monumental ruins


The Dragon Prince’s Heart and Winter Crowns

The scene intercutting Jon and Dany’s lovemaking with Rhaegar and Lyanna’s wedding suggested a certain parallel between the two love stories; however, the connection between them goes so much deeper. In the Dragonpit, the history of the Harrenhal Tourney literally repeats itself and the past meets the present as Rhaegar’s son unknowingly follows in his father’s footsteps to the point where Jon’s every action echoes Rhaegar’s. 

Both future-defining events taking place at once monumental buildings brought to ruins by dragons and hosting members of Great Houses, legends and heroes of their respective generations. And once again a Targaryen prince who declares for the queen of his heart for the whole world to see and makes all the smiles die. Just when everyone present expects him to accept Cersei’s offer, Jon shocks them when, like his father before him, he chooses a different queen - instead of doing the prudent thing, instead of conducting an illicit affair in private. At the Harrenhal Tourney, Rhaegar crowned Lyanna the Queen of Love and Beauty with a crown of winter roses, 25 years later their son bends his knee to Dany and figuratively lays his crown of the King in the North on her lap - a crown of the Kings of Winter - a love confession of his own. It’s as much as they can publicly show their devotion and admiration they have for these women. 

And just like Lyanna a lifetime ago, Dany sits on the gallery; Dany, a khaleesi, who is an expert horse rider just like Jon’s mother used to be; Dany, who like Lyanna fights for those who can’t defend themselves. In that sense, Jon falls for a woman that is so much like the mother he never knew, a woman so much like the one his father loved so dearly.

The Cure

your back was turned
curled like an embryo
take another face
you will be kissed again
i was cold as i mouthed the words
and crawled across the mirror
i wait
await the next breath
your name
like ice into my heart
a shallow grave
a monument to the ruined age
ice in my eyes
and eyes like ice don’t move
screaming at the moon
another past time
your name
like ice into my heart
Everything as cold as life
can no one save you?
as cold as silence
and you never say a word
your name
like ice into my heart
your name
like ice into my heart