Til Summer Comes Around
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Keith Urban’s single “Til Summer Comes Around” was …around last year sometime. But the song still bothers me, and I can write about whatever I want to, so deal with it. 

Written by Keith and Monty Powell, this song takes the old “lady waiting around for a man” trope and turns it on its head! Or just makes it creepy. Donald Glover has a great bit about how guys can tell “crazy ex-girlfriend” stories and it’s funny, but you don’t ever hear many crazy ex-boyfriend stories. Why not? In the words of Donald Glover, “Because if you got a crazy boyfriend, you gon’ die. Just something about men; the second they realize they’re crazy, they’re like, "TIME TO KILL EVERYTHING!”

In much the same way, when a girl gives up all her hopes and dreams to wait for and/or follow a man (eg, “Shotgun Girl”) it’s sad. But when a man does? It starts to get creepy. Just like in this song.

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