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Mother Hen James Potter
  • Literally everyone thinks that Remus Lupin is the mother hen because they think he’s smart and responsible
  • Holy shit are they wrong
  • James Potter is always telling Remus off for swearing and once threatens to wash his mouth out with soap
  • James Potter makes Peter’s bed every morning whilst muttering to himself
  • Forces Sirius to eat his vegetables at dinner if he wants dessert
  • Mother Potter carries Remus to bed and tucks him in when there has been a particularly bad moon
  • Insists on changing his bandages despite Remus’ protests
  • Always complaining about the mess in the dormitory, ‘sirius do you know what a wardrobe is’
  • Fusses over Peter constantly
  • Often found sighing and licking a tissue to wipe off the dirt on Peters forehead and saying ‘You’d think you never wash’
  • Will read stories before bedtime if he is asked to
  • Will do the voices
  • Comforts Sirius when he finds a hole in his shirt and freaking out because his ‘mother will kill him’ – James spends the night sewing it back up
  • James often has monthly visits with both McGonagall and Dumbledore about his friends progress in academic subject – he drinks a lot of tea and biscuits
  • Spends a lot of time with Peter helping him practice transfiguration when McGonagall suggests he could do with his help
  • Nags Sirius to do his homework
  • Giving Remus a chocolate bar when he looks tired
  • Gets so excited about his friends achievements and will announce them to anyone who listens.’Guess who got full marks in charms? Remus Fucking Lupin, thats who!’
  • Mother Hen James Potter being the sweetest boy and looking out for his friends

Another from this long list of prompts, completely unprompted.

Number Ten: “If you use up all the hot water again, I swear to god! You’re on the couch for a month!!”

Stiles needed to take a good long look at his life, he decided as he dug the emergency plastic seat covers out of the trunk of the Camaro.

Reason number one: he and all of his friends kept emergency plastic seat covers in their trunks so in the event of a big bad monster exploding all over them, they wouldn’t have to explain massive blood stains to the guy at the auto detailing shop.


They only made that mistake once, and Lydia spent the night in jail three counties over.

Stiles shook out the plastic with a spiteful flourish at the universe, and laid it out over the leather passenger seat, while Derek did the same for the driver’s before sliding in.

Stiles hesitated, bracing himself.

Reason number two: Stiles was far too young to always be this sore.

He groaned as he lowered himself into the car and the plastic crinkled underneath him. His knee was messed up, he knew that much without professional opinion, but he was going to hold off on an official diagnosis unless it got to the point where he couldn’t walk on it. And he was pretty sure that none of the blood soaking his khakis was actually his, so compared to the last few big faceoffs, he was doing pretty well.

But it was the soreness, the constant aches when he got up in the morning—his shoulder actually ached with the weather. His grandfather had that problem, and even his dad didn’t have as many back problems.

Stiles was twenty-eight and there were days when a bad enough thunderstorm rolled through, and all he could do was lie on the couch and pop Tylenol like candy.

At this rate he’d be using a cane at thirty.

He yawned as Derek put the car in gear and drove towards home, letting himself drift off.

Reason number three: he was always, always exhausted.

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When you’re angry at the clouds from shielding your boyfriend, the sun from you. You’re in a long distance relationship and are very needy for his rays. But alas he is too busy hanging out with all his cumulus fan girls. You’re ok though because your pale girlfriend, the moon, is making her monthly visit next week and is closer than ever.

I waited on the steps of the chemistry building, shivering. It was unseasonably cold, but I had learned to accept strange things. I only had to wait for one more person, and then I was able to go. I looked at my watch. I could have sworn it was earlier than the last time I checked, but I had no clue whether that was because I had read it wrong, or if the watch was broken, or if I had accidentally entered one of the pockets of frozen time that seemed to occasionally appear on campus. I heard footsteps, and looked up to see a girl- a freshman, I assumed. She looked terrified.

“Hey,” she said.

“Red?” I knew it wasn’t her true name, but I did demand that I was given a name commonly used by the person. No doubt she’d chosen Red because of her hair. 

“Yes. Do you have-“ 

"Of course I do. Do you have the money?”

She held out a five dollar bill.

“This is not a gift. Are you sure you want this?”

She hesitated for a moment, but nodded. “I need to know- my roommate, I think she was taken-”

I cut her off again. It’s easier if I don’t know their story. “Alright. Here you go, then.” I passed her the tiny bottle, and took her money in exchange. “Don’t leave it on for too long, or it will burn you.”

She nodded, then left, looking both ways. I crossed her name off my list. Three people this month- it was always more common in the first few months, before they learned. I stood up, folding the list into my pocket, and started walking. I had one more errand before I could go back to the chemistry building.

They had always said that the chemistry building was a safe place. It made sense, what with the years of iron and silver and various salts being spilled and used and studied. When I had toured, I had only seen the architecture, the labs, only had been fascinated by the traditions. I hadn’t expected to go there- it wasn’t high on my list. I applied as an afterthought. Strangely, though, I seemed to have made some kind of mistake, as every other school I had sent my application to swore they had received by nothing. It wasn’t until I arrived there that I saw the fear in the eyes of chemistry students. I learned quickly that many of the chem majors slept in a lab instead of their rooms, afraid they had angered the fair folk, hiding behind their iron and silver. 

I had thought the chemistry building was safe, too. Ironically, it was the chemistry building that put me in danger to begin with. I had found some disused storeroom, which I realized was filled with old bottles and containers. I poked through a lot of them. The room was dark, and I was jumpy. When the floorboards above my head creaked, I accidentally knocked a few bottles off the shelf. Swearing, I jumped away, but not before I felt liquid splash on my leg. Panicking, I looked at the label on the bottle. It was silver nitrate, of course. I didn’t realize what would happen at the time. My only concern was getting it off before it did more than stain my skin.

It wasn’t until I went to my other classes that I realized I had developed the sight. Those few hours are a blur. I only remember the fear of being discovered, and the greater fear I felt in seeing familiar figures warped into their true images by my newly awakened eyes.

The reason it is blurred was probably because of L. 

