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This is what I like to see. The truth.

EPIC RANT GOES VIRAL: “POLICE BRUTALITY? HOW ABOUT BLACK BRUTALITY?” Illinois woman in monumental smackdown of ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ hypocrisy

Last chance! Closing today, June Leaf: Thought Is Infinite presents the artist’s achievements in drawing over the past five decades.

June Leaf (b. 1929), Study for Woman Monument, 1975. Pen and ink, and acrylic on paper, 17 × 14 in. (43.2 × 35.6 cm). Collection of the artist. Photograph by Alice Attie

It had been an extremely hot day in Washington DC, so we postponed visiting the monuments until the evening, when the hot sun had passed and a light breeze struggled to  make a difference. It turned out to be the right decision. The statues of great people like Eleanor and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, took on their own particular and powerful sense in the glow of well placed lights. At the imposing Martin Luther King Jr monument I captured a woman, standing in awe of an idea.