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I’m not sure who decided that Sasha isn’t allowed to talk about gender because Peppermint is trans but y'all sound stupid. First of all Sasha is non-binary/gender queer. Second of all why should she after winning, not speak about things she cares about? Obviously Peppermint being a black trans woman is monumental and very important for the drag community but that does not mean Sasha isn’t allowed to speak on gender as well. And to act as if she isn’t allowed or shouldn’t is extremely ignorant and honestly it just seems like another thing for y'all to try to diminish her with. Do y'all actually know anything about what Sasha does? What her monthly show Nightgowns does for trans woman and men, for genderqueer people? Do y'all know anything about her magazine? Which showcases different types of drag for all genders and spectrums? Nah you don’t know anything but what you saw her do on tv and it shows with the things y'all spew about her. If you’re gonna try to drag someone at least inform yourself on said person, otherwise you just look dumb to those of us who actually know what that person is about.


Gifset: Jaime x Brienne - Traveler AU

Jaime Lannister, manager and right-hand man to the CEO of the company, his father Tywin, lives a life that goes its course almost entirely by itself. From the early beginnings of his life, he was framed to, one day, inherit his father’s “family empire.” And Jaime never bothered, really, being a natural in what it takes to fill in such a position. It just seemed like the most natural conclusion to go with the flow.

Nothing out of the ordinary happens – until it does.

A car accident right outside the family company’s office building leaves Jaime’s right hand permanently damaged. And this experience shows Jaime one thing: He didn’t witness anything exciting, anything extraordinary, and almost died not having achieved much of anything outside the family business.

At first, he is simply depressed, caves in at home, does not show up at work, is done with life. But then, perhaps by a wink of fate, Jaime finds an old map, from the last holiday he took when he was still in college, and bought himself a ticket to Lys out of the blue. He almost completely forgot over business life that this was his last actual holiday, and a good one, actually. And as he sits there, going back over some of the good old memories, Jaime has to realize that he hasn’t taken any time for himself, hasn’t traveled – beside for work – in ages.

In a cloak-and-dagger operation, Jaime buys backpack, boots, tent, and whatever else he can gather, only to wind up by the Citizens Advice Bureau first chance he has to get the papers needed. After that, Jaime takes a taxi to King’s Landing Airport and wants to board the next-best plane he can catch, much to the irritation of the woman sitting behind the counter.

When asked to where he would like to go, Jaime simply replies, “Doesn’t matter. Just away from here. So long I can fly right now, I don’t care what the location is.”

And so, Jaime finds himself walking on Dornish soil soon thereafter.

Already at the airport, as he waits for his luggage to arrive, Jaime gets one confused phone call after the other from his family members, asking him where he is.

“Dorne. What would you want to do in Dorne?!”

“Making holidays,” Jaime replies simply, again and again.

“And you couldn’t have told anyone beforehand?”

“I got the last ticket.”

“When are you going to come back?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?! But Jaime…”

“As I said, I don’t know, and my bag just arrived. I am hanging up now, bye.”

Jaime reckons that the vacation will do him good, but he soon grows dissatisfied. Doing the usual tourist routines has him rather annoyed. Even the prospect of seeing some of the most beautiful sights Dorne has to offer has Jaime shockingly little excited. He thought that this would be it, that this is what he is seeking, but… it’s not.

The realization comes to Jaime one late night, watching a travel documentary on a small TV in his hotel room: He doesn’t need vacation, he needs to travel.

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Comparing selfies by Jorge Císcar

The lovebirds

Prompt/Fic request: Reader is playing a character in a new MCU movie and is secretly dating Chris (the cast know) They go to a comic con and y/n gets a couple of invasive questions and Chris saves the day. And RDJ also, as he’s Like the dad to all the cast.

A/N: I’m sorry this took soooooo long. I just hope you like it.


“Baby” I felt his strong arms around my waist. There was an amazing feeling that only him could make me drag into. I put my hands over his. His body covered mine. He started to move his hips side to side, while he hummed in my ear. His fragrance surrounded and spread in the tiny room. I filled my lounges with the electrifying and manly smell.

“Hey” I whispered. I turned around so we could be face to face. He was the most attractive, kind and sweet man I’d ever met. That look got me hypnotized.

“I just wanted to wish you luck” he leaned and traced my lips with his yhumb, I smiled and then, he kissed me.

“We’re going to be in the same place, silly.” I used my tip toes to gain height and kiss him back.

“I know, but we’re going to be undercover” he sighed and hugged me tight. “I hate this, I want to hold your hand, or kiss you or just be able to tell you that I love you in public. Why is it so hard?” I took distance, I looked at him. Even when he was way taller than me, this kind og situation made him look so adorable.

“You know the rules. We’re almost over with this, love. Two more appearances. We’ll wait a month after that and we’ll scream at the top of our lounges how much we love each other. Besides, we still share house, don’t we? Maybe when we go out of here we…” I used the tip of my toes again so I could tell him my dirty plan.


“this question goes to y/n…” I smiled, though inside I rolled my eyes. The last three questions were for me, all about my personal life. Chris was in the other side of the stage. Robert was next to me. I saw him rolling his eyes and I smiled. “Is it true that Chris and you were lovebirds and had a sex scene but it was deleted because you looked to…?” Robert interrupted him and I laughed.

“Boy! Don’t you know manners?” Robert defended me. I looked at Chris, there was a slight line in his mouth. He was mad. “Grow up, dude! You should be happy of being in the same room that this monumental woman”. Everybody clapped and the guy received some bad looks from everybody in the room. Especially from Chris.

“Alright, next?” I heard someone but I felt dizzy by the whole situation.

“Y/N” I closed my eyes and smiled trying to be interested “how was like working with a bunch of man?”

“Well, I grew up with boys so it wasn’t hard to be part of the crew. Although, more than a cast is a family. They helped me a lot, respected me and played with me. I love them like they’re my brothers and sisters. I think I’m actually going to miss them” I made a little grin.

The questions kept going. I heard the answers and nodded once in a while. Until something kept my eyes wide open.

“Chris, isn’t y/n your type of woman? I totally ship you and I…”

“All of us do, but let me tell you something” Robert interrupted again because we both knew that Chris and his big heart could tell everything. “I adopted her and she will be able to date until she’s 70” everybody laughed, including Chris. Robert had that funny and sarcastic way to say things that made you smiled.

Two months later.

Robert showed up in the kitchen, Chris and I were talking.

“Kids you made a frenzy with that rock, and left, typical of Chris. Let me see” I smiled and Chris kissed my cheek while Robert looked at the ring that was in my finger. “I can’t believe how everybody bought that shitty story, I mean, it’s enough to be with you for one second to realize that you too are crazy for each other”. Chris and I smiled. “Congrats, lovebirds”.  

“You know? He’s right” I said once he was gone. Chris had his arms around me. “Anybody could tell that I’m so in love with you, love” Chris leaned and kissed me.

“I agree, I don’t know how we did it…”

“Love makes us do crazy things, lovebird.”


This is what I like to see. The truth.

EPIC RANT GOES VIRAL: “POLICE BRUTALITY? HOW ABOUT BLACK BRUTALITY?” Illinois woman in monumental smackdown of ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ hypocrisy

Last chance! Closing today, June Leaf: Thought Is Infinite presents the artist’s achievements in drawing over the past five decades.

June Leaf (b. 1929), Study for Woman Monument, 1975. Pen and ink, and acrylic on paper, 17 × 14 in. (43.2 × 35.6 cm). Collection of the artist. Photograph by Alice Attie