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how can the term yolo be something you dislike? i am ashamed

I believe the phrase “you only live once” should inspire people to make each day meaningful and to commit to endeavors that will leave a lasting impact, and I feel like these days when people say “YOLO” they’re just using that to justify doing something outlandishly stupid… 

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alexdao idc if u didn't reblog it i did yours so ya alexdao

Apparently, I was at A&M with him for TJAS during 10th grade. After he gave presentation he came out of my room and saw me sitting on a couch deep in thought rehearsing my own talk. He tried talking to me and all but I kind of brushed me off ‘cause I wanted to concentrate :(. SORRY ALEX

Just kidding, that’s not “creative” enough LOL

Here’s another one:

We were sitting at the very back on bus ride home from TJAS during 11th grade (nerdlyfe). We took a bunch of derp pictures and I made him film a video for leinee hehe (:< He also told me about writing on my wall a year ago apparently about how he tried to talk to me but failed LOL and how I ignored him on facebook too oops. (See above story) I finally responded 8 months later.

So, I guess if you are a super stalker, you could look at our “See Friendship” LOL