Alex Galchenyuk - You don’t fight.

Can you please do an Alex Galchenyuk imagine where he is dating a female goalie who is also B gally’s sister and they have a fight before one of her games? Maybe they make up? Fluff?

“Ugh! FUCK you Alex! FUCK YOU!” You yelled into the phone right before you threw the phone at the wall.

“Whoa! That’s my head.” Brendan giggled as he walked into you house.

“Sorry, big brother.”

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I just….Let’s get to the arena, my game starts soon.” You huffed grabbing your bag off the ground, along with your phone and walking out of your house.

Brendan just sighed but didn’t push any further. He knew that when you were ready you would talk. You had always been one to keep your feeling in, even when you two were young. That’s why you started playing hockey, well besides that your family. Hockey was a way for you to get all that stress and anger out.

The game had started out slow, but soon it became more than your team could handle. Fights were breaking out everywhere, people were getting sent to the bin every five minutes, and no one was able to score. At least not yet.

You had made your way down the ice with the puck, only to shot it to one of your team mates. She shot it back to you and nodded. You saw an opening in the net, so you took the puck and hit.

As the buzzer went off  you felt a pain in your side. Turning around you saw a player from the other team next to you.

“Really!” You yelled as you turned to her.

“Really! You think just because your brother and boyfriend are hot shots that you are?” She shot back.

“Well at least I don’t sleep with every NHL player I see.” You snapped.

“Fuck you.”

“No, fuck you. You fucking asshole.”

That’s when you two dropped the gloves. Within seconds you had her pinned to the ground. You felt a pair of hands grab you up and pulled you up.

“Fucking bitch!” She yelled at you as a ref grabbed her as well.

“Oh, go suck a dick, you fuck head!” You yelled as the refs pushed you two off the ice.

You made your way into the locker room to await medical treatment and to sit out for the rest of the game. Just as you took off your pads you saw Alex and Brendan walk in with worried faces.

“Are you okay? What the hell Y/N! You don’t fight!!” Alex said grabbing your hands.

“I was mad! What you’re the only two that can fight!” You huffed.

“No, just….I’m sorry. You were right, I was an ass.” Alex said as he placed a piece of your hair behind your ear.

“If it makes you feel any better, you totally looked badass.” Brendan giggled.

“Shut up you dork.” You smiled.

“You really were badass….I might not want to get you mad anymore.” Alex laughed.

You placed a kiss on Alex’s lips, before you heard yelling coming from behind him.

“I taped it for mom!” Brendan smiled as he held up his phone.


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Marche Italien Richmond



Yesterday’s vlog is up on my YouTube channel!! 😜 Lots of new things for the first time :) Having so much fun in Montreal! I’m vlogging every single day this week😊 Hope you guys enjoy my video❤️

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Giant Marionettes created by French street theatre company Royal De Luxe in Montreal, Canada
Video by Guillaume Langlois
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Carey Price has never won the Stanley Cup yet he’s considered a goalie god. Henrik Lundqvist hasn’t won one either yet he’s called “King Henrik”. Their skills destroyed the notion that you have to win a cup to be an amazing goalie.

Same thing goes with Alex Ovechkin. His skills and talent should not be defined by how many cups he hasn’t won. He is one of the best active players in the league no matter what, cup wins or no cup wins. It shouldn’t be a contest.

Skill and talent makes a great hockey player, not championship wins. Winning the Stanley Cup is a team effort, not individual.


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