Downtown Montreal


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Montreal to Mob: 'We Can't Quit You' Get it? GET IT??
The city of Montreal finds itself in the awkward position of forging ahead with approvals for a real-estate development by a Groupe Catania construction company, even though the group of firms is b...

Get it? Because Brokeback Mountain and also this corrupt cesspool of a city that spent years and millions on a commission to expose corruption at every level of government but also did nothing about it? Get it? It’s so funny it almost makes you not want to pay taxes.

The city of Montreal finds itself in the awkward position of giving approvals to a real-estate development proposal by a Groupe Catania company while also being a concerned creditor claiming more than $20 million in damages from corruption as the group of companies is liquidated.



Montreal Turns Into A City Of Light And Music Festivities Through Interactive Seesaw Installations

The streets at Place Des Festivals in Montreal will be illuminated and singing in tune to an orchestra of 30 seesaws placed next to each other. The project titled “Impulse” is a public art installation project with playground devices that light up as their rhythmic movements initiate sounds projecting different harmonies. This collaborative scheme has been executed by CS Design and Lateral Office.

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