monument to a marriage

We want to congratulate our brothers and sister in Taiwan for the monumental decision to pass legal marriage equality allowing same-sex marriage in the country. 

To celebrate, we’re throwing in pieces from #LoveisMASSIVE with all orders placed through the rest of the month of May.

We began “Love is MASSIVE” in the wake of the Orlando massacre of July 2016 but have found its purpose continues to be relevant to the ongoing struggles of our local brethren in North America. Rather than contribute proceeds from this one product line, we have started a small monthly contribution to the ACLU and URGE from our general revenue. 

We hope the message of MASSIVE LOVE continues to spread around the globe, and to share more of the harmony we love and cherish in the queer Asian diaspora. 


I’ve never been a super fan of Jolex but up until season 12 I was kinda okay with it. Alex and Jo had okay chemistry I guess and sometimes they were cute but I have hated Jo as character by herself since her appearance on the show so obviously I wasn’t happy that she was with my fave bit whatever.

Let’s pretend I didn’t already hate Jo and I was rooting for her and Alex until season 12.

Season 12 she turned into this weird bratty child who was constantly jealous of Meredith even she said by herself that she knew that Meredith was on a difficult place and had no one except for Alex but that didn’t stop her from whining all the time. Like I don’t understand, did she think that Meredith was going to steal Alex from her??? Because at that point they had been together for like 3 years. If she wasn’t confident enough in her relationship at that point to trust Alex with his friend of over ten years who had just lost her husband then I don’t know if they should’ve even been together in the first place.

But let’s say all of that didn’t bother me, let’s say that behaviour wasn’t completely uncalled for and her and Alex were perfection and belonged together.

It is no secret that Alex wanted to be a grown up, he’s been saying that since season 9. He’s been married before so it’s not surprising that it’s something he would want to do again.

Jo fans are always saying “oh she had a rough past, she has issues, she had a difficult childhood, blah blah blah” yes she had an awful childhood, do you know who else had one? Alex did. Do you know who she should’ve trusted more than everyone else? Her boyfriend Alex. Do you know who she shouldn’t have kept a gigantic secret from? FREAKIN ALEX.

Her excuse was that she didn’t want Alex to go find her ex-husband and get killed but that is so much bullshit. What the hell was her plan?? Did she expect Alex to just hang around with her forever and never want to take it any further? A marriage is a monumental piece of information and it’s ridiculous that she kept that from him for so long and is still playing tye victim. When you are in a long term relationship with someone you love, you should be able to talk to them about the important things….like for example, the fact that you have an abusive ex-husband.

Also the fact that she thought having a baby without explaining why she didn’t want to get married was a solution to her problem shows how childish she is because that’s an idiotic solution. Having a baby doesn’t fix problems.

I think that Alex was completely wrong for beating up DeLuca (even though he thought he was protecting Jo from getting raped but whatever) but of Jo hadn’t been so unnecessarily secretive then this whole debacle could’ve been avoided.

TL:DR Jo was an idiot for keeping that secret and thinking it wouldn’t be a problem. She pretty much led him on for 4 years and let him think that they would have the future together that he expected.

“Friendly Advice”

Hello again, here’s the next addition to my little celebrating the CS wedding event. I’ve found more stories than I thought, so there will actually be one more re-blogged story tomorrow, and then the new one will be posted on Sunday before the big event!  This one features Elsa, mostly because I just really thought he and Emma had a neat bond while she was in Storybrooke and I wished Emma could have her friend back, or at least hear from her, before her big day. It was originally written last summer for a hiatus challenge.  Hope you like it!

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“Friendly Advice”

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           On the morning of her wedding day, Emma Swan stood at the open window of her upstairs bedroom, leaning out to draw in deep breaths of the fresh spring air and staring out over the horizon.  Though she could not be any more certain that marrying Killian was what she wanted, that she and her pirate were meant to be together, and that she intended to be with him for the rest of her life, nerves still fluttered inside of her as she clutched the windowsill.  She didn’t want Killian to know – impossible as that might be when he read her so well – didn’t want to see him hurt or have to fear that she had any doubts.  It was just that marriage seemed so monumental a promise.  The trust required was a daunting leap; for someone who had given up the hope of ever belonging, the vow to build a family, always have someone to count on, and to share everything and hold nothing back, could still be hard to offer without flinching.

           Biting her lip and willing herself to calm down, to focus on expressing her love for her pirate and let everything else go, Emma’s thoughts were interrupted by a soft, cooing bird call. Looking up into the clear, perfectly blue sky, she saw the shadow of a small, white snowbird descending toward her at her window.  A moment later, the gentle creature alighted on the sill and held out its leg to her, where Emma could see the holder attached with a letter rolled up inside, much as her mother had said they did back in the Enchanted Forest.

           A bright smile crossed Emma’s face as she removed the missive from the bird’s care, magically conjuring a tiny dish of water and some sunflower seeds for it while she began to carefully unroll the message.  Emma was pretty sure she knew just who had sent the correspondence and was anxious to see what her friend wished to say, since she couldn’t be there in person.

