monumental pt 2

A Monumental Birthday pt. 2: Mr. March

You returned to your room and opened the door, hearing a noise. “What’s in here, James?”
“I told you there was going to be more gifts, didn’t I?” He smiled. “Check the bathroom.”
You opened the bathroom door, and a German Shepherd puppy met your eyes. You squealed and picked him up. “He’s adorable.”
“I know. He’s also quite mysterious, if you ask me.”
“Ah, like you?” You sat on the floor, playing with the puppy.
James sat behind you. “I have no secrets from you, my love. From others, of course, but not from you.”
You smiled as the puppy trotted over to James. “I know you don’t. You’re still a mystery to he world, but you’re my mystery.” You kissed his cheek.
“No, dear, I show you all the affection on your birthday.” He pulled your body back into his and ran his hands through your hair.
“Thank you.”
“I love you, my queen. Happy birthday.” James kissed your neck and up to your cheek, holding you.

// @ahs-imagines

bangtan are asserting themselves as artists on an international stage that can draw this kind of emotion from people- they aspire to move people with their lyrics and goddamn fucking hell i’m definitely moved as fuck this song is a masterpiece these lyrics are POETRY the concept of the video itself is fucking genius the animation is top notch and yoongi KILLED the rap he fucking laid that shit down he poured his HEART out and this trailer- the beautiful and continuous artistry that bts continues to present to us-  it leaves me with no doubt that bangtan will forever remain one of the most influential, brilliant, talented, and inspiring idol groups ever.