emily Georgiana. And I go to see it, and read the epitaph every time. One one face of the base of the monument, it reads:



On the opposite side, it continues:



Sometimes I want to know everything about her. Sometimes I don’t want to know anything.


This is what I like to see. The truth.

EPIC RANT GOES VIRAL: “POLICE BRUTALITY? HOW ABOUT BLACK BRUTALITY?” Illinois woman in monumental smackdown of ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ hypocrisy

Last chance! Closing today, June Leaf: Thought Is Infinite presents the artist’s achievements in drawing over the past five decades.

June Leaf (b. 1929), Study for Woman Monument, 1975. Pen and ink, and acrylic on paper, 17 × 14 in. (43.2 × 35.6 cm). Collection of the artist. Photograph by Alice Attie


it was beautiful to watch what Morrison and O’Donoghue were doing in the background—the way his hand never left her back or her shoulder, the way she leaned into him, the attentive way he looked at her. In those small details, we were able to see just how much Emma was opening herself up to being vulnerable with him and how much Hook treasured the moments she was giving him to show her how much he loves her. Perhaps the sweetest little detail was when the camera lingered on their hands, and we saw Emma move to intertwine her fingers with Hook’s—initiating a new level of intimacy yet again. In that one small gesture, she reassured him that she wasn’t going anywhere, and she silently asked him not to go anywhere, either. It was another way for her to show she wasn’t going to push him away anymore; she was holding on tighter than ever. Emma shows her feelings in actions rather than words, and this action was so small but so monumental for a woman who still isn’t used to the kind of intimacy that she’s diving into with him

Tallahassee is such an important episode because it introduces Emma’s past and her future loves. I was rewatching the CS scenes and I started thinking what if it was suppose to be a layout of what would come for their love story? That this episode was a reflection of their overall journey to love showing the things that will have to happen before we get them in a relationship. Now this may be bit crazy but I do see elements of the story we have had so far so you can look at it as them actually making a layout or just me looking at different parts of their story.

The whole episode is an adventure and through it we are shown what could be as we get the first hints of Captain Swan- from the beginning with the choice to work together to the triumphant end when he offers her his hand to go home.

In any adventure there are obstacles to overcome to get to the end success much like a journey to love. Except with Captain Swan they have a huge beanstalk that they have to climb and once they finally get to the top, already overcoming so much, they still have to fight the enemy and find what they desire. This couple’s journey has more challenges than most, but it makes their story all the more important. True love is worth fighting for.

Initial Distrust/Only Seeing the Pirate:         We open with them at the base of the beanstalk, the beginning of their relationship, and it is laced with distrust. Of course Emma has good reason to doubt as the man has not shown anything other than his pirate side so adjusting to him working for the good side is hard to accept. But we also see him be upfront with her and try to make her understand that he wants to work with her. Let her know that he will be on her team if she lets him. Ever since he introduced himself as ‘Killian Jones’ he will be honest with her.
       This is present throughout the beginning stages of them knowing each other with Emma questioning his motives and only seeing him as someone who could hurt her. She ignores her lie detector and his actions. Emma decides not to trust him despite his attempts to show her he can be trusted. She doesn’t want to see him as more even if her gut is telling her he is different. She does not trust herself in those moments where she decides not to take a chance that she could be wrong.    

See Past the Front/See Themselves in the Other:                                  One of the great components of their relationship is that they are so perceptive and can relate to the other in ways they cannot relate to anyone else. Climbing the beanstalk is the first time they actually get to talk to each other and Killian sees what she does not share which is something others do not. Emma will not open up to Killian and yet he is still able to read and understand her. He is able to see the lost girl. So even before they have had time to learn about the other and before there is any establishment of trust he can see what lies beneath. The similarities between the two and this connection will allow them to reach out to each other in ways others cannot. 
      Later Emma is able to reach out to Hook despite his revenge mission and him being used to only working for himself. She is able to get through to him because she recognizes that they are similar. This understanding of the other is a foundation of their relationship because it allows them to open up and communicate to each other.      

Concern for the Other:  

      In Tallahassee, there is the amazing hand wrapping scene where Killian bandages Emma’s wounds. He sees that she is hurt and despite her protests that she is fine thinks it is important to take care of her. He shows his concern for her when he could have easily stayed focused on the mission, which illustrated more than just the softer side of the man.
     They have concern for each other before any deep feelings so it shows a strong connection between the pair. For Emma we see this concern for Killian later in her need to protect him from Rumple (hiding him in hospital, going to NY after Rumple threatens him). Of course as the feelings develop there are even more examples.

Revealing of the past/ Confessions:
In the scene where Emma sees his Milah tattoo and realizes that his past is more than just a pirate who lost a hand. She realizes in this moment that he too has been hurt by love. And here she also finally confesses that she was in love once despite her concealing it earlier. These instances where they open up to each other are so important in the development of love. They reveal their vulnerability and the pain they have experienced.
     In season 3 we have a lot of this kind of sharing between the two. Moments where they are completely honest and raw in front of each other opens the gates into them knowing and loving each other. No matter how hard it is for them to say or hear, they reach out to the other. Killian revealing his heart in Echo Cave, Emma talking about the disappointment of waking up from the dream NY gave, and all the other incidents bring the pair closer. And every time they open their heart, if only for a moment, they know the other will understand more than anyone else. 

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It had been an extremely hot day in Washington DC, so we postponed visiting the monuments until the evening, when the hot sun had passed and a light breeze struggled to  make a difference. It turned out to be the right decision. The statues of great people like Eleanor and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, took on their own particular and powerful sense in the glow of well placed lights. At the imposing Martin Luther King Jr monument I captured a woman, standing in awe of an idea.