I don’t remember how they looked, but I knew they weren’t human the instant I saw them sitting at the bottom of the pool, and they knew I could see their true self. I remember sharp teeth, and a look in their eye that said if you play your cards wrong, you will end up losing your eyes for this offense. I remember, in desperation, saying that I wanted to strike a deal.

The sharp teeth showed again in a grin, and the negotiations began. I knew what I wanted- I wanted protection, safety. I wanted to survive my four years here. L- I still don’t know how their name is supposed to look like- elle? el? just L?- listened to me, and then offered their conditions. I thought at the time that it was a small price to pay for my life. I don’t know if I’d make the same choice again, but at the time, I agreed readily. I passed out at their touch, and woke up in my room. My roommate told me I’d been gone for days, and when I looked at my leg, the silver nitrate stain was gone. I told my roommate I had been studying, and moved all my things to the abandoned storeroom. 

I finally reached my destination. I was right on time- L would be waiting.

Sure enough, there was what appeared to be a beautiful person sitting at the bottom of the pool with their eyes closed. L never looked the same way, when I went on my monthly visit to the pool. This time, they didn’t even open their eyes as I walked to the edge of the pool.

I reached into my pocket for the list. Three names. I had done this enough times that I was almost used to it. The first few times, I had wept, but now this was just another way of protecting myself. Other people at the school wear iron charms and hold salt; I do, too, for extra insurance, but it’s more to blend in. L keeps me safe. 

I dropped the folded up paper into the water. Instead of floating, it sank straight to the bottom, moving towards L as if in an invisible current, the paper unfolding itself as it slipped into L’s dainty hand. They opened their eyes, lazily, and scanned the paper. Their face split into the unearthly grin that seemed the only part of them that remained horrific with the sight, and they blew me a kiss and winked as I turned away. 

The first time I had given out the silver nitrate to those unwise enough to confide their desire to See, I tried to not notice what happened to them. L did not spare them for their decisions as they had spared me, and it had taken me three weeks to spot one of them, his eyelids sewn shut, dark fluid oozing from the corners of his eyes. I’ve stopped looking at people’s faces now. At first it was guilt that bothered me, but now it’s the lack of guilt. 

As I walked to the building, someone bumped into me. It was Red, her eyes wide with horror. I noticed the stain on her finger.

“My roommate- she- oh… oh gods. You need to help me…”

I looked at her, meeting her eyes for what might be the last time.

“Don’t worry, the effects aren’t permanent.”

“You think I won’t be able to see her tomorrow?” she asked.

“I’m sure of it.”


Original #11: I Know What Happened To Mike O’ Brien

Length: Long


I’m a midnight listener. There are many of us around the world, but as far as I’m aware of, I’m the only one on my campus.  During the day, I’m your ordinary college student. But at night, more specifically during the hours of midnight to 2am, I’m the school’s midnight listener. What I do is simple. I listen.

During those hours, students come into my “office” – an old storage room in the top floor of my dormitory. They sit infront of a large black curtain that separates me and the student. That way, they can’t see me, and neither can I see them. That’s why students like to come to me instead of the school counsellors. They enjoy the anonymity, the privacy of being able to speak their mind about their worries and troubles without judgment or repercussions. So they lock the door, sit infront of the curtain, and then they speak. What they say is entirely up to them. Most of my sessions revolve around people talking about their family, relationship, and academic problems. Some speak about their mental illnesses and how they’re coping. Some tell me secrets they’re too ashamed to speak publicly of.

I’ve been running my sessions for a while now. I’ve heard from many different people. Usually I listen, and then I forget. It’s my coping technique for not empathising too strongly. However, there have been a couple of instances that particularly piqued my interest. This is one of them.

This is the story of Mike O’Brien, a senior in my college.

A month ago, Mike vanished. At first, nobody batted an eyelid. This was college after all and people were bound to go AWOL for a while. But when all calls and messages to Mike went unanswered, people started panicking. The school was notified, who called Mike’s parents, who called the police. Statements were taken and posters were printed. Search parties were organised, but none were successful.

A week later, the police received an anonymous phone call about Mike’s return to his dormitory. The caller was unable to provide any concrete proof. The call was subsequently treated as a prank, and was ignored. That same night, at around 4AM, the police received a second call about Mike. This time, it was from the school’s residence office. The student living next to Mike’s room had called up the office and complained about loud and repeated thumping noises coming from Mike’s room. Half an hour later, the office sent someone up with a key, and Mike’s body was subsequently discovered. He was hanging from the makeshift pull-up bar in his room.

According to the office staff, Mike’s body was swaying from the rope, even though there was no breeze in the room. His feet made loud, steady thumping noises as they hit against the wall. The swaying promptly stopped right after Mike was discovered.

A review of the CCTV footage showed Mike stumbling back to his room. His body movements were consistent with that of a drunk. Nothing was amiss, except the fact that Mike was walking with a pronounced limp. Mike never had a limp at any point in his life. The coroners were unable to explain this, however. Mike’s death was subsequently ruled as a suicide, although his one-week disappearance remained unexplained.

Now up until this point, I’d no personal interest at all in Mike’s case. It was shocking, sure, but I didn’t know the guy personally. So I didn’t care. But that all changed the night Ryan came to speak with me.

It was a couple of nights after Mike’s body was found. I’d just settled down in my office when I heard the door squeak open. I couldn’t see the door from my seat, but could make out a shadow drifting across the room before plopping loudly onto the chair across the curtain.

“Midnight listener here. How may I address you?” I called out.

Silence, and then an uncertain chuckle.

“You don’t have to use your real name if you don’t want to,” I continued.

The silence continued, before a reply: “Ryan, I guess.”

“Hey, Ryan. Whenever you’re ready.”

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Tom Holland Request

hi dear! can you write a tom holland x reader where she’s his gf and she’s on her period and having a particularly bad day, so he goes over to her place and it’s all cute and stuff, please?

