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Master Post of NHL Team Changes

Relocated NHL Teams

Atlanta Flames 1972-1980 to Calgary Flames 1980-Present

Kansas City Scouts 1974-1976 to *Colorado Rockies 1976-1982

*Colorado Rockies 1976-1982 to NJ Devils 1982-Present

**Minnesota North Stars 1967-1993 to Dallas Stars 1993-Present

Quebec Nordiques 1979-1995 to Colorado Avalanche 1995-Present

***Original Winnipeg Jets 1979-1996 to Phoenix/Arizona Coyotes 1996-Present

Hartford Whalers 1979-1997 to Carolina Hurricanes 1997-Present

Atlanta Thrashers 1999-2011 to Current Winnipeg Jets 2011-Present

Defunct Teams

Montreal Wanderers 1917-1918 Defunct

Original Ottawa Senators 1917-1934 to St. Louis Eagles 1934-1935 Defunct

Quebec Bulldogs 1919-1920 to Hamilton Tigers 1920-1925 Defunct

Pittsburgh Pirates 1925-1930 to Philadelphia Quakers 1930-1931 Defunct

Montreal Maroons 1924-1938 Defunct

New York Americans 1925-1941 to Brooklyn Americans (renamed) 1941-1942 Defunct

**California Golden Seals 1967-1976 to Cleveland Barons 1976-1978

**Cleveland Barons 1976-1978 (merged with Minnesota North Stars).

Name Changes

Toronto Arenas 1917-1919
Toronto St. Patrick’s 1919-1927
Toronto Maple Leafs 1927-Present

New York Americans 1925-1941 to Brooklyn Americans 1941-1942 (Defunct)

Detroit Cougars 1926-1930
Detroit Falcons 1930-1932
Detroit Red Wings 1932-Present

Chicago Black Hawks 1926-1986
Chicago Blackhawks 1986-Present

**California Seals 1967
Oakland Seals 1967-1970
California Golden Seals 1970-1976
(Relocated then merged with Minnesota North Stars)

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim 1993-2006
Anaheim Ducks 2006-Present

***Phoenix Coyotes 1996-2014
Arizona Coyotes 2014-Present


Kansas City Scouts 1974-1976 to *Colorado Rockies 1976-1982

*Colorado Rockies 1976-1982 to NJ Devils 1982-Present


**California Seals 1967
Oakland Seals 1967-1970
California Golden Seals 1970-1976
(Relocated then merged with Minnesota North Stars)

**California Golden Seals 1967-1976 to Cleveland Barons 1976-1978

**Cleveland Barons 1976-1978 (merged with Minnesota North Stars).

**Minnesota North Stars 1967-1993 to Dallas Stars 1993-Present


Original Winnipeg Jets 1979-1996 to ***Phoenix/Arizona Coyotes 1996-Present

***Phoenix Coyotes 1996-2014
Arizona Coyotes 2014-Present


The Ottawa Senators (Original Founded in 1917. Current Founded in 1992.) and Winnipeg Jets (Original Founded in 1979. Current Founded in 2011.) had to get permission to use “Ottawa Senators” and “Winnipeg Jets” as their team name as there were previous teams who used those names which either relocated or left the league.
5 times Jack took Bitty out on a date in Montreal + 1 time Bitty got to

This was supposed to be a couple hundred words in response to a post by @des-zimbits​ which can be found here! 

I’ll also be posting it on my AO3. Enjoy! :)


Their first date in Montreal takes place on July 2nd 2016. Bitty and Jack arrived on the 30th of June late at night and then spent Canada day with Jack’s parents. Bitty insisted that he didn’t mind, he absolutely loved the Zimmermanns, but Jack was very adamant about spending the Saturday just the two of them. After they’d had lunch, they made their way to the metro – which Bitty had tried to call the subway until Jack almost bit his head off – and after navigating across different cars and platforms and stations to find a couple of empty seats and to make a line change, they finally emerged from the underground in the Old Port. Bitty was absolutely enchanted by the old buildings and churches, and the cobble stone streets where crowds of residents and tourists walked, biked, or were even enjoying calèche rides. Bitty’s hand itched to grab Jack’s as the taller man gave him a guided tour – commentary included—as they ventured through the streets, and stopped occasionally when either of them wanted to snap a photo or go into a shop.

