Yesterday (September 27, 2016), Montreal’s city council officially passed a by-law targeting specific dog breeds (mostly pit bulls, but also bully-type breeds AND any dog that has pit bull-like features). This decision was poorly made and will without a doubt be poorly executed. 

Montreal’s SPCA has already filed legal action against the city because such a law goes against Quebec’s animal welfare laws. In addition, they created this super informative site with facts on dog bites, why breed-specific legislations never work, and even suggestions on how to actually make everyone in a community feel safe.

Please take the time out of your day to sign the petition found on this website. Your support means the world to the SPCA and Montrealers who have pit bulls (myself included).
Montreal SPCA taking city's controversial pit bull bylaw to court
Animal welfare agency wants sections on 'pit bull-type dogs' declared illegal

Montreal’s SPCA will ask the Quebec Superior Court to review the city’s new animal control bylaw in a bid to have the sections targeting “pit bull-type dogs” declared illegal.

The SPCA said the action will be presented at the Montreal courthouse on Thursday.

The bylaw, which will ban new ownership of pit bulls and pit-bull type dogs, was passed by city council on Tuesday, and goes into effect Oct. 3.

But the SPCA wants the sections of the new bylaw concerning “pit bull-type dogs” declared illegal on the following grounds:

  • It discriminates by creating additional and punitive obligations for owners and guardians of pit bull-type dogs, which the SPCA argues are not dangerous.
  • It is “vague and imprecise” in its definition of pit bull-type dogs and makes it “impossible to know which dogs fall into this category.”
  • It fails to include a means to challenge the designation of a dog as a pit bull-type breed.
  • It contravenes Article 898.1 of the Civil Code of Quebec, which grants animals the status of sentient beings, as well as sections of the Animal Welfare and Safety Act.
  • It is unreasonable that the bylaw treats all pit bull-type dogs as dangerous dogs despite what the agency says is the lack of credible evidence that they are inherently dangerous.

Animal rights advocates have criticized the bylaw, pointing out that many cities that have implemented similar legislation have since repealed the laws.

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BSL: A False Sense of Security

@kingasterin asked what my opinion was on the Montreal ban, thanks for asking! I’m gonna publish my answer if you don’t mind. :)  

So. This is long.  Partly because I’m both enormously geeky and passionate about dogs, and partly because I believe that education is the foundation to solving any problem.  I could say “Pit Bulls are great!!! ”, and they are, but that just leads to an argument where anecdotal evidence gets thrown back and forth across the aisle and nothing gets solved.  To really discuss and address a problem, everyone needs to be informed by more than their own opinion. With sources! yaaaay sources!

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Boycott Montreal. Cancel concerts, don’t go to soorting events, and don’t go for pleasure. The money you give to that city is going toward the unjust murder of hundreds, possibly thousands of innocent dogs, solely because of what they look like. Roughly 720 of the 2000 dogs that Montreal shelters bring in are Pit Bulls or a similar breed, that means roughly 720 animals will die at the hands of this new law. Because of this new law, at any time, police could stop you, say your dog looks dangerous, and if they choose, can and will take it for euthanization. People who already own these dogs are now going to be forced to pay for sterlization and a mandatory $150 permit that they must carry with them if they take their dog out in public, which is a different story all together. In public, these dogs that Montreal deem “dangerous” are required to wear a muzzle and a leash no longer than 4 feet. There is already a mass exodus of dogs from the city, and rightfully so, but we can’t give into Montreal’s bullshit laws that are based entirely on fear and ignorance.

Heartbroken and disgusted over what’s happening in Montreal right now. My pitbull is my family and I couldn’t imagine living there. Those poor shelter dogs all across Montreal being euthanized for no reason except for their breed/how they look.

It’s not the dog, it’s the owner. I can’t believe the ignorance shown by allowing this BSL ban to be passed. For the first time ever I’m actually kind of ashamed of Canada.

Recently, the city of Montreal has passed a bylaw saying that any dog that is considered a pit bull, a derivative of said breed and any dog breed that can be deemed dangerous by an expert will be seized and euthanized. They have forbidden the SPCA from allowing the remaining dogs of the above breeds to be adopted so they can be put down. Some dogs managed to be relocated to other provinces in Canada before the law was passed, but that number pales in comparison to those that are still in Montreal with a death sentence over their heads.

Their crime, you ask? Having owners that did not train them properly. Dogs are not born vicious or dangerous. They are born as energetic and loving animals that need to be trained properly. Some dog breeds are more high maintenance when it comes to training and need to be integrated into public settings slowly. Yes, some dogs are territorial but that can be overcome with the proper training.

Those who own a “dangerous” dog breed must therefore go through a background check, a study of the dog’s behaviour, must be microchipped and must have all vaccinations. The owner must also pay the city a $150 fine. Those who do not meet the desired criteria will have to have their dog euthanized. There are those who cannot afford to pay this fine and have to lose their loving companion.

This law disgusts me. All dogs are capable of being dangerous and violent. But it only comes out when they are kept inside and away from strangers, as it causes suspicion, they are not trained to cope in public or they are maltreated by their owners. It is not breed specific. In my opinion, the owners should go through a background check of their training methods and if they are deemed unfit, the dogs should be moved to a sanctuary where they can be retrained and properly integrated before being relocated to a better owner who knows how to handle high maintenance dogs.

The SPCA, veterinary hospitals and animal rights activists are not only taking a stand against this, but disassociating themselves with the municipal government of Montreal.

The city of Montreal fails to recognize that dogs are family and not all of them are violent. They are reserving the right to seize and kill one of your family members and that is a new low for any form of government.

Please, those of you who live in Canada and have a heart, reblog this or sign an online petition. This law needs to be disbanded.

Please take the time to read this atrocious breed specific law just passed in Montreal, Canada. Thousands of dogs are going to be put down just because of the way they look.

Sign the petition in the hopes to overturn this law here: