anonymous asked:

One good moment you had with the delightful children. A moment with Monty that was good and A good moment with Nigel.

Mhm I have to answer all of these in one box? I suppose since its not like I’m busy man trying to take over the world. 

I guess a good moment with my five perfectly delightful children. You see my children use to have nightmares about blue lights and chambers and stuff you know kid stuff. One night I was sleeping peacefully and they came running into my room. I would of normally been angry because I’m a busy man but I let them sleep with me and everything was good. I believe I sang them a lullaby.

Now Monty you see Monty and I where close I suppose as children. But we have a few good moments. None that I would like to share because they are rather personal and I do not even know you.

A good moment with that ill behaved brat. Let me see. Ah! There was this one time when we decided to do a truce till breakfast was over. You see knightbrace tried taking the cereal and I was hungry and everyone else was hungry. So we all got together and beat the snot out of that guy. Then we had breakfast. You can’t do evil on a empty stomach! Breakfast its kinda important!