Inspired by a picture of Devon Aoki - still completely twisted and modified but only used to give different traits to my usual portraits

Wondering if I should add hints of colors on it or leave it as graphite - I’ve been trying to improve and familiarize with watercolors so much that my profile looks super colorful now, but I usually much prefer monochrome, it’s kinda funny


Hey peeps this is my convention schedule so far! Sticking to Montreal and surroundings.

I’m gonna be with the exquisite @twilightsaphir at G-Anime and Animara Con (and possibly Geekfest lmao) and the bae @elzeoredraws for Otakuthon.

If you attend any of these don’t hesitate to come and say hi! I’m gonna have a shitload of stuff, commissions and hopefully some originals to sell!

Merch pics & official seating charts coming soon :3

Rachel's official son list (reference son list + nicknames )

This list was specifically made bc people can’t keep up with the amount of players I call my son.

The sons everyone knows I call my son:
Mikhail Sergachev - Sergy / Misha / THE son
Patrik Laine - Bby Finn / Finnish son

Nikolaj Ehlers - Danish son / Danish boy
Eric Comrie - COMS / bby Jet goalie / bby jet / goalie son
Jesse Puljujarvi - Smiley Boy Jesse / Smiley Son
PLD - Hoe son
Michael McCarron - Tall son
Nikita Scherbak - Scherby
Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen - Bby Finn goalie
Nolan Patrick - Wheat boy
Nico Hischier - Nico
Gabriel Vilardi - Gabe (often referred to as ‘my son was robbed’)
Michael DiPietro - Goalie son / Canuck son

Newly appointed sons*
Cale Fleury - no nickname as of yet but will take suggestions
Cayden Primeau - Bby Habs goalie
Kristian Vasalainen - My boy Kris / Kris can rap
Arvid Holm - Swedish Goalie son / bby Swede
Dylan Samberg - no nickname as of yet although Dyl Pickle was mentioned during his interview to be a nickname of his.

While I’d like to adopt and call all the boys that my teams drafted my sons, the ones I mentioned are the ones that made such a good impression.

I’m trash and I adopt way too many sons I know.


Giant Marionettes created by French street theatre company Royal De Luxe in Montreal, Canada
Video by Guillaume Langlois
#steampunktendencies #steampunk #art #fantasy #postapocalyptic #StreetArt #montreal #canada

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