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Saw this at Monument / Bank station 💖


羽犬 (はいぬ)

Winged Dog

From the now defunct website Obakemono Project:

This winged dog is a popular image in the city of Chikugo in Fukuoka Prefecture, and the dog itself is supposedly buried beneath a stone monument near the railroad station called Hainutsuka (“winged-dog mound”). Two conflicting stories are usually told about the winged dog’s origins.

According to the first story, recorded in the Chikugo Kokorogashi in 1777, the winged dog was a ferocious creature which attacked humans and livestock. When Toyotomi Hideyoshi embarked on his Kyūshū Campaign of 1587, seeking to conquer the island, the dog stood in his way and had to be slain. Hideyoshi was so taken with the animal’s pluck and courage, however, that he erected a memorial for it.
According to the second version, the dog was Hideyoshi’s beloved pet, which died in the place where the mound now stands. There is some historical evidence for this latter version, and the imaginary winged dog of Chikugo’s folklore may be based on a real dog of exceptional agility.

Art by S.H.Morgan. 

Over the crater

Astronaut Jeff Williams captured this panoramic video while the International Space Station moved over Mt. St. Helens in Washington State. In 1980, the north side of the volcano was blown off in a lateral blast eruption, leaving a gap on the north edge of the crater. In this frame you can clearly see the broken crater wall, along with channels carving downward into the newly-deposited ash layers. Spirit Lake, along with trees that arrived in the lake during the avalanche associated with the eruption, can be viewed at the upper left of the video. Inside the crater a small lava dome, made of the same magma that caused the 1980 explosion, began extruding in 2004 and can be clearly made out. Along the edge of the dome, a new glacier is forming.


Video Credit: Jeff Williams

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

After Yogee and I finished walking around the neighborhood, we parted ways. I decided that the first thing I wanted to see (as a tourist/new temporary resident of Taipei) was the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall…Partly because I already knew the location, and also because I knew it was free entry. hehe. Anyway, I hopped onto the MRT and rode it straight to the monument, the station that I was to get off at was conveniently titled “Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Station.” Easy-peasy.

I already knew the monument was going to be super nice once I got outside because the MRT station had an art gallery in it! Wild.

The Memorial Hall’s surrounding area consists of two other huge traditional-style buildings, the Concert Hall and the National Theater.

This is me in front of the National Theater ^

and this picture is of the Concert Hall ^ (they look pretty similar I know.) But when looking at the arches of the entry way from the steps of the monument, the Concert Hall is on the right and the National Theater is on the left.

Here’s another picture of me with the monument behind V

I’m going to post some videos in a seperate post so you all can get a better picture!

Motel Ceiling

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Angst, Little bit of fluff in the ending if you look real hard

Word Count: 2,342

A/N: I’ve been wanting to write this for almost 5 months and I’m really happy with the way it turned out, so I hope you enjoy the hell out of it! It’s based off the song Hotel Ceiling. I had to change the title because, hello, it’s Dean.

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Sam and Dean had been quiet for the past few days. No calls, no texts, nothing. You weren’t too worried, though, considering that this wasn’t a rare occurrence. The longest they’d gone without checking in at least once was four days.

It was currently day three and the walls of the motel room were beginning to make you cross-eyed with boredom.

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valyriangold-deactivated2016031  asked:

hey! so idk if you're taking prompts but, i really love everything you write &amp; I think you capture bellarke perfectly so i figured I'd give it a try -- I see a lot of fic where Bellamy is v experienced and Clarke is not at all and I would really love to see a fic where either it's the opposite or both aren't very experienced &amp; are each other's first serious relationship? anyway, thank you for your lovely fics and congrats on the awards!! <3

This thing is pulling triple duty for this prompt/alt POV on The Fool Might Be My Middle name/the first day of Bellarke AU week! You are the best multitasker, fic. Also if you’re not into porn, just skip the first half of this story. Or the whole thing, I guess. Your call. I’m just saying, there’s porn.


“So,” says Clarke, once they’ve gotten the call from Raven that she and Octavia are safely home. She’s still wearing her Unity Day dress, which is more than a little unfair. He’s in his uniform, gross and sweaty with gel sticky in his hair, so of course she looks flawless. He has no idea what to do.

Or, well, okay. He has an entire galaxy of ideas, but he doesn’t know how to start. He doesn’t think he can start, because if he starts, he won’t want to stop, and he knows he has to. This is not a possible thing.

“So,” he says, trying not to fidget.

“Your sister says you talk about me all the time,” she says, with a smug smile, and that’s enough to make him crack, because–Clarke Griffin knows about his sister. She saved his sister. And all she’s doing about it is teasing him because Octavia knows he has a crush on her.

He crosses away from the door to kiss her. Her arms come up around him almost before his lips touch hers, just as eager. It’s not a surprise, not really–she came to see him for Unity Day, and she was jealous of Octavia–but it still feels monumental, like the entire station shifting beneath his feet, the entire universe.

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