You knew before you got out of bed that your “friend” was here for her monthly visit, the intense cramps and the sudden sweat that woke you from your decent sleep gave it away. You rolled out of bed and made your way to the bathroom to face the facts. After getting into comfy clothes, that weren’t covered in cramp sweat, you popped some Advil and shuffled your feet until you were falling over onto the couch cuddled with your couch pillows and some fluffy blankets. “Ugh…” you groaned, waiting for the Advil to give you some relief. You grabbed the remote, turned on some stupid, early morning, show and barely watched as your cramps rolled over you. You thought about eating something but the sickly feeling of complete emptiness that filled your body made it impossible for you to even continue to think about eating much less get up and actually get a meal.

It was 30 minutes before you felt the Advil work but it still barely tamed the pain that was coursing through your lower abdomen. 30 minutes after that you forced yourself to eat a granola bar and another 30 minutes after that your phone began to ring. “Hello,” the pain and sleep deprivation you were feeling seemed to come through your voice.

“Good morning Sleeping Beauty,” you boyfriend’s cheery voice came through the phone. “How are you? You sound a little…funny.”

“I feel like I’m dying, Tommy.” The pain seemed to be coming back little by little and a large cramp twisted inside you and you felt your voice tighten and tears fill your eyes.

His sweet voice turned into fierce and worried, “What do you mean? Are you sick? Do you need me to take you to the doctor?”

“I’m ok just in a lot of pain.”

“That’s usually something that makes people go to the doctor, Hon.”

“It my period, Tom,” you spat out quickly. “I woke up to a knife twisting in my uterus and nothing I do seems to get it out.”

“Stay where you are. I’ll be there in an hour. I love you,” before you could say anything back he hung up.

“Ok…” you said confused and sat your phone back on the table. You continued to groan, clutch your stomach, and roll around for the next hour until Tom used his spare key to open your apartment door.

“Y/N,” he hollard in as he kicked off your shoes, not knowing you were on your couch. You raised your hand in the air so he could see you and let out a loud groan. “Hey,” he gingerly sat down on the couch with you and took your feet in his lap as he ruffled through the bags he put on the floor, “you feeling any better?”


“I brought over a heating pad,” he pulled out the grey object, leaned over to plug it in, and handed it to you. “I guess those are suppose to help. Have you eaten anything?”

“A granola bar.”

“Eat up,” he handed you a banana that he plucked from one of the bags. “I googled it and saw that those help with cramps.” He grabbed one of the bags and stood up, leaving you on the couch.

“Where are you going,” you whinned?

“I got some bubble bath for you and I’m going to run you a hot bath to help you relax.”

“Why are you the greatest boyfriend ever?”

He shrugged with a cocky grin, “The world may never know.”

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RFA+Minor Trio taking care of an MC who is on her period and it's a really rough one?

***Aw, poor gal. Might be a little shorterish just to be delicate, because I don’t think anyone enjoys being reminded about that excruciating pain. Short and sweet like we wish our periods could be lol. ~Let’s Connect! FFC

Character breakdown: Good ending canon characters, Secret ending 02 Saeran, V, no operation, standard hc Vanderwood***


  • Somehow you totally synced up? I guess that makes sense. She totally gets it.
  • Cuddling up on the couch wrapped up in blankets being miserable together.
  • Zen musical marathon, snacks, and cuddles. What could be better?
  • Convincing her to have tea instead of coffee – settle the cramping.
  • Sharing a heating pad – toasty.
  • It’s like the best sleepover except it’s your partner.


  • He’s had girlfriends before, so when you pushed away from him this morning, he knew what was up.
  • “Want some tea? Cuddles? How are you feeling?”
  • Cuddling up with his hand splayed over your tummy like a heating pad.
  • He’s nuzzling your hair and practicing his lines for the newest musical, and you end up falling asleep there in his warm embrace.


  • Jumin calls to confirm your date for the evening and you turn him down???
  • His immediate reaction is panic – has he done something? Is something wrong?
  • “MC, if you’re ill, I’ll send the best doctors.”
  • “I’m not ill…just…I’m on my period.”
  • “Oh…Driver Kim!”
  • Now you have a nurse for the week? And chocolates delivered to your door every morning?
  • This dude on urbandictionary and Wikipedia finding all the things that will help you. And suddenly your house is filled teas and all sorts of things to help you. That electric blanket ends up being your favorite thing.


  • “Why can’t I come over?”
  • “I’m not feeling well…”
  • “What, are you sick? Are you okay? I’m coming over right now!”
  • Pretty much starts running to your house…Before he realizes he should be taking the bus.
  • When he gets there, you tell him that you’re on your “monthly visit.”
  • It takes him a second, but he’s not stupid – med student too, after all. (Yes, some animals deal with it too.)
  • You got too hot at one point so he helped you run a bath…Helped you in and out of it too…Tried not to peek, but accidentally saw your bare back, and now he’s got a nosebleed.
  • Now you’re cuddling in bed in your bath robe
  • Yoosung, I hear kissing helps…” WELL THEN. He’s super blushy about it, but… You’re getting all the kisses. Your lips will be sore tomorrow. So will his.


  • You’re hot and cramping, so you push him away from cuddles.
  • Mr. Pouty Pants ain’t having that, just pulls you closer. And then you tell him. “I’m sorry!!! Don’t be mad, Kitten!!!”
  • For the rest of the day, any time you’re even slightly irritated…“What, are you on your period or something? LOL
  • In all seriousness, He lets you have all the HBC you want, and orders you some pizza. Although the pizza delivery guy has a bit of trouble with the security. He doesn’t speak Arabic.


  • Notices something is wrong without you even telling him. “You seem tense…do you need a back rub?”
  • End up giving you a full body rub down. God, your back feels so much better. Added bonus for him, he gets to spend more time memorizing your shape with his hands.
  • Puts any work off for the rest of the day, so he can take care of you as much as possible.
  • Attempts to make tea and burns himself, but, it’s the thought that counts.


  • Why doesn’t she want me to come over? What did I do wrong? So much angsty self…
  • Finally “It’s not you…I’m just on my period”
  • Has no idea really what that means for you, Looks it up, and it sounds painful.
  • Oh, ice cream helps! He’s over there with tons of buckets of ice cream
  • You build a pillow fort together and eat way more ice cream than a human should consume in one day. Intimacy still isn’t exactly his thing, but you do end up getting cuddles.


