The atlantic division as college students during finals
  • tampa bay lightning: Been keeping up with their readings and homework for every class all semester. each week they made more flash cards and studied them. get As on all their exams.
  • toronto maple leafs: aren't doing the readings but still getting good grades anyway. cram study before the finals and pull all nighters and get As.
  • detroit red wings: were a total mess before their finals, almost had a breakdown during the test. started crying when they saw they passed all their exams.
  • boston bruins: stopped caring about university two semesters ago. only borught one pencil to the exam. chose letter D for question 3 because they liked saying 3-D in their heads.
  • Ottawa Senators: took part in group study sessions, pulled all nighters, read all the readings. got a C.
  • Florida Panthers: did all the right things last semester and got straight C's on everything. they've given up. now their version of studying is opening their textbook and then looking through twitter on their phone for a few hours.
  • Montreal Canadiens: also only brought one pencil to the exam. it was out of lead.
  • Buffalo Sabres: slept through three of them, went to the last two, might have spelled their name wrong on one, used pen on the scantron.
People Covered Their Faces And Showed Up To Bus Stops In Montreal To Protest Bill 62
The new law forces people to uncover their faces to receive government services — including taking the bus.
By Ishmael N. Daro

The law requires people to uncover their faces while receiving any government services — including taking a bus.

Although no religious group or religious garment is mentioned explicitly in the legislation, the main target appears to be Muslim women who wear a niqab or burqa.

Dozens of people showed up to bus stops on Friday with their faces covered.

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Hockey Phrase Definitions

  • Assist = I gotchu boo, have a goal
  • Blew a tire = ice much slippery
  • Boarding = wall for safe, not for face.
  • Breakaway = quick like a bunny
  • Chirping = much insult
  • Crashing the net = up close and personal, goalie edition
  • Delay of game = dumb
  • Dropping the gloves = gloves off, better for hugs
  • Empty net goal = participation award
  • Flow = to the fella over there with the hella good hair
  • Goaltender = marshmellow optimus prime
  • Holding = now is not the time for hug
  • Icing = belongs on cakes, not in sports
  • Jock strap = under the butt nut hut
  • Line brawl = much hugs
  • One timer = couldn’t do that again if I tried
  • Own goal = woo goal for the other team
  • Penalty box = pout place
  • Referee = not Denis Widemans friend 🐸🍵
  • Spearing = hockey players are not hot dogs

What has been your funniest moment on the set of Doctor Who?

From the Montreal ComicCon panel featuring David Tennant, Freema Agyeman, and Alex Kingston

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The benches in hockey dressing rooms are built so that your feet rest on the floor with your skates on which means that there are pictures of Large Professional Athletes with sock feet dangling off of the bench and I think that is a beautiful thing.

Thoughts of a Hockey Penalty Box Attendant

  • ‘Get a job in the NHL they said, it’ll be fun they said, fuckin’ lied though didn’t they.’
  • 'Here comes our first prisone–I mean player.’
  • 'Why do you guys have to hit the glass with your sticks? Why? You could poke an eye out.’
  • 'Oh no, no no no, not the camera– damnit, we just got a new one.’
  • 'How many times is this guy gonna get a penalty.’
  • 'Oh great, here comes another one. Joy.’
  • 'Okay guys, I’m running out of roo- okay honestly, I have no where to sit now.’
  • 'Ew, I just stepped in some sort of bodily fluid.’
  • 'Just once I’d like to see a fan come in the box circa Tie Domi. Just once.’
  • 'It’s a good thing there’s no hot mics in here. A sailor would blush after hearing some of this shit.’
  • 'Can–can you not try to continue the fight while in the pout palace? You’re basically in a glass case of emotion and no one can hear you but me.’
  • 'I will either go deaf from players yelling or fans. Probs both.’
  • 'I am the keeper of the bad children and I alone can release them from their prison.’

“alright kid, time to pick a number. what do you want?”

“hm, i don’t know. i’m a goalie, though”

“a goalie, you say?”

“you’re getting 31″