monument to a whirlwind

2013ashton  asked:

mack can you pls do “I haven’t gone to that diner since we broke up" w/ ashton??


It wasn’t necessarily normal for you to call your ex’s sister, but desperate times call for desperate measures as you’d completely forgot about the wedding you’d promised a friend you’d attend with him. You’d lent a dress to Lauren for a school dance she’d attended and never had the chance to give it back considering you and Ashton had broken up only a week after the social event.

“Coming!” her voice rang through the door after you knocked on it, a whoosh of cold air hitting you as it swung open. “Y/N!” she greeted immediately, catapulting herself into your arms and nearly knocking you over.

“Hey Lo,” you replied with a giggle, hugging her back and smiling once she pulled away. “How’ve you been?”

She shrugged with a smirk. “Same old, same old.”

You raised an eyebrow. “Your face says something different.”

The brunette blushed, her cheeks a rosy pink as she bashfully crossed her arms. “I dunno, Jason may or may not be my boyfriend now…”

“What?” you shrieked, gripping her arms and shaking her. “He finally asked you out?”

Lauren nodded while biting her lip. “Yeah, finally.”

You smiled, admiring the shy grin the girl whom you thought would someday be your sister in law had adorning her face. She’d grown since the last time you’d seen her: her cheeks a little thinner, bone structure more defined. Though you noted that quite a few things had changed, Lauren still looked like a female version of her older brother.

“So I dry-cleaned the dress and–”

“Lo, who’s at the door?”

Your eyes bulged at the curious voice of your ex, your body tensing as it was the first time you’d heard it in person since the treacherous split that took place months ago. Lauren had assured you twice over text that Ashton wouldn’t be home, and you could tell by her apologetic frown that she truly felt bad about the turn of events.

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