  • Okay, so…He knows what a period is, but…he’s never had to deal with someone actually on it What the Hell is he supposed to do?
  • Cooks some of your favorite foods, makes sure to make lots of snacks, gathers all the movies and blankets for a day together.
  • How is this huge, seemingly emotionless, secret agent man so sensitive and fussy?
  • Lots of cuddles. Just wraps himself around you. You’re not going anywhere today. Not that you’d want to.

Asks MasterList. Send me an ask! Patrons get first dibs, but everyone else is first come first serve. NSFW and SFW accepted. Check out my fanfictions.

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Sorry let me clarify. S family with their kid on their code red

Thanks for the clarification! I greatly appreciate it. :) This was fun to write. I like talking about the diaboys and their daughters. <3

Shu: If his wife was not around, Shu would feel slightly panicked when his daughter tells him she’s starting her period. He wants her away from other vampires around them, so he’ll take her away to her room and then offer her feminine products, hoping that his wife had taught her about periods before and how to use the given products. Way to be active in her life, Shu.

Reiji: Reiji’s daughter didn’t even have to say a word to her father. The moment he caught whiff of her period blood, Reiji used his teleportation ability to find her and save her from further embarrassment. He has a bag filled with tampons and pads ready for her, as well as a fresh and clean pair of underwear, much to his daughter’s chagrin. She’s thankful for her smart and well-prepped father though.

Ayato: Ayato’s daughter would heavily complain about the painful cramps she felt as she laid in bed, and she’d force Ayato to buy her whatever she craved for. Mumbling how bratty she was, Ayato would huff and set down the items she wanted, only to have her burst into tears about how cruel he was for saying that. His daughter will always test his patience when Aunt Flow visits her monthly. 

Kanato: Kanato’s daughter is thankful that her father is a sweets fanatic. She gets all the chocolate she wants from him, and Kanato enjoys spending this quiet time with her since she usually keeps her distance from him. Kanato becomes overprotective during this time though, since his daughter’s period blood can be smelled for miles away. He won’t let her out so easily now.

Laito: Laito understands what his daughter is going through and offers a lot of comfort and candy. He’ll always buy her new underwear after her period cycle is over, and he doesn’t mind watching movies or dramas with her. He wants his little girl to be happy while she’s in her miserable state. If she asked, he would play any song that she wanted to hear on the piano, as well.

Subaru: It’s not a surprise that Subaru’s daughter is destroying the house while she’s on her period. Her usual meek self is now replaced with a goddess of chaos, and Subaru is always seen trying to calm her down or yelling at her for her destruction. It takes lots of coaxing and threats of punishment to calm his wild child down, but he gives her heating pads as an apology too.

Kino: When Kino finds blood-stained underwear in the bathroom, he thinks his daughter is in danger and frantically calls out for her. When she doesn’t respond, Kino goes on a wild goose chase to find her, only to be hushed by his wife when she tells him that their daughter is napping. He’s still horrified, and his wife reveals that their daughter is careless and forgot to wash it after showering. smh

-Admin Yuuzuki

it wasn't my fault || stiles stilinski

word count: 3201

warnings: lots of angst. dealing with death.

prompt: “they said it wasn’t my fault.”

author’s note: posted before, but my blog was deleted, so here it is again! Y/D/N means Your Daughter’s Name.

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for persephone: i bring her an ensemble of butterflies. her eyes widen. when she reaches out to touch a wing, they perish. before she leaves i sneak a bag of pomegranate seeds into her hand. she pulls one out, puts it on her left canine tooth. the message is clear: “you don’t get to choose to be a villain or a woman. by nature they’ve indoctrinated you to be both.” she puts another seed on her right tooth. “give them what they want. rip their throat out.”

for hades: i bring a globe of the world painted black with red freckles scattered on it. the red paint hasn’t dried when he arrives, he places his index finger on them and smears the paint. on our monthly visits i always bring a cup of red paint. put a new red dot, instruct him to place his finger and spin the globe. before i leave he offers me a glove so the paint won’t stain next time. this is my first lesson on how to get away with murder.

for aphrodite: i try to cut a paper heart out of red construction paper. glue glitter onto it. she snarls and rolls her eyes. she wants something with a pulse. i try to explain that i can’t just rip somebody’s heart out of their chest. she tells me to break their heart instead because it’s all the same in the end.

for chronos: i bring him clocks of all shapes and sizes. he breaks the glass, rips out the hands. when i return home it’s nine months ago and you’re still here. i send a silent thank you. the clock starts ticking again. he said this would be my last chance to get it right.

for dionysus: i smuggle in the highest price wine i can find the first time i meet him. he sucks it down, tells me next time to just bring the cheap stuff because it gives the same buzz. i know there’s a lesson to be learned from his reckless nature. i still haven’t figured it out. i still keep letting you reach out to me like i’m the next bottle.

for erebus: i invite him at twilight, take the god of darkness too literal. he arrives an hour before dawn. the sky is a deep blue. he stares off into the distance, wary of the rising sun. tells me to make it quick. my offer was the whole night sky so now i’m empty handed. for the first time i realize nobody wants the darkness. nobody wants what’s already promised to them. i’m trying to find a way to let him see the sun.
—  Life Lessons with the Gods and Goddesses, Angelea Lowes
The Thing About Being a CNA

Let’s get the most common one out of the way: We change diapers.

We also brush their teeth, bathe them, feed them, help them change clothes, etc. We assist them with just about anything they request (be it safe for them and within legal/monetary/moral limits).

Sometimes they hit us. Why? Usually they have some form of dementia. They do not understand what is happening and they freak out. Or other times they can be alert and oriented but they are angry that they are “a fucking vegetable now”. So they lash out. (I like to believe that they usually feel bad about this afterwards– regardless of mental state.)

Other times, they say thank you.

After a while of having you as an aide they build a relationship with you and form trust. After all, you see them naked on a daily basis and you are literally the hand that feeds them. They start to tell you their life stories (if they remember them). You meet family members as time goes on and they make their daily, weekly, monthly, yearly visits.

