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HQ version of all the new jerseys

Blue like the Saint Lawrence River
White like winter
Red like the blood coursing through us

The other Tricolour, Grantaire.

Damn I’ve been neglecting tumblr lately. Here’s a quick sketch.

I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who finds this remotely funny… I realized the other day that one of the nicknames for the Montreal Canadiens, le Tricolore, is also associated to the French flag. And Grantaire will find any way to push France-loving Enjolras’s buttons.

Grantaire’s words are lyrics from “Le But” by Loco Locass. They were loosely translated by me.

Nathan Beaulieu- thats my ex

Nathan Beaulieu #87 please

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A/N - another by Julianne from @write-write-hockey-write

Out of all the things to forget to get when you went shopping for the ingredients for chocolate chips cookies, of course you would forget the main part. Grabbing your bag you ran back into your car and drove back to the store.

Of course it took you sometime once you got to the baking aisle, because you were unsure if you wanted a fun color of chips or just normal color.

As you were looking through the different types and colors a man about 6’2 stopped next to you by the cake boxes. Man did he smell nice. He also didn’t look bad at all, plu he seem to like baking so that was a plus.

“Can you help me?” The man asked as he kept looking at the cake boxes.

“I can try!” You smile standing up from your spot on the floor.

“My little cousin is having a birthday this weekend and she wants me to makes cupcakes but am not sure which cake mix to get. She doesn’t really have a favorite though.” He said looking over at you.

“Go with strawberry than, everyone always does chocolate or vanilla. It get’s boring, plus my nephew is a huge fan of the strawberry cake mix. He say it taste like candy.” You laughed.

“Strawberry it is!” Thank you. I’m Nathan by the way.” The man said holding his hand out.

“Y/N, and you’re welcome. I hope it goes well.”  You said turning around to go cash out, but before you could you felt a hand pull you back.

“I know we just met, but my ex is over there and she won’t leave me alone. So can I…well…”

“Kiss me?” You asked smiling as you looked over at the girl. Nathan shook his head. You gave a simple nod and soon felt his lips on yours. Wow. As Nathan pulls away he keeps a hold of you.

“If you like Strawberry cupcakes then you should totally come to my house on Tuesday.” He smiled.

so i haven’t seen anything on tumblr about this yet but since it’s kind of a big deal, uh. concordia university in montreal received a bomb threat today from a group called c4 – the conseil des citoyens conservateurs du canada, or, roughly translated, the council of conservative citizens of canada (to be completely honest that’s using an internet translator so please correct me if i’m off). according to the message from the president of concordia, the threat was directed at muslim students.

so a) everyone in downtown montreal please stay safe as the downtown campus is huge, and b) what the fuck.

everyone who thinks canada is some kind of haven against racism or hate crimes or major threats can sit the fuck down. this is just weeks after a white supremacist killed several muslims in quebec city. this is some scary fucked up disgustingly racist shit.


Jordie Benn || Made Up

The door slams.

He’s walking away. How could I let him walk away?! Jordie and I have been together for two years and I still haven’t met his parents. Am I not good enough? He can’t just walk away! If anyone deserves to be mad it’s myself not him. I race through the apartment building to the garage where he’s about to get into his car.

“Now wait a second! We are going to talk about this!” I yell to him.

“Ok fine! Let’s talk!” He says and closes his car door.

“We’ve been together for two years and you still don’t want me to meet your parents! Why?!” I yell getting frustrated.

“I told you Y/N! I’m not ready for that! Just drop it!” He goes to turn away but I grab his arm.

“No! I’m not just going to drop it! Am I not good enough?!” I scream with tears forming in my eyes.

“That’s not it and you know it!” He sighs and shakes off my hand.

“I’m sorry if I’m not some star that your parents want you to date but I am a good person.”

“I have to go.” He says while looking at his phone.

“O-ok…” I choke out. I bolt back to my apartment and collapse against the door. Hot tears fall rapidly and my breathing has sped up. Who on his phone is more important? Is he cheating on me? Is that why I can’t meet his family? What if I’m just his girl on the side…

These thoughts swirl in my head until I reach over and grab my phone. I dial Jamie’s number with shaking hands.

“Y/N? What’s up?” He asks.

“J-Jamie…” I say and start sobbing again.

“Y/N? Y/N, what’s wrong? What did my idiot brother do now?” He asks frantically.

“I-is he cheating on me?” I ask slowly.

“What?! Jordie? No way!” He says quickly. “Why would think that?”

“Well, we’ve been together for two years and I still haven’t met your parents. Am I not good enough for him Jamie?”

“Oh Y/N that’s not it at all! In fact the other day he was looking at-umm nothing never mind.” He says. “Call him. Trust me.”

“Thanks Jamie.” I say relieved.

“No problemo! Now, are you gonna be ok?”

“Yeah, I’m good now.” We say goodbye and not even two minutes later my phone rings. Jordie’s name lights up on the screen and I reluctantly answer.

“Baby girl why did you call my brother crying instead of me?” He asks immediately.

“Well hello to you too.”

“Y/N, answer the question.”

“You were the cause of my tears so I didn’t think it would be much help if I called you.” I admitted.

“What? Babe, I’m so sorry please don’t cry. Also, please open the door.” I stand up and open my door, there stands Jordie who has worry in his eyes.

“What are you doing here?” I ask confused.

“Jamie called me and told me that you were upset so I got here as soon as I could.” He says and steps inside. “This was supposed to be special and I planned it all out but Jamie said that you didn’t think you were good enough for me.” He says and then get down on his knee. “So, Y/N, the most gorgeous girl in the whole world and the most precious thing in my life. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife and spending forever and ever with a complete idiot who loves you more than all of the grains of sand on this Earth?”

“Oh my goodness yes!” I say as new tears roll down my face, but this time they’re joyful. He slides a stunning (and extremely sparkly) ring onto my finger.

“But what about your phone when we were arguing? Why did you have to leave? A-and why can’t I meet your parents?” I ask him.

“Oh that? There was another man who wanted to buy this ring and the shop owner told me because he knew it was my favorite so I wanted to get it before anyone else could. And about my parents, I wanted to make sure that you were mine before you met them because well they can come on a little strong sometimes. They absolutely love company…” He chuckles nervously.

“I’ll always be yours.” I stand on my tip toes and peck his lips. He picks me up bridal style and spins me around. Giggling I kiss him again but this time it lasts much longer.

I can’t wait to marry this man.

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Jordie Benn - Relax

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Request: If you feel up to it would a Jordie Benn imagine be something you’d write? Like, something really cute and fluffy?

Word Count : 928

Warnings: None

You laid in bed feeling defeated from the day. You still had all of your clothes on and didn’t even bother to pull the sheets over. You just laid on your back right on top. It was your only day off this week and you spent it running errands the entire day. You were exhausted. Not having any time to yourself.

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