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Nathan Beaulieu- thats my ex

Nathan Beaulieu #87 please

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A/N - another by Julianne from @write-write-hockey-write

Out of all the things to forget to get when you went shopping for the ingredients for chocolate chips cookies, of course you would forget the main part. Grabbing your bag you ran back into your car and drove back to the store.

Of course it took you sometime once you got to the baking aisle, because you were unsure if you wanted a fun color of chips or just normal color.

As you were looking through the different types and colors a man about 6’2 stopped next to you by the cake boxes. Man did he smell nice. He also didn’t look bad at all, plu he seem to like baking so that was a plus.

“Can you help me?” The man asked as he kept looking at the cake boxes.

“I can try!” You smile standing up from your spot on the floor.

“My little cousin is having a birthday this weekend and she wants me to makes cupcakes but am not sure which cake mix to get. She doesn’t really have a favorite though.” He said looking over at you.

“Go with strawberry than, everyone always does chocolate or vanilla. It get’s boring, plus my nephew is a huge fan of the strawberry cake mix. He say it taste like candy.” You laughed.

“Strawberry it is!” Thank you. I’m Nathan by the way.” The man said holding his hand out.

“Y/N, and you’re welcome. I hope it goes well.”  You said turning around to go cash out, but before you could you felt a hand pull you back.

“I know we just met, but my ex is over there and she won’t leave me alone. So can I…well…”

“Kiss me?” You asked smiling as you looked over at the girl. Nathan shook his head. You gave a simple nod and soon felt his lips on yours. Wow. As Nathan pulls away he keeps a hold of you.

“If you like Strawberry cupcakes then you should totally come to my house on Tuesday.” He smiled.

Alex Galchenyuk- Come over here and Make me

Alex Galchenyuk #10 please.

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A/N - Julianne was so very kind as to help me out with some of the short drabbles.  So thanks to her!!!! This is one of hers…💞😘

“ALEXANDER ALEXANDROVICH GALCHENYUK! Drop that now!” You yelled at your boyfriend trying so hard to hide the smile on your face. You had certainly moved in with your boyfriend of two year, and you two were still unpacking your stuff. That was of course until Alex found your old diary hide away with your box of books. He refuse to give it back. “Why? I want to know what it was like after you dreamed about kissing Steven Ross on the lips with your new grapes lip gloss.” Alex smirked. “It was cherry.” You mumbled. “What?” He laughed still holding the diary in hand. “It was cherry lip gloss, not grape! Alex, please can I have that back.” You pleaded with the cute russian. “Come over here and make me.” He teased. You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend and his childish behavior. “Fine, I’m going to take a shower anyways.” You said as you began to undress in front of him. You watched Alex’s face as you peeled your clothes off one by one. With only your bra and underwear on you leaned up and kissed Alex. “Wanna join me?” You asked. “YES!” He said dropping the diary on the bed to take of his shirt. “HA!” You said grabbing the diary, you ran to the bathroom and locked the door. “Oh you’re going to pay for that!” Alex chuckled.

Brendan Gallagher || Snow Day

“Y/N, wake up, it’s snowing!” My boyfriend, Brendan Gallagher, whispers while lightly shaking me.

 My eyes flutter open and I see Brendan hovering over me. I smile at him.

 "Good morning, beautiful.“ He says and presses his lips to my forehead.

 I giggle and pull him into my arms. 

 I finally let go of him after 5 minutes and smile, "Is it really snowing?" 

 He raises his eyebrows, "Mhm" 

 I laugh and jump out of the bed. I run to the giant window in the living room. I look out of it and see the city sparkling in the sunlight. Every inch of Montreal is covered in fresh, white snow.

 I stand, looking at how beautiful the city is, in awe. I was about to say something to Brendan, but I hear the sound of a camera go off. 

 I spin around and see Brendan, smiling like a good, with his phone in his hand. "You looked so beautiful, staring at the snow, that I wanted to capture the moment." 

 I start to blush and I walk over to him. I kiss him and then lean my forehead on his. 

Brendan and I stood still for what felt like ages until he pulled me into his body.

 "Want to go play in the snow?" 

 I giggle, "Of course I do!" 

 We put on snow pants, sweatshirts, jackets, gloves, snow boots, and hats. We leave the apartment and walk to a local park. We get to the park and see a bunch of kids running around in the snow. 

 "Do you want to build a snowman?” I ask Brendan in a singsong voice. He laughs. 

 "Hey, I’m a fabulous singer. Do not laugh at me.“ I say and crack a smile.

Brendan and I hang in the park for a little over an hour before we head back to the apartment, where we enjoy the rest of our snow day drinking got chocolate and cuddling.

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