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when your two fav teams are playing each other
  • fuck yeah: one of them is gonna win
  • fuck no: one of them is gonna lose
People Covered Their Faces And Showed Up To Bus Stops In Montreal To Protest Bill 62
The new law forces people to uncover their faces to receive government services — including taking the bus.
By Ishmael N. Daro

The law requires people to uncover their faces while receiving any government services — including taking a bus.

Although no religious group or religious garment is mentioned explicitly in the legislation, the main target appears to be Muslim women who wear a niqab or burqa.

Dozens of people showed up to bus stops on Friday with their faces covered.

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  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: How do hockey players manage to sit at the exact right place on the bench where they have access to their water bottle? How do they know which one is theirs? Do they have their name and/or number on it? Or do they just grab whatever one is there and take a swing? And how to their mouth guards never break? We always see shots of them chewing on them with full force, those things must be indestructible. And how do players know when to get off the ice? They need to be alert to execute plays and play some badass hockey, but they also need to know their cues to know when another player is taking over? Does their coach just fucking yell as loud as he can so the whole ice can hear? And usually they'll switch a whole line together so how do they do it so that there's no empty spaces on the ice? Man I love hockey, but I need answers.

I’ve seen these kind of posts go around but I haven’t seen a hockey one so why not?

happy crab goalie or super extra celly; old reebok sweaters or new adidas sweaters; home opener or first playoff game; hat trick or a Gordie Howe hat trick; regulation shutout or shootout win; rookies or veterans; fun official content or off season antics

HQ version of all the new jerseys

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