montreal fine arts museum


Saturday at the Museum by Sharon
Via Flickr: © 2017 Sharon Boswall

At the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on Saturday - went to the Chagall Exhibition - plenty of colour and also, plenty of people much to the detriment of being able to enjoy the Exhibition. I need to become a morning person.

Bonne St-Valentin ❤️

Your Name: Anthea Black and Nicole Burisch

Where You Live: Toronto and Montreal

Institution: OCAD University and headed to Museum of Fine Art Houston

Your Job: Sessional Faculty in Printmaking and CORE Program Fellowship resident

Your Research In 5 Words: angry anti-capitalist craft theory 

Your Breakfast In 5 Words: symbolic bagel configuration and fruit (on the first day of our research retreat)

Your Food Philosophy In 10 Words: our collaboration is an excuse to eat, drink, and smoke. and sit around drawing diagrams.

Bonus: guess whose bagel is whose!


The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts called upon lg2boutique to create the visual identity and design of the exhibition, which was held in two spaces, each one dedicated to a specific component. Les alliés s’exposent was an occasion to construct distinctive dual environments united by a common theme. The challenge was in imagining the elements of the physical spaces so that they would strike a similar chord while occupying two very different venues.