A resident starts to love you. You hold their hand when they are scared and hug them when they cry. They make a place in your heart. They become unofficial family members.

That’s the thing about being a CNA. It’s hard work. Nothing is glamorous. You are underpaid and overworked. But you aren’t a CNA for the wages. You are a CNA because of those relationships that you crave so much. You have so much love in your heart that you have to spread it around.

CNA to CNA: We are tough outside but soft on the inside.

Of course, everyone thinks of this as the greatest plot twist of all time and completely unexpected, but McGonagall taught for years. Can you imagine how many times she used this tactic on James? Sirius? Remus? Hell, even Lily probably had a biscuit with McGonagall at least once. Things like this make me remember that Minerva McGonagall was not only a professor, not even only a Head of House or Deputy Headmistress. She was a second mother, someone who saw these kids more through the ages of eleven through seventeen than their own parents. Can you imagine her taking on the struggles of a hundred odd kids? Keeping track of who had issues at home, who just had a break up, getting messages from the house elves that there’d been a girl in the kitchens every night for the past week stress eating?

 Obviously, when Sirius ran away, McGonagall knew she had to protect him from his family, and probably had tea with him a least once just to check up on things. James definitely went to her all the time at the beginning of the war to tell her how scared he was for Lily the muggleborn and Remus the werewolf and Peter who wasn’t a fighter and Sirius who was too much of one. She noticed when Lily stopped sending letters to Petunia and she definitely noticed when that garish wedding invitation arrived and Lily left the Great Hall in tears because, she later found out after confiscating a note between Dorcas and Alice, it said she was only invited because her mum wanted her there. Remus, I bet, had monthly visits, right before the full moon, and she would help him with subjects he didn’t quite understand so he could keep his good school record.

 She met with James right after he and Lily got together and pulled out her favorite, special occasion biscuits to celebrate. She brought a box to their wedding, too, and they both recognized them and laughed, because Lily had had the same meeting the day after James.

Minerva McGonagall’s biscuits and her strange changes of emotion halfway through a conversation were the backbone of many a Hogwarts student, and I like to think that she set up a system, purely accidentally, of sending boxes of biscuits to former students who needed them, and receiving boxes from former students who were thankful she had them when they, in turn, needed them. I like to think that she had a drawer in her office full of biscuits she never asked for but always received, and occasionally when she read the newspaper, she would reach into the drawer, tie a box up with some ribbon and a short note, and send it off. Minerva McGonnagall building a support system through biscuits for students who needed it, inside and outside school, is a favorite headcanon of mine. And Minerva McGonagall seeing the need for support and doing the best she can to provide it is not only a headcanon, but the truth.


(a little sneak peek at the andreil coffee shop au i’ve been working on!! i’m also in need of a beta!)




  1. a longing or desire. 

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n3sh3r0x : HC!!! RFA + V reaction to Mc's fam being a bag of nutcases? Like they're 24/7 being lame and joking around and really inquisitive of MCs BF/GF

So my friend, @n3sh3r0x asked for this hc. SHE’S AMAZING GUYS!! Please follow her!!!

AND I’M SORRY but i really couldn’t imagine all of the families being a bag of nutcases. SO I DECIDED TO WRITE A “RFA+V+ SAERAN REACTING TO MC’S FAMILY”


- Sweet, sweet yoosung was pretty nervous when you told him that you wanted him to meet your family

-I mean…. who wouldn’t ??

-You father worked at this huge pharmaceutical company,  you mother was a cardiologist and to top it all off your sister was a lawyer at a big firm.

-Even you scared the living crap outta him when he first met you

-So when he first met your parents, he was shaking. Actually he was shaking for all the right reasons. Let me explain.

-Your father was immaculately dressed in his most expensive suit like show off much?, your mother wore a simple but beautiful gown and your sister??? Let’s just say that she wore a pair of sweatpants just to piss you off.

- Yoosung couldn’t stop laughing at this contrast. 

-As your father gracefully gave out his hand for a handshake, he was still laughing cause your sister was sticking her tongue out at you?? And you were being all cute, pinching her and making faces at her?

- Gosh ! Even the intellectuals weren’t any different , were they?

- “GOD DAMMIT! STOP IT GIRLS YOU ALWAYS EMBARRASS ME LIKE THIS!! I just wanted MC’s boyfriend to have a good impression on our family,” your father screamed.

- Your mum giggled, “Pay no mind to them yoosung!! We doctors must stay away from this lot at all times.”

- You mum really liked yoosung as they were both in the medical profession. She was a really chatty person. She blabbered on about how hard it was being a doctor. “I dunno how you did it yoosung,” she said, “I could barely learn how to treat the heart and you’ve learnt about how to treat the entire animal kingdom?” She sighed dramatically. 

- “HEY YOOSUNG!! Did you know that MC peed her pants in the sixth grade?” Your sister chimed in. “NO I DIDN’T,” you screamed and the two of you got into a cat fight. 

-Your dad sighed and apologized to him, “Welcome to the family, son.”

-Yoosung really did love your unique and wonderful family. And your family loved him more. 

Bonus: Your sister kept making passes at yoosung, vowing to steal him away from you when the two of you break up. She was just kidding! Or was she? Yoosung never knew about this. 


-Zen was really excited when you told him you wanted him to meet your family

- You used to tell him a lot about your family and he loved to hear about your two moms and you baby sister

- The whole day he was all like, “MC !! Should I wear this?? OR SHould I wear that??? Will you mom like this better.” 

- “JUST WEAR SOMETHING, ZEN,” you screamed.

-But it was so cute seeing him all excited.

- When you finally got to your house, he was so excited that he hugged both your mums. 

- “Nice to finally meet you,” He beamed, “I’m Zen.”

- “Wow I didn’t know my daughter was hiding such a handsome man,” Your mum giggled. “OH, MC~~” she sang. 

- You blushed so hard, it made Zen laugh.

- Your other mum laughed and kissed her on the cheek. “Oh and Zen,” she said, “We have this really BIG fan, just dying to meet you.”

