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We know John Cleese played Nearly Headless Nick… but sometimes I think of the potential there could have been for ALL of the living Monty Python members to make cameos in the HP movies. Think about it: there are five living members, including Cleese, and there are five prominent male ghosts living at Hogwarts (Nick, the Baron, the Friar, Binns, & Peeves). Oh, what could have been!


Monty Python Live (Mostly) ~ 1st - 20th July 2014

That time the Pythons reunited and conquered the O2, and ultimately the whole world.

Carol Cleveland's Monty Python FAQ.
  • Q: So then, did you?
  • Carol: You surely don't expect me honestly to answer that, do you?
  • Q: Why not? The guys did.
  • Carol: Really?! Oh... well... in that case... yes.
  • Q: You did?
  • Carol: Oh yes.
  • Q: How many of them?
  • Carol: All of them. Some of them twice. Even Terry Gilliam, though as he's American I did make him pay.
  • Q: Were they any good?
  • Carol: No. None of them. But several of them were quite funny. Except Terry Gilliam, who cried a lot.

“The Lumberjack Song” Monty Python, live at the Hollywood Bowl

Being in the north woods always makes me think of this.