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A Laugh, A Cry

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Imagine: Imagine being best friends with Monty and Jasper, and when Jasper is suffering you choose Monty’s side. Not understanding why Jasper was being so disagreeable. But then in the end, when Jasper’s back, you’re hesitant to forgive him after the cruel things he said and done. (takes place in a few different scenes in The 100, S3)

A/N: I wanted to do this for a dear friend of mine on here, @wukindly! She is so absolutely supportive and I just love talking to her, she loves Monty and Jasper so I decided to write this for her as a surprise. So, here you go, Jules!

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You followed closely behind Monty, staring out hesitantly at the woods around you. Monty kept his eyes focused on Jasper as he sludged around, drinking from his canteen that could only be alcohol. You swore mentally, shaking your head, this was stupid and dangerous and even if the grounders may be on your side now, there’s no saying what could happen.

You should’ve stayed home, you should of convinced your boys to stay home as well. But of course Jasper wouldn’t and you knew Monty would for sure follow him, to make sure he’s safe, you couldn’t leave your boys alone so you followed.

After everything the three of you had been through, there wasn’t anyway in hell you were going to abandon them now. Even when your friendship was teetering and you were scared of the outcome that all of this would lead to. They had been friends forever, even before you came into the picture. They gave you hope and you would never abandon them, ever.

They were the family you never had. And to see Jasper suffering like this, it made your heart break and the way Monty fought for Jasper, swelled your heart. Of course, you tried to help to, but the only thing that had caused was for the two boys to fight over you. With them fighting like this, the two of them wanted you to be on their side.

“What the hell are we doing here, Jasper?” Monty asked, and you let your eyes wander around the forest. It seemed oddly familiar and looking around you realized that you were making your way to the dropship.

“Visiting some old friends.” Jasper said, his words slurred. Then, walking around a corner all three of you came in front of the dropship. You all shared looks, and you found yourself just staring at what used to be your home. Where many of the memories of first coming down came from. It was hard to believe all that had happened here was only in the span of a few months ago, but this seemed as if it was forever ago.

Then, you heard liquid shake and turned your head to see Jasper taking another swig of his drink. Monty’s face twisted and he went to grab the bottle, “I think you’ve had enough.”

Jasper held out his hand, stopping Monty. “You have no idea.” Stepping up beside Monty, you shook your head. “Come on Jasper,” you started, reaching for the bottle. “You’ve had enough.” You gasped when he gripped your wrist in an almost bruising grip, staring at him in shock as he stared back with no emotion.

“Jasper!” Monty said, yanking your arm from his grip. He had never been so aggressive with you, even if it was something so small it hurt, you found. Bringing your arm to your chest, you rubbed your wrist, watching as Jasper stepped forward.

“Now it’s time to give back.” 

You went to follow after him before Monty shook his head, pointing to Jasper’s bag. You looked back at Jasper before reluctantly following Monty. The two of you said nothing as Monty dug through your guy’s best friends bag, and after finding nothing interesting you anxiously stared as Monty pulled out a jar of some kind.

He looked up at you, his brown eyes searching for any clues as to what it could be but all you did was shrug. It looked a wee bit familiar but you couldn’t quite place your finger on it. Reaching out your hand, Monty handed the jar to you and you struggled to open it, before it popped open.

Baffled you stared at the grey dust, before digging through it. Finding something you pulled it out, staring at Monty when you found a tooth. Your eyes widening you dropped the tooth back in and placed your hands against your mouth as Monty ripped the jar from you, standing up immediately.

“Wha..?” You stared at your hand, feeling disturbed that you had just touch Finn’s ashes, before standing up and following Monty. When you found him, you saw Jasper laying on the ground, cuddling his bottle. You looked at Monty who stared at you painfully, it hurt you too se Jasper look so broken and fragile.

You sat beside Jasper, staring at his face before placing your jacket over him. Monty said nothing but sit the opposite side of Jasper, staring at the jar in his lap. You watched Monty with careful eyes, your heart aching at the fact that both of your friends were in so much pain.

A while later, Monty and you had set up a fire and both sat around it. Monty wouldn’t say anything but stare emotionlessly at the fire. “Monty…” You started, trying to get him to talk to you. “I know this is hard, but…” You stopped mid-sentence when you heard Jasper groan. And turning you saw him struggle to get up, and almost immediately you got up and helped him.

Sure he was acting like a jerk but he still was your best friend, you weren’t going to let him suffer.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Monty spat, you turned your head to Monty, staring between the two anxiously. Jasper pushed away from you, and you stubbled slightly, staring at his back.

“Home sweet home.” Jasper mumbled.

“Jasper, come on.”

“Does Abby know you took these?” Monty cut in, raising Finn’s ashes to show Jasper. You watched Jasper carefully, as he stared at the ground kicking something.

“Probably not, seeing as I stole it.”

Opening your mouth, you gasped. Shaking your head. “Jasper, you can’t just steal Finn’s ashes. That isn’t yours!” You yelled, disappointment etching through your words. He ignored you as he stomped over to Monty and grabbed Finn’s ashes out of Monty’s grasp. You lurched forward, suddenly not trusting Finn’s ashes in Jaspers hands.

