montreal science center


As an aside, this impressive news in the world of sharks: for the first time ever, the thresher shark has been filmed “threshing” – or whipping – fishes to stun them. This hunting technique explains its exceptionally long tail, which can be more than a third of its total body length! There are no thresher sharks in Quebec (those images come from the Philippines), but they are presented in the exhibition Planet Shark: Predator or Prey at the Montréal Science Centre. 

This is a video I took at the Science Center in Montreal. In animation we always thinks about the weight and texture of the *object* that’s falling but I, for one, hadn’t really considered the implications of different surfaces being impacted. In this video several balls of the exact same size and weight are being dropped from the same height onto different surfaces. In order they are : rubber, latex, polycarbonate, maple, steal and neoprene. I love physics and animation :)


The exhibition “ Game On” was SO AWESOME!!!SO MANY GAMES!!! RETRO TO CURENT GEN! SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! I EVEN GOT TO BE KID LIKE ON THE OCULUS RIFT! and i got to see also the developement of many famous games too like Dragon’s Lair, Grand Theft Auto, Pokemon, Tomb Raider… i would have like to live in this exhibition!

If you are a massive video game geek… you need to see this!


My mom made me a surprice when i came back and….. THE FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S CUPCAKE!