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What are your thoughts on the movie "Quest for Camelot"? It's like... right up your alley, almost? Imo? And I'd love your thoughts.

I haven’t seen Quest For Camelot since I was a kid.  I remember liking it better than the really old Disney movies (like Cinderella and Snow White), but not as much as most of the more recent ones (like The Great Mouse Detective or The Lion King) or as other non-Disney cartoons (The Land Before Time, anything Rankin Bass, etc.).  I kind of hated the design of the main dragon characters - I could articulate it as a kid, but they fell into the “We have to make these horrible ugly reptiles CUTE because this time they’re good guys so let’s hide the fact that they’re reptiles as much as possible” school of dragon cartoon design.  I did enjoy Eric Idle though.

I don’t know if my opinion would change today - it might hold up better than I remember.  A lot of movies do.  At the same time, it’s called Quest for Camelot, and is technically a King Arthur adaptation as a result, and almost every adaptation of Arthurian folklore is so goddamn disrespectful to the source material that it whips me into a violent frenzy of irrational rage, and yes every word of this needed to be bolded.

I don’t talk about Arthuriana a lot because I recognize that most people don’t have a desire to read/tolerance for reading medieval ballads, and as such have, like, no one to talk to about the subject, but I care for it about as passionately as I do for the Godzilla franchise and (insert “thing I’ve rambled about at length several times on this blog before” of your choice here).  So while there are some adaptations of Arthurian legends that are good stories in their own right, I have trouble seeing their value through the haze of “why are you cutting everything I love about these old, weird as fuck folktales in favor of generic modern story telling tropes” anger that overtakes me.  The only adaptations of Arthuriana I’ve seen that don’t fill me with vicious, illogical anger are 1. a straight up comic book adaptation of my favorite ballad that changed almost nothing and kept all the weird shit, and 2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which changed/cut a lot but did so in favor of DIFFERENT weird shit and also actually understood the characters it was adapting and kept them in character, despite the plot being intentionally absurd and surreal.

So…. yeah it would be interesting to see how Quest for Camelot holds up in my eyes today.  Could be great, could be a clusterfuck of irrational anger, could be uncomfortably mixed feelings.  Who can say?

Reasons you should read the Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica
  • Dragons
  • So many dragons
  • Time travel
  • Did I mention the Dragons? And the time travel?
  • Talking Badgers armed with pastries
  • Interesting and well written female characters
  • At least two Monty Python references
  • At least 2 Harry Potter references
  • Dead authors and poets having a convention and being sassy as fuck
  • Jules Verne is basically Mycroft
  • Edgar Allen Poe has a TARDIS
  • Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini are BFFs
  • Don Quixote knows Shrek
  • Archamedes (yes, that Archamedes) is actually an owl
  • Peter Pan fights the lost colony of Roanoke
  • And this quote (by Jules Verne, no less): “My war leader, Elly Mae,” he said to the others by way of introduction. He scratched the goat behind the ears and pointed at one of the smaller iconic statues, which stood only twenty yards off to the left.
    “Elly Mae!” he commanded the war leader. “Bonk! Bonk the noggin!”

If this post gets at least one person to read this series I’ll be really happy


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