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As someone who is obsessed with Medieval English history, I can’t even begin to express what a monumentally BAD idea it was for Rhaegar to annul his marriage to Elia (the mother of two healthy and LEGITIMATE heirs) in favor of a teenage girl he knocked up.

GRRM is obsessed with mothers dying in childbirth. Rhaegar had to have known this was a concern. By setting aside Elia, he bastardized their children and pinned all his hopes on Lyanna’s baby, who had a 50% chance of being a girl, and because Westeros has its own Salic law, she wouldn’t have been allowed to rule.

And you can’t even argue that Rhaegar was trying to be like Duncan and retire from court because he believed his child with Lyanna was the Prince that was Promised. He believed their child would rule Westeros.

Even Henry VIII wouldn’t have put aside Catherine of Aragon if she’d given him a son. Kings and princes don’t just casually set aside their wives for a girl they want to fuck and may have impregnated. You think Anne Boleyn would have been queen if Henry had had a healthy son?

Jesus, I know GRRM is making a point about the folly of kings but Rhaegar is a fucking DUMBASS and Lyanna and Elia deserved better

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I just watched Poldark for the second time with just Demelza or Ross scenes and it actually makes more sense they seem somewhat happy and together I think the problem was the choppiness of the episode you just couldn't get into a scene cause they were all split up. I also think the black moon was a bit dramatised and brought the episode down to a pantomime feel. Do you ever wish a Poldark episode would just slow down and let you enjoy a scene instead of bombarding you with multiple stories?

Yes, very much so! This show drags out unnecessary moments and then speeds through incredibly monumental moments like marriages, deaths and births, like damn let me just sit in a moment and enjoy the emotions of it all, if you’re constantly moving at break neck speed its impossible to even enjoy the damn thing

Queen's 90th birthday falls in busy year for the Royals

Milestone birthdays - young and old - a tour of India and an Olympic dream are just some of the events the Royal Family has to look forward to in 2016.

What does the next 12 months have in store for the Windsors?

The Queen’s 90th

Her actual birthday is on April 21. Celebrations will also focus on her official birthday with a weekend of national commemorations from June 10 - 12 including a mass street party in The Mall, a service of thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral and the traditional Trooping the Colour ceremony

The service at St Paul’s on June 10 coincides with the Duke of Edinburgh’s 95th birthday.

A theatrical spectacular is also being held in Home Park, Windsor Castle in May, featuring 900 horses and 1,500 participants including musicians, dancers and choirs, as well as famous actors and artists.

:: Princess Charlotte’s 1st birthday

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s daughter Princess Charlotte turns one on May 2. The fourth in line to the throne will celebrate with a family party, with William and Kate likely to release photos of their second child to mark the occasion.

:: George at nursery

Charlotte’s older brother Prince George, who turns three on July 22, is starting nursery in January. George will be enrolled for a few days a week at the Westacre Montessori School nursery near William and Kate’s Norfolk home, Anmer Hall.

From September - the term after he turns three - he will be eligible for 15 hours a week free early education or childcare.

The government is also introducing a further 15 hours free childcare but whether George would be eligible for this additional amount is not known - it depends on parental income and working hours.

His father William had his first experience of school at Mrs Mynors’ Nursery School in west London, close to Kensington Palace, which he joined aged three years and three months in September 1985.

:: William and Kate head to India

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will carry out an official tour of India in the spring - the first time either of them has visited the country.

George and Charlotte are expected to stay at home with their nanny.

The trip comes 24 years after William’s parents travelled to India in 1992 when the Princess of Wales was famously pictured sitting alone in front of the monument to love, the Taj Mahal, prompting rumours about the state of her marriage to the Prince of Wales.

:: The 40th anniversary of The Prince’s Trust

Charles’s charity The Prince’s Trust marks 40 years since its creation.

The Prince set up the organisation in 1976 using money he was given when he left the Navy. It has become the UK’s leading youth charity, offering training, personal development, business start up support, mentoring and advice.

TV presenters Ant and Dec have made a documentary about the Trust, which features the Geordie duo following the Prince on a number of engagements. The 90-minute special will be broadcast on ITV on Monday January 4 at 9pm.

:: Going for Gold

The Queen’s granddaughter Zara Phillips is hoping to compete in the Olympics and has set her sights on a gold medal.

Equestrian eventer Phillips is working towards a place in the Team GB squad for Rio 2016 in August.

She won a team silver at London 2012 and has spoken of how motherhood and the arrival of her daughter Mia, who is nearly two, has made her even more determined to succeed at competitive sport.

The Crown

“Two houses, two courts, one Crown” is its tagline.

Billed as the “gripping, decades-spanning inside story” of the Queen and the Prime Ministers who shaped Britain’s post-war destiny, it looks at the “ intrigues, love lives and machinations behind the great events that shaped the second half of the 20th century”.

The cast includes Wolf Hall star Claire Foy as the Queen and former Doctor Who Matt Smith as the Duke of Edinburgh. It was written by Peter Morgan, who was behind the film The Queen, and is being directed by Stephen Daldry.

Whether the real-life Windsors will tune in to this series remains to be discovered.