monty pyton and the holy grail

becausesin  asked:

OMG, I LOVE YOUR MONTY PYTHON DRAWINGS!!! It's even better because adter watching the show, I was talking with a friend about how probably second season will have the paladins alone in a planet and we mixed it with the holy grial so... What about Lance as Galahad at the Anthrax Castle and Keith as Lancelot at the Swamp Castle?

Edit: I never thanked you omg! I’m really glad you enjoy them :)

Haha i rewatched the movie to draw all the aus right? I’m like that’s totally Lance.

I messed up their heights oops

Here’s Keith being Keith

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All voltron aus: (x)

Of women, I suspect INTPs are probably …

Most likely to laugh at Monty Python
Least likely to laugh at Adam Sandler

(Argument Clinic, Cheese Shop, The Holy Grail - “Now we see the violence inherent in the system! Help, help, I’m being repressed!” The shows and movie make me laugh every time. How does The Water Boy have 5 stars on Netflix?! Rates a solid 1 from me. Not a single laugh.)