“It’s memorial day, all right?” Jasper says, holding Finn’s ashes dangerously high. “Let’s, uh, scatter them with the others.”

“No!” You said, reaching out again. “Jasper!”

Monty stood up, his voice the most threatening you’ve ever heard it. “Finn’s ashes aren’t yours to scatter. What about Raven? Besides if Abby still has them, that means she’s saving them for Clarke.”

“Jasper, please don’t.” You tried begging, hoping to find reason in him.

“Who cares who it hurts, right? Yeah, whatever Jasper wants, and screw the rest of us.” Monty spat. You stood awkwardly inbetween the two, ready to stop if a fight happens.

“No, no, screw Clarke.” Jasper spat, turning around to the both of us. “You are both mass murderers, as far as i’m concerned.”

“Jasper, wait a minute.” You said, stopping before Jasper ended up hurting Monty even more. You stepped in front of Monty, someway protecting his as you reached for Finn’s ashes again. “You know Monty had no choice.”

Jasper’s eyes snapped to yours, staring at you with betrayal in his eyes. “No! Y/N! He is! He killed Maya.” Breathing deeply, you stepped forward, grabbing Jasper’s face with your hands so he focused only on you. “No, he didn’t. He did what he had to do.”

“You should hate him too!” Jasper shouted in your face, “he killed Jen!” Stopping you stared shocked at Jasper. Jen was someone you had met at Mount Weather, she’d helped you escaped and when you’d been taken for bone marrow, she had stopped them. But even if she did die because of what Monty, Bellamy and Clarke did, you didn’t blame him, or anyone else for that matter.

Smiling smally, you shook you head. “He did what he had to do.”

Jasper snarled, pushing you away so you fell on your butt. Again you stared shocked up at him, before Monty ran to help you. When he asked if you were okay, you shook your head helping yourself up. You now stood behind Monty, slightly afraid of what Jasper would do.

“You know, i get why she did. And why Bellamy helped her, but you-” Jasper started, shaking his head as he chuckled to himself. “Maya was your friend, she was my- How is it that you can wipe out an entire civilization, and i’m the one that can’t sleep at night! Ho-How can you just be fine?!” You gasped, yelling unintelligently when Jasper pushed Monty. Making his back slam into you.

“I’m not fine!” Monty yelled, “just because i’m not drinking myself into a stupor every night doesn’t mean i’m not screwed up! But we had no other choice!” Then Jasper started chuckling to himself and you felt as if you had reached your limit.

“Enough!” You yelled, stepping in between the two. You never raised your voice, you were normally always soft-spoken so your two boys stared baffled by your expression as you huffed in anger.

But, it didn’t seem to stop Jasper, as he raised Finn and laugh comedically. “You hear that, Finn? He think’s he’s innocent. None of us are innocent!”

“Okay, float yourself!”

“STOP!” You screamed into the dead silence of the night, effectively shutting the two up. You breathed fire as you stared at both of them in dead anger. “Okay? Enough! For the past three month, I have watched you torture yourself Jasper, and torture those around you. Mostly Monty and I.” You looked back at Monty, some of your anger dying. Monty shook his head, stepping out in front of you. Seemingly finishing what you wanted to say.

“I’m done being your punching bag. Now either you pull yourself together, and get on with your life, or you’ll fall apart alone.” You’re eyes widen, not exactly expecting those words to come out of your mouth.

“Are you done?” Jasper asked, emotionally and finally you felt the tears coming. This isn’t what you wanted! You didn’t want this and now all you could do was stare in shock. Jasper was in the wrong, you knew, but it didn’t hurt less seeing your two best friends fighting.

“I miss my best friend.” Monty whispered.

“He died that day, too.” Jasper mumbled, staring at the ground. You watched petrified as Monty turned, looking back at you. 

“You’re leaving?” Jasper yelled, staring at Monty’s back. Staring between the two you felt their eyes fall on you, watching you expectantly. You froze, not sure what to do. They were asking you to choose, something you felt you couldn’t do. But letting your eyes wander of the bruise around your wrist and Jasper’s drunken stupor,  you blinked back tears. 

Shaking your head, you stared at the ground before walking past Jasper and towards Monty. “Y/N!” Jasper yelled. You looked back, tears streaming freely down your face. “Please, Jasper, put yourself together.” It hadn’t ever hurt this much before, but staring at one of the boys who gave you life destroy himself and his friendships, crushed you. 

Turning you faced Monty, who nodded and the two of you walked off.

Things only got worse from there. For a while you didn’t see either one of the boys, Monty went off and joined Pike because of his mother and Jasper was still in his drunken stupor. You had been part of the alliance and had been constantly sullen everyday because of how quickly your friendship broke off with them. It hurt you and you felt immensely betrayed when Monty joined Pike, because out of the two you never thought he would abandon you but now he did and you had no one.

Things only got worse. From thinking Pike was the enemy to Monty joining the alliance and figuring out that Allie was actually the threat.

