Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing well.

I am looking to meet and work with people here in Montreal who would be interested in assisting me with my photography/photos! I’ve been lucky enough to have family and friends who’ve helped me shoot a lot of images in the past 4 years ( thank you so much to all of them, you know who you are), but I’m looking to up my frequency of shooting and will definitely require some extra outside help. This will not be a consistent full/part time position, this is more to build a team of people who are interested in what I do and are willing to assist me from time to time when I have shoots where I will need help.

While the ideal people to work with would have some experience in a creative field (photography, set design/props, video work, etc), you do not necessarily need to have any experience. I’ll be looking to also do brainstorming sessions with assistants to plan images out so if you’d be interested in helping with that but maybe don’t have the time to help with an afternoon of shooting, that works as well! Assistants will also be compensated for their time, be it for brainstorming/planning or shooting.

For those interested in working with me, message me here or email me at, and tell me about yourself, why you’d like to work with me, etc. Thank you so much, and hope to hear from you soon! :)

The weekly vocabulary list with no theme, just words I’ve picked up throughout the week, enjoy!

Here’s the first installment, maybe when I get better at photoshop I’ll make a prettier banner but until then you all get abstract roses. Bonus points to whoever can guess why I used roses as the background ! (hint: they’re not my favorite flower so don’t guess that)

Week 1


v. To mumble


adj Weather that is colder than cold
*Unique to Québec where the temperatures get so low.
ex. “Y fait frette !” qui veut dire, Il fait très, très, très froid.


nf. Poopie; a small poop like that of a baby or a small animal
Expression: “Crotte alors !” Même sens du “Zut alors” or “Shoot!” in English


nm. Mailman

Les Fresses

nf. Buttcheeks 


v. To step on; to hit
ex. La voiture a écrasé le velo
      Quand je finis une cigarette, je l’écrase sur le chemin

Clin d’oeil

nm.  Wink


nm. sofa, couch


adj. Best translation is to be fed up with something/one but the feeling it refers to is the feeling of nausea/bursting you feel if you’ve eaten something too much of something and now the thought of it makes you uneasy, queasy or even want to vomit. This word refers to that feeling but applies it to any situation in which you’ve really had enough of something/someone that the thought makes you nauseous.


nm. A person who is colorblind
NEB indefinitely suspends Energy East hearings in Montreal | Ricochet
As soon as Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, an erstwhile populist, joined his traditional arch-enemies — protesters — in calling for the National Energy Board’s hearings on the Energy East pipeline to be suspended, you had a feeling the Montreal hearings were limping along on borrowed time.

direct action gets the goods

Tonight, the axe finally fell. Shortly after 7 p.m. EDT, Radio-Canada reported in French that the hearings on the Energy East pipeline proposal would be suspended indefinitely.

In a statement posted on its website, the National Energy Board blamed “a violent disruption in the hearing room this morning which threatened the security of everyone involved in the panel session” for the decision to postpone tomorrow’s hearings. The board promised to “provide more information tomorrow about how it will hear from Montreal intervenors.” At this time it remains unclear if the regulatory body will attempt to hold more hearings in Montreal.

The Trudeau government promised during the last election campaign to overhaul the NEB process.

The Montreal phase of hearings on the controversial pipeline project was scheduled to begin this morning, with a widely anticipated speech by Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, who last week called for the hearings to be suspended and for two of the NEB’s three commissioners to be removed over conflict allegations.

That didn’t happen, after a group of chanting protesters unfurled a banner in the middle of the hearing room and declined to leave. Those protesters were eventually roughly removed by police, but it appears their bruises may be worth it. Their intervention, coupled with renewed attacks from Coderre, appears to have been the last straw for the beleaguered NEB.

Trudeau has left the NEB he so fiercely criticized as a candidate largely untouched as it performs its most controversial reviews yet.

The question now is what next? The Trudeau government promised during the last election campaign to overhaul the NEB process and, when buttonholed by the Dogwood Initiative’s Kai Nagata, promised that existing projects like Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline in B.C. would have to undergo the new, strengthened process.

Instead, Trudeau has left the NEB he so fiercely criticized largely untouched as it performs its most controversial reviews yet, adding an additional level of cabinet review to ongoing processes and initating a nebulous “modernization” initative to review the state of the NEB itself.

During the campaign, Trudeau promised to rebuild trust in the NEB. As of today, that trust is definitively broken. Now all eyes will be on the prime minister, and it will take more than a facelift for a process that collapsed under the weight of its own contradictions to recover public trust.

Clearly, for Mayor Coderre and his sworn enemies in the ranks of the city’s activist community, nothing less than a complete overhaul of the NEB will be able to restore its credibility.

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According to Roberge’s Facebook profile, she works at the Pandora jewelry store in downtown Montreal. Lagace’s profile is private.

On Saturday, the day before her arrest, Roberge posted a photo of the phrase “When you wake up and need a nap.” On Tuesday morning, followers commented on the photo “jokes girl what were you thinking” and #prisonavie.

To be fair, unless any of these shots is used as evidence to convict the women in question… this is still about, like, importing a ton of cocaine and not about, like, the dangers of social media. Drug mules – they’re just like us!