- Your little sister was clinging to your mum’s leg. 

- “Come on, sweetie,” you called her out ,”Zen has a little gift for you.”

- But she still wouldn’t budge

- Zen knelt down and took her hands. “Looks like there are two very beautiful princesses in this house,” he smiled. He placed a little crown on her head. 

- She gave a tiny little smile. “Lift me !!” she ordered.

- “The shining knight Zen at your service, milady,” he laughed as he picked her up 

-He refused to put your little sister down for the whole day. Your lil sis had such radical fun,  getting a piggy back ride from Zen.

- Your parents loved Zen!! He was so sweet. He always was so well mannered and complimented them on little things.  

-At the end of the day, Zen ended up wanting to create a family like that with you. 

Bonus: Zen calls both your mums as ‘mum’ and ‘mama’, the way you call them. They love it. And they were so happy when zen first called them that


-You pure beautiful Jaehee was only second to Yoosung on the nervousness level when she first met your family 

- “But MC,” she dragged, “Is your family really ok with this? Me being a….. girl and all.”

- “Hush, my dear,” you kissed her on the nose, “I should be asking you if you’re ok with meeting my crazy family.”

- This reassured her a lot. But she was still nervous about making first impressions.

- Your family was a big one.

-I mean a reaaaaalllly big one. With cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

-So when you first got to the door, a flurry of kids surrounded you and Jaehee. 

- “OMG it’s MC!” 

- “IS that MC’s Girlfriend?”

-” MC AND JAEHEE, come play with us!!” 

-The kids were really noisy but Jaehee enjoyed the racket. The kids started introducing themselves and Jaehee was trying to memorize all of their names. 

-”Ok!! YOu twerps !! We’ll come back to you later!! We are going to meet the adults so LEAVE MY GIRLFRIEND ALONE,” you grabbed her hand pulled her out.

- “awwww MC you’re such a spoil sport.” You could hear all the groans and sighs. 

- Immediately after a group of adults surrounded you two. 

- “Is this the Jaehee??? “ your aunt literally screamed. 

- She pulled Jaehee closer, took a good and long look at her.

- “Tell me, Jaehee,” she said, “HOW THE HELL DO YOU PUT UP WITH A WHINY CHILD LIKE MC. We still don’t know.”

-All the others nodded in agreement. 

- “STOP embarrassing me in front of my Girlfriend,” you stomped your foot.

- All of Jaehee’s nervousness dissipated. And she laughed. “Oh no!” she said and looked at you, “It has always been the other way around.”

-You blushed so hard. What did you do to deserve her? 

- Everyone from the teenagers, to the kids , to the adults and the elders took their turns with Jaehee.

- They really loved her. And really couldn’t understand why such a sweet angel like her chose you. You really couldn’t understand that either   

-Although she was drained by the end of the day, she was really looking forward to the next trip.


-Jumin was always so curious about your family

- Whenever he asked about your family, you would brush him off saying that you would tell him when you were ready.

-He also never really got why you were working, when he was there to provide for you?

-Although he was really curious, he respected your wishes and never delved into that matter again.

- Then one day you decided it was time he met you family.

- You were actually from another town. You were from a really poor family, with your father dying when you were only 16 years old. Being the eldest, you had to help your mother raise your younger sister and brother. 

- Jumin now understood why you had to work.

- “But I can provide for your family, Mc,” he protested. 

- But you flat out refused cause you didn’t marry him for the money. 

-So you took the weekend off from work to visit your family with Jumin. 

- “Jumin, just don’t offer my mother any money,” you tell him, “We are doing very well now! And my mother would refuse cause she’s such a hard worker.”

- Jumin nodded. But you were not sure about what his stubborn ass was actually going to do.

-When you got home, you little sister and brother excitedly hugged you. 

- “MC!! YOU’RE HOME,” they shouted. 

- “Mc, look!! I got the first place in my class this year,” you little brother beamed. 

- Your sister got annoyed. “But MC! I got first place on both my tests and my relay,” you sister stuck her tongue out.

- Your brother was about to retaliate when you mother intervened, “Mc and her boyfriend traveled a long way, kids.Let them rest.”

-They went back sighing. You laughed and hugged your mum. 

- “And you must be Jumin,” your mum said breaking the hug. 

-Jumin was so fixated at your house. It was so small. But it really was so warm and wonderful. 

- “Yes mam. I’m Jumin Han,” he said as he took your mother’s hand, “Pleasure to meet you.”

- You and your mum burst into laughter. 

- “You really dont have to be so formal, Mr. Han~~,” you teased. 

- The kids tugged at Jumin’s trousers. 

-They were really curious about this royal looking stranger

-Jumin was really surprised by the kids. They were so well mannered, smart and hard working just like MC.

-He really loved them a lot. And they liked him too.

-And MC’s mother had so much dignity and integrity. He respected her deeply. And your mother loved Jumin for his honesty and manners. And she knew how much he loved and respected you. 

- And the food your mother cooked for him?? Never had he eaten anything so delicious his entire life.

- Just sitting around with your family and eating with them, made him realise that money really wasn’t everything 

-After that, he never did complain about you having to go to work. But he insisted on helping out a little.

- He always did send your family little extravagant gifts and souvenirs. And demanded a monthly visit to see you mum and the kids

-He took you guys on a lot of trips. And the kids really enjoyed their time with him.


-Given his past, Seven really wanted a to be a part of a family

- So when you wanted to introduce him to your parents, HE WAS SO EXCITED, OVERJOYED, ELATED *add any synonym of your choice*

-You were from a middle class family

-Nothing special really

-You were the only kid.

- “Ok 7,” you warn him, “No funny business at my home… My dad is really strict.”

- “You betcha,” he sticks his tongue out.

-You sigh…. This was bad……… Really bad

-So when you get home, your father growls, “And what is the name of this boy MC? What does he do?”

- “Dad, this is Se-.. I mean Saeyoung and hes a hac-.. I mean a computer programmer.”

- “Why hello~~ sir,” 7 sang and let out his hand for a handshake.

- You dad looked at him from his head to his toe and sighed. 