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Horoscope for February 7th, 2015

Aries- Someday someone will be as into you as Okposo is into Harry Potter. jk that’s impossible.

Taurus-If your favorite player hadn’t been an NHL player they would be in a punk band doing renditions of Britney Spears for Punk goes Pop 8.

Gemini-Sidney Crosby could at least take down a whole pizza in one sitting. You could eat twice that. We know you. We see you.

Cancer-Duncan Keith and you would make a very interesting book club.

Leo-If you were a cat Evgeni Malkin would probably adopt you. You should start learning Russian now.

Virgo- PK Subban still looks really good in this suit.

Libra-Be thankful you’re not in the NHL because the stars are suggesting that if you were Shea Weber would get you with one of his slapshots…worse even you’d be on the Predators and it’d be on purpose. yikes.

Scorpio- Be the person Andrew Ference wants you to be. Now of course this all depends on if we’re talking middle finger Andrew Ference or pride parade Andrew Ference. you get to choose.

Sagittarius- Remember, being the Oilers isn’t so bad. In the 1917-1918 season the Montreal Wanderers only had 2 points all season (of course they only played 6 games but we’re trying to be supportive here).

Capricorn- If you ever feel bad remember that Nugent-Hopkins had more points in the All Star Game than Kessel, Kopitar, Girgensons and was almost picked last in the draft.

Aquarius-if your favorite player isn’t American, you’re in for an eventful week.

Pisces- I guess Seabrook isn’t so bad >.>


anonymous asked:

the nhl and the maple leafs will celebrate 100 years in 2017, but montreal had a 100 years patch a few years ago. how is this possible?

The simple and maybe obvious answer here is that the Montreal Canadiens predate the NHL as a whole. The Habs were established in 1909 and are the oldest hockey franchise in the world. It was originally a part of the NHA (National Hockey Association). They were part of the NHA with some notable teams like the Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Senators, Quebec Bulldogs, and the Toronto Blue Shirts. 

The NHL was formed when the owner of the Blueshirts was basically a dick and everyone decided to make a new club to get away from him. That was the NHL. only cool kids allow. The literal quote from wikipedia is “on November 26 they created a new league, the National Hockey League (NHL), and didn’t invite Livingstone to join them.” welcome to middle school.

The club that would become the maple leafs were granted a temporary franchise because the Bulldogs failed financially. The Toronto Arena Company took the team and turned them into the toronto st pats and then the Toronto Maple Leafs. this was 1917

As we all know the original six only include two canadian teams, the Leafs and the Habs. But the original NHL did not have any american teams. So it took a few years for the league to really establish itself as a stable one. The league though was started by the Montreal Canadiens owner and…int urn so were the Leafs. The LEafs were founded the same year the league was (duh) but the Montreal Canadiens was the reason that happened in th efirst place.

The Boston Bruins were the first American Team in 1924 and were followed by the Hawks, Red Wings and Rangers (in no particular order). The NHL established itself between the 1942 season to the 1967 season. Which is where these teams became the original six. Every other team folded and they were the only ones around for those 25 years before the first expansion. 

So it’s complicated but I guess a way to see it is that, even though it seems wrong, the Montreal Canadiens is the parent to the NHL not vice versa. So basically, because the Habs were petty af, we have the NHL.

Stuck :: Open!

He’d been walking for hours - desperately trying to lose himself in his own thoughts as he wandered through Montreal, getting utterly lost more than once. Bee’s leg was aching in its prosthetic, and his limp was so much more pronounced with every step. The sun had risen now, so it had to have been about 7AM - He’d left home at 3. Ridiculous.
Bee had to take a moment to rest, leaning up against a brick wall, hand firmly gripping it as he stood on his stronger leg. He was trying to either find his way home, or to a bus stop, or just something - the moron having forgotten to take his phone with him to call a cab.

Despite the concern that he might be bothering someone, he piped up to the first person he saw on the street, a little awkwardly.
“Hi, excuse me, sorry, I don’t mean to bother you, but I’m struggling to find my way home, and uhm, I can’t find a bus stop? Can you help me?”