You’d been with the rest of the group when Jasper had come with Raven. Both boys had tried to talk to you but you’d ignored them, angry at the fact that they had both left you so easily and then still wouldn’t talk to each other.

You told them that until they talked to each other and made up you wouldn’t speak to them. And you stayed true. Everything that happened, you stayed away from them, ignoring them, no matter how much it crushed you.

Monty has lost his mother, but even then you only had given him a hug and that was it. It didn’t feel right being around them anymore, no matter how much it killed you on the inside. So, even when you’d wanted to talk to him, tell him that you were there and everything would be okay, you didn’t. It just didn’t feel right. Nothing did anymore.

Now, you’d finally beaten Allie. While at least you thought. Jasper had taken the chip and was tied to the chair behind you, while you stood next to Raven, Monty and Harper. You stood slightly away from Monty and Harper, crouching next to Raven instead. You stared at the screen, trying to search for any clue that could confirm that Clarke had destroyed Allie.

“How do we know she’s done it?” Monty spoke up, letting his eyes fall hesitantly on you.

A mumble behind you echoed and you all turned to see Jasper struggling slightly. “She did it.” He mumbled, shaking in his seat. You’re heart crunched a bit but you stood by Raven not moving and watch as Monty ran to Jasper. Grabbing a hold of him, he looked Jasper up and down. “Jasper.”

You watched as Monty’s eyes shot back and forth, looking over Jasper for any sign of him being him. “Is it really you?”

“I was finally happy.” He whispered, barely hearable.

You strained your ears to hear him. Monty walked around Jasper, rushing to untie him before turning back to Jasper’s face. You felt your wall drop a bit when you heard Jasper sob and unconsciously rubbed your wrist again, memories from that night coming again.

“Jasper… I know this world can suck, but at least it’s real. We can get through this together.”

“You really believe that?”

“We can be happy again. I promise.” Jasper nodded and you watched with distant eyes as Jasper struggled to find his words. “I’m sorry I stabbed you,” Jasper said and you couldn’t help but let out a small laugh.

“I’m sorry I shot you.”

“I didn’t even feel it,”Jasper joked. He struggled to get up before falling into Monty’s arms as they hugged. You looked down when Monty looked up at you, and you could feel Harper’s and Raven’s eyes on you as you twisted your hand around your wrist again.

“Y/N…” Looking up, you know saw Jasper facing you with an apologetic look on his face. You surprised them when instead of yelling or getting angry, your mouth broke into a grin and you let happy tears flow out of your eyes as you ran to them. Immediately you embraced them in a hug, shocking them and nearly making them fall back.

“I’m so glad!” You laughed as well as sobbing. “I’m so glad you guys are back. My boys are back!”

“We’re sorry.” They mumbled and you leaned back, shaking your head. “I’m sorry too.”

You exchanged smiles, before hearing Harper and Raven giggled. You let go as Jasper turned to leave the room and Monty walked to Raven. Smiling you wiped your tears before following Jasper out. When you found him he was leaning against the car, and soft sobs were coming from him.

Instantly you became concerned, rushing to see him only to find him smiling softly. You laughed, wiping away his tears. “Maya loved you.” You whispered, nodding to him. He stared at you blankly for a moment before leaning down a placing a kiss on your cheek.

Your cheeks flushed and you stared wide-eyed at him. You had always kind of liked him but never let your feelings go deeper especially when Maya came to the picture. Smiling up at him, you could clearly see that even though he’d mean the kiss, he wasn’t ready.

“I’ll wait.” You said, smiling up at him and letting your hands reach his face. Softly you placed them against his cheeks. “I’ll wait til your ready.”

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It’s Memorial Day, all right?
Let’s, uh, scatter them with the others.

Robert Carlyle - the world’s most loveable man in 1998

The Bafta award winning Scot saw off Hollywood heartthrobs like Brad Pitt and Leonardo di Caprio to clinch the passion prize.

100 Men We Love: British Cosmopolitan Magazine 1998

  1. Robert Carlyle
  2. Robbie Williams
  3. George Clooney
  4. David Ginola
  5. John Travolta
  6. Alan Shearer
  7. David Duchovny
  8. Michael Owen
  9. Tom Hanks
  10. Ronan Keating 

   15.  Brad Pitt

   22.  Chris Evans

   35.  Leonardo di Caprio

Right page: Number 1 - Robert Carlyle; Age 37; We love him because: He can convince us he’s a cosy cop like Hamish Macbeth or a nutter drug addict in Trainspotting. Whatever, Cosmo readers have fallen in love with every character he’s played. He says he chooses a script for its ‘social comment’ and you can’t help being impressed. But you ain’t seen nothing yet–just wait until you get a load of his frilly shirt and knee-high boots playing a highwayman in this autumn’s swashbuckler, Plunkett and Macleane. No work-shy fop, he’s just finished filming Angela’s Ashes with Emily Watson in Dublin and is starring in a film called Ravenous in the new year. Man we’d most love to: Strip for us in our own private version of The Full Monty.