- “I’ll be at my room if you need me,” he frowned. 

- 7 looked a little upset. Your mum sensed this too. 

- “Oh don’t mind that grumpy old man, Saeyoung, my dear,” you mum chimed, “I really dont know how I put up with him for so many years.”

-You giggled and held 7′s hand.

- “Don;t take it to heart, hon,” you laughed, “He’s what I call a Tsundere dad.”

- “TSUNDERE DAD??” he screamed. WTH MC 

- “The more he likes a person, the ruder he is to them,” your mum explained.

- Saeyoung couldn’t stop laughing, “I’m starting to like your dad.”

-So 7 like usual, kept making his lousy jokes. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes while your mother laughed. 

-Your dad crept in. “OH, You all are making a lot of noise. KEEP IT DOWN,” he said as he sat across you guys with a newspaper.

-You all could not help but chuckle. Oh, the things your dad did just to spend time with you, without actually admitting it.

- “So saeyoung,” your dad started, “How much is it that you earn.”

- 7 sat up straight. “See Sir, it actually depends…..”

- “He earns a lot, dad,” you cut in, “Have you seen his car?” You showed him a picture of his car.

-You dad was impressed and interested but he wouldnt admit it. 

- “It’s a decent car,” he frowned

- The three of you were internally screaming. 

- All throughout the evening 7 made small talk with your dad. He followed him everywhere. Your dad actually showed him his precious stamp collection and LET HIM TOUCH IT.

- Saeyoung started called your mother as mum. AND YOUR MUM LOVED IT

- “Don;t call her that,” you father growled. 

- “But DAD~~~” 7 sang

- “DONT CALL ME THAT,” he shouted. But he was very happy, internally. Tsundere dad strikes again

-He really had taken a liking towards your dad.

- You dad called him annoying a lot but deep inside… lets face it! He loved Saeyoung a lot.

- When it was time to leave, your dad gave you a peck on you cheek as he said , “Saeyoung is good guy, mc. I like him.”

- You werent gonna tell saeyoung this but you had a feeling he already knew.  

- Saeyoung sometimes liked to visit your parents alone and spend time with them

ps…… If you;ve seen Saiki Kusuo then you’ll know about the tsundere grandpa…. that episode literally changed my life


- “V!” you proclaimed one day, “I want you to meet my family.”

- V was surprisingly very cool about this, “Ok mc” he said as he kissed you on the forehead.

-The only family you had left was your two brothers. They practically raised you. Everything they ever did was for you. You didn’t have one complaint in your life. One brother was a professional wrestler and the other worked for the government.

- The two of your brothers were dying to meet V. They planned on how they were going to freak MC’s boyfriend out cause they were both so muscular and buff. And not to mention tall. They were both wrestlers in high school and had so many medals, that you learnt how to count with them

-So anyways, they were really planning to freak your boyfriend out. 

-They wanted to make sure that your boyfriend was man enough. You were their precious baby sister after all. 

- Well, jokes on them…. V was blind. 

- There was no way V was gonna be intimidated my their looks.

- Their jaws fell to the floor when they saw V

- “Mc… is he….”

- “Yes, Im blind,” V interjected, “ But I can see a little with one eye”

- They regained their composure. But they still had to make sure that he would treat their precious little sister well

- “Well Jihyun,” you brother firmly held V’s shoulder, “If you ever do something to our sister then God help you.” 

-You were angered my your brothers’ rude behavior towards V. Before you could protest, V said calmly, “Sir, I wouldnt hurt a hair on her head. She is the love of my life.”

- Commence Jaw Drop

-You blushed hard….. as did your brothers. The line was delivered so cooly and calmly.

-”V~~” you hit his hand playfully.

- Your brothers laughed. 

- “I’ve been married for 5 years and never once have I said such a thing to my wife. We should learn a lot from you V”

- You brothers loved him. They were so boisterous and playful… so unlike V. They considered V as a part of their gang

-V loved it! He had so much fun with your brothers. All three of them got drunk in the end and you were left to take a drunken V home



- Your parents died when you were really young

-You were raised by your grandparents. 

-So when you asked Saeran if he wanted to meet your wonderful grandparents, saeran wasnt exactly excited. But he knew how much they meant to you so he decided to accompany you

-The minute you entered the house, there was the lovely smell of freshly baked goods.

-Your grandma and grandpa were so excited to see you.

-They were standing outside for nearly an hour just to see you.

-You were so happy to see them. Saeran saw immediately how your expression changed. Could you get any cuter? chandler voice

-You hugged them both and kissed them

-Your grandparents were equally excited to see saeran.

- They huddled around him.

- “MC told me that you really like ice cream, saeran,” your Grandma said, “So I made a lil cake to go along with it.”

- “Oh and dont forget about the sweater we got him dear,” your grandpa added.

- As you helped your grandma out in the kitchen, saeran and your grandpa took to talking

- You grandpa told him stories about the army. Saeran seemed very interested and excited.

-You could see them talking about random things under the sun

-He absolutely adored the food your grandma made and even wore the sweater they got for him

-He really enjoyed his time with your grandparents.

-He ended up wishing he could stay there more.

- When you went to sleep, your grandpa and saeran talked throughout the night.

-”Saeran…. in case something happens to me… the mc and her grandma…”

“Nothing will happen to you and if it does… I’m always here for them. MC means the world to me”

Several years ago now, I first posted asking for donations to take this girl to the vet, because she was doing the head-pressing thing. She had a real bad ear infection and a blockage in one ear that we spent about a year taking her to monthly visits for. The vet stressed that she also needed a dental procedure, but those start at like $300 (EDIT: vet says 800 now )and only get more expensive if there’s more stuff to do.

We simply have not had that money at all, and now it’s to the point where Queen (pictured above) can’t eat or drink very easily. We’re taking her to the vet tonight but I have no idea how we’re going to pay for it, especially since (as we all know) putting off a medical procedure always means shit gets worse.

If you can, please donate to my paypal queenofzan @ gmail

Snake Eyes | BTS Mafia AU (3)

Pairing: reader x jimin | Mafia/Gang AU

Genre: angst

Summary: You were assigned to protect, watch over, and defend him. Falling in love with him was just an inevitable side effect.

