Birchbox Alternatives – Newcomers Focused on Adding ‘Twist’ to the Standard Beauty Sample Subscription Service

Within the increasingly popular subscription commerce industry, ‘beauty product of the month’ subscriptions focused on providing members with deliveries of sample-sized beauty and skincare items  have been popping up with fervor.   

Generally, new subscribers begin by creating an online profile, answering questions about skin-type, beauty interests and other tidbits which in turn assist in-house beauty experts with their task of selecting appropriate items to be included in each month’s delivery.  Detailed write-ups, colorful packaging and access to discounted full-sized versions of products are usually included with subscriptions.

Among these beauty-focused businesses, one company in particular has already created an astoundingly large footprint.  Founded in 2010 by two enterprising Harvard Business School classmates, Birchbox operates with the mission “to help women cut through the clutter of the beauty world to find products that really work for them.”    Subscribers receive a monthly package containing 4-5 deluxe beauty samples, access to premium online beauty-related content, and discounts on full-sized makeup, skin-care, hair and other beauty products.  With nearly $12M in venture funding and over 100,000 users, Birchbox has established itself as an absolute powerhouse in the subscription commerce and beauty industries.

However, potential subscribers may be disappointed to learn that Birchbox subscriptions - sold on a first come, first served basis– sell out regularly and often require hopeful users endure a waiting period before officially signing up.

For beauty enthusiasts looking to avoid waiting lists, similar companies focused on providing subscribers beauty samples and more continue to pop up, and the monthlygifter team has profiled our favorites, each of which offer their own unique twist on the beauty sample model.


The Company: Beauty Army

The Goods: 6 beauty samples per month

The Twist: Users can personally choose up to 6 items from a monthly curated selection of 9 sample-sized beauty products.

The Cost: $12/mo.

The RestBeauty Army has teamed up with beauty industry experts to provide its users with high quality recommendations, and subscribers can purchase full-sized versions of samples at discounted prices.


The Company: MyGlam

The Goods: 4-5 sample or deluxe-sized makeup & beauty products each month

The Twist: The MyGlam team produces “look-inspiration” videos using the actual products included in subscribers’ Glam Bags, and encourages users to upload their own videos sharing beauty ideas and techniques. 

The Cost: $10/mo.

The Rest: Discounted pricing is also available for full-sized beauty products through their online store. 


The Company: Beautyfix

The Goods: 8 full-sized deluxe beauty products per month

The TwistBeautyfix is geared towards users interested in trying out a large variety of beauty products, subscribers trade a higher price for the opportunity to choose up to 8 full-sized deluxe beauty items in each delivery.

The Price: $50/mo.

The Rest: Members can earn gift cards for completing feedback surveys, credits and free subscriptions for recommending new members, and have access to exclusive discounts on other beauty products.


The Company: Goodebox

The Goods: 6 or more trial-sized beauty and personal care items each month

The TwistGoodebox has distinguished itself by focusing on offering eco-sensitive, innovative & effective beauty and personal care products, along with occasional samples of natural & organic health and wellness products.

The Price: $16/mo.

The Rest: Members also receive exclusive discounts on full-sized products, sneek peeks at upcoming products, practical tips on using products, and more.


The Company: NewBeauty

The Goods: TestTube filled with approximately 6 sample and deluxe-sized beauty products 4 times per year

The Twist: Each NewBeauty delivery also includes a copy of NewBeauty magazine and video-mails showing subscribers how to use the included products

The Price: $29.99/quarter

The Rest: NewBeauty members are encouraged to share reviews, tips and comments with their community of over 25,000 active subscribers.

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