Make Canada great again' flyers with anti-Muslim, anti-gay imagery alarm McGill University community
Islamophobic, homophobic messaging could be 'very distasteful attempt at humour,' student says

Flyers posted around McGill University featuring anti-Muslim and anti-homosexual imagery, along with a call to “make Canada great again,” are raising concern among students and faculty.

The posters, playing on Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan, feature a maple leaf in the background and crossed-out symbols that represent Islam, communism and homosexuality.

The posters include the web addresses of white supremacy sites and are signed, “brought to you by your local deplorables,” a reference to a comment Hillary Clinton made about Trump supporters during the campaign.

Michelle Li, a fourth-year student and a member of the Queer McGill student group, said her first reaction when she saw a poster was that “somebody is making a very, very distasteful attempt at humour.”

“I think it’s just confirming what we all sort of know in the back of our heads, which is that there are people who don’t agree that I want to live my life like this,” she told CBC Montreal’s Daybreak.

“It’s scary that they feel comfortable enough to be able to put it out there.”

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White Christmas is coming

Prominent lawyers join SPCA's fight against Montreal's pit-bull bylaw
Civil-rights lawyer Julius Grey and family lawyer/TV personality Anne-France Goldwater among the coalition’s board members.

A coalition backed by two high-profile lawyers has joined the SPCA court challenge seeking to overturn the controversial new city of Montreal bylaw that targets pit-bull-type dogs.

The Coalition to Promote the Safety of People and Canines, founded in July, includes veterinarians, animal-behaviour specialists, sociologists, biologists and lawyers.

Among the coalition’s board members are civil-rights lawyer Julius Grey and family lawyer and TV personality Anne-France Goldwater.

The coalition says its mission is to “support laws and regulations that promote the safety and protection of people and dogs, to educate the public, to (promote) responsible ownership, and to promote the welfare of animals in general with effective alternatives to specific breed bans.”

In a legal document made public Thursday and to be presented in Quebec Superior Court on Dec. 14, the coalition argues the city’s bylaw is unconstitutional and “irrational, arbitrary, unscientific, imprecise, vague, oppressive and presumptuous.”

The coalition contends the bylaw:

• Explicitly endorses putting to death scores of innocent animals in perfectly good health, if they resemble certain breeds or crossbreeds;

• Grants abusive powers to city inspectors;

• Discriminates against certain groups (e.g. the homeless and individuals with a criminal record).

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Quebec proposes greater autonomy, grants metropolis status for Montreal
Bill 121 will grant city new authority in areas of economic development, housing, heritage, and social policy

Montreal is now officially the “metropolis of Quebec,” a status long sought by mayor Denis Coderre, and stands to gain new powers in matters of economic, social and cultural development from legislation introduced Thursday in Quebec City.

The proposed law, Bill 121, was introduced Thursday by Martin Coiteux, Quebec’s minister of municipal affairs and the member of cabinet responsible for Montreal.

Coiteux said the new law will grant Montreal the power to both abolish subsidy limits for businesses and provide tax credits. It would also allow the city a pre-emptive right to acquire property for municipal purposes and to expropriate neglected properties from their owners.

Among other rights and powers, Bill 121 will grant the city an annual economic development subsidy that would reach $50 million by 2021 and new authority in areas of housing, heritage preservation and social policy touching on homelessness and immigration that are currently administered by the Quebec government.

Montreal will also be allowed to set the opening hours for bars in its territory.

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I cannot stop laughing at this, you guys. Nobody was hurt, and seriously watch all the way to the end. You’d think this city had never seen snow before, I swear…