monty coat

It’s two years today since I collected two little black cats from Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary. Black cats are often overlooked at shelters, and being shy makes it all the more difficult to find them a home. They’d both been there since they were kittens and were coming up on 8 & 9 months old.

Back then they were called Coco and Prince Charming but my neighbours think I’m weird as it is without me shouting “Prince Charming! Dinner time!” from the back door. So they were re-christened Monty and Rolo when they came home with me.

Monty in particular took a lot of work since he was so nervous and wouldn’t let me touch him for weeks. I still remember that first time he let me give him a proper pet, and hearing his first purr was amazing. Now he’s a right little tart who loves attention I struggle to imagine he could ever be so scared of me! And Rolo was a little scrap of a thing who would sneak in and sleep in the drawers under my bed, making me think he’d escaped the house.

Since then we’ve had some trials with things like vet visits featuring Houdini escaping shenanigans, the fun of moving house and that time Rolo made my poor cat-sitting friends think he’d gone missing (turned out he could open locked cat flaps). I’m an anxious cat-mum by nature and still fret about them if they stay out late or seem under the weather. But they’ve brought me more joy than I can say and I’m never happier than when I’m in bed and there’s one purring cat curled up next to me and another asleep on the shelf across the room.

From one very content cat slave: thank you for the last two years, boys.

Unplanned Occurences

and the first of my fic giveaway fics! This one is for the lovely youcandoitscott, who prompted: modern bellarke (doesn’t have to be bookstore AU but if you want it could). Clarke finding out she’s pregnant and planning this entire elaborte dinner to tell BELLAMY and then she gets a call from the station that he’s injured- NOT SEVERELY, but hurt enough to warrant a hospital stay. And then Clarke gets pissed off at BELLAMY for being stupid and they argue and then it slips out she’s pregnant and then yay happiness. Good?

Hope you like it, Gabs.

category for bellarke week:  au, hurt/comfort

Clarke is standing in the washroom, in front of the sink washing her mouth out. She still feels nauseous, and she’s not sure if it’s because she just threw up or the pregnancy test that’s sitting on the counter.

Probably both, she decides.

Setting the cup down on the edge of the sink, she grips the counter with shaky fingers and looks up at herself in the mirror. She’s pale, skin glistening slightly from sweat that’s there from both the exertion of vomiting for five minutes straight and the sticky July heat.

“Get it together, Blake,” she chastises herself quietly. Logically, she knew this was coming. She and Bellamy had talked a little about having kids, having been married for over two years now and with Clarke nearly done with med school and Bell’s job at the station secure. Birth control was expensive for her, so she’d let her last prescription run out.

She just hadn’t expected anything to happen so quickly.

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