montreal assembly

Signal Chain:
Bass->MXR Super Comp->DOD Meatbox->EHX Pitchfork->Boss DD-6 (out of frame)->MXR Bass Envelope Filter->Ibanez Modulation Delay III->EQD Rainbow Machine-> Way Huge Swollen Pickle->Montreal Assembly Count to 5->Boss BF-2->TC Electronic Ditto X2->Behringer VD400->Digitech Polara->Hotone Wally->Amp

Submitted by @gorillamystic

This is fire. Definitely a really interesting setup. Not really just fucking with the same ol’ trendy snax everybody’s got and I bet you can get some fucked sounds out of this. Just a sick bass board, my friend. Thanks for sharing! Quality photo too!


For those of you who haven’t seen a Knobs demo or heard the Count to 5. Both are great and make me sad. hah

I waited months for this pedal to be hand built in Montreal and now it’s finally here. Currently running tape loops through it and it sounds wild! You can def expect so many new sounds and experiments on this next upcoming album!

  Count to Five - Montreal Assembly



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A new era // Nouvelle ère (17:04)

Tom Mulcair addresses the Assembly of First Nations 36th Annual General Assembly in Montreal // Tom Mulcair lors de la 36e assemblée générale annuelle de l'Assemblée des premières Nations

This is a really good speech.


Everything is better in Canada.  Absolutely have to snag one of these.

Current rig for my band (Dumbsaint). Matt’s compressor is amazing, by the way. Not sure if he has made any more of them for anyone besides himself. He should. Also, what’s better than a Blunderbuss? A Fix’d in the same box, obviously.

Guitar (Mayones Regius) > Atomium Amps comp (big knobs for big tone) > FV50H > Polytune/Codtone Klone > Anarchy Audio Doomguy (Custom TS9+HM-2) > Blackout Seriously Special Twosome > Zoom MS70CDR > DD500 > Montreal Assembly CT5 Rev K > Neunaber Immerse (formerly Wet) -> Solarus

Submitted by Brendan

This is quite the rig, dude. I feel you on the Blunderbuss, though I sometimes love the Fix’d and other times I don’t care. Blackout forever though. The whole board is really sick, wish I could have a go at that Compressor. I plan to have some stuff done asap by Atomium. Awesome work. I always wanted a Mayones too. Very cool. Sunn on an Engl cab isn’t a common combo but I’m about that. Would love to hear this rig. Thanks for sharing!