A/N: The first part is what happened that made the reader so upset with Jungkook. Originally, I was going to leave it out as a ‘deleted scene’ but decided to keep it.

Word Count: 2,644

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] 

When Jungkook entered your room, he was startled to see you sitting on the edge of your bed rather than cuddled up into a fetal position as you usually were with your monthly visits. The tea Mrs.Kwon had brought up was left untouched. Something was off.


You didn’t bother to look up. By the sound of his steps, you already knew it was Jungkook coming into your room. His steps were brisk and heavier than the others.

Your attention was fixed on something—something that you were rolling between your hands. As he approached you, he saw that they were dice. Jin’s dice. Jin had placed the black and red cubes on your bedside table the night he left.

Jungkook sighed as he sat beside you. “So this is why you seemed so upset and here I thought, it was because of your cramps. I even brought you chocolate.”

Your ears perked up and you finally looked at Jungkook. “Chocolate, you say?”

Jungkook rolled his eyes at you as he pulled out your favorite bar of chocolate from his jacket’s pocket. You took it, sending him a smile to show your appreciation. The smile was short lived and as much as you loved chocolate, you couldn’t bring yourself to eat anything at the moment. You set it aside, clutching the dice in your hand so tight that your knuckles paled and nails pierced through your skin.

“What’s wrong?”

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anonymous asked:

America, Italy, Belgium, Spain, and Prussia taking care of an S/O that's on their period headcanons? Like maybe they have cramps or they're bloating or have cravings or are having mood swings

Ah yes, when the uterus ninjas come for their monthly visit.


  • At first, he is slightly scarred. He knows that hormones are jumping around and they’re in pain, his one fear is being attacked by a pillow.
  • First thing he will do is head to the shop to get the right stuff. Never will he forget to buy the winged one again!
  • Tummy massages happen quite a bit, if his S/o asks of course. He tries his best to help them with the pain.
  • He’s done his research and has heat-pads, pills and comfort food on hand. His S/o is going to be in the lap of luxury the whole time!
  • Emotions are going to be the death of him, He can’t stand watching his S/o cry, then yell, then AAAAAAAHHHH WHAT IS GOING ON?!
  • If he can…he might…avoid them a bit… He doesn’t want to do anything to upset them so unless beckoned he will leave them be.


  • Cuddles! Only if his S/o want to though, he doesn’t want to hurt them. But, if they’re up for it huggles and kisses are available 24/7~
  • He will only the best chocolates he can find for his S/o! None of this cheap rubbish, he’ll go to that gourmet shop he knows!
  • As for the bloating and abdominal pains, massages and blankets are on hand! He is great with his hands after all~
  • He has a slight EXTREME fear of his S/o’s mood swings, as much as he loves them it confuses and scares him sometimes.
  • Cravings will be the death of him. The…interesting mix of foods make him mentally scream, please don’t drink the spaghetti and onions together.
  • Staying close to his S/o is the tactic he uses, he doesn’t want to suffer alone, even if they’re scary!


  • So, you’re asking me how the queen of sweet tasty treats and a darling woman would treat her precious S/o? Well I have news for you.
  • Snuggles and cuddles are a definite! She’s got her S/o’cycle down to a T and knows exactly what to do to help with her S/o~
  • I mean, Belgium chocolate is great. She knows it and so does her S/o, so chocolate kisseys and cake are on hand!
  • She knows exactly where to massage and focus comforting on her S/o, It’s almost like she feels them herself!
  • Somehow she has this magical sense that allows her to know what mood her S/o is in. It’s scary how she has tissues THE SECOND they cry!
  • Already lifesaver when it’s that time of the month, she’s ready for anything and everything! Plus it’s all done out of love~


  • oh honey, he is one of the best people to be around during that time of the month. His S/o is in bliss most of this time!
  • Massages from him are like a million tiny angels with kitten paws for hands, massaging his S/o’s abdomen. 
  • If his S/o wants to take a nap, he will either join them or leave them be! Naps midday during bloody Tuesday are the best!
  • Just saying, The Spanish desserts he makes are amazing and are definitely comfort food worthy.
  • He will suck up his pride and buy tampons/pads for his S/o. Hell, he’d do that on a casual shopping trip out. (what a lad)
  • But lets not forget, this is Spain we’re talking about. He’s going to give them butterfly kisses on their neck the entire time!


  • Another brave soul to venture into the shops to get pads/tampons and don’t worry, he got the winged ones.
  • The dork will leave little notes around the house about where the meds and food stash are, he’s prepared for any questions~
  • To him, the hell week is like a challenge to test his love for his S/o. He will make the effort to give them extra love!
  • Sleep wise, he’ll sleep on the sofa and do the washing the next day. Gotta keep the house clean right?
  • Kisses are short and sweet, also usually on the tummy. He’ll kiss away the pain like a true awesome night. 
missing au part 3

haha i had this ready yesterday but had no idea how to end part 3 so iDKK UUH haha 

anyway (tw for death mentions and a somewhat violent stabbing but its not in detail so idk)

- lance is like not oKAY and he’s trapped in that room all day and he’s been hearing voices in the hallway outside the door, he think’s he’s going to be executed or something but thankfully no

- a mysterious galra (THE ONE FROM THE WEBLUM) unlocks his door and silently leads him to an escape pod !!11!! he’s eternally thankful

- he crashlands on a desert planet and it’s fvckkin hot there

- he finds a city of different aliens and he’s stared at, (i mean he looks pretty beat up) until someone takes pity on him and takes him to her house

- she offers a bath and she makes him soup while he gets dressed (he gets like capri khaki pants and a black tank top, and a crappilly sewn sweater made of ace bandage like material, although it’s so hot he rarely needs it)

- they talk while lance eats and she patches him up. once lance decides this woman is pretty trustworthy he tells her only a little about the galra

- she tells him lots of people in the city are prison escapees from the galra or even galra refugees, and that his fake eye might be a camera as well, he’d better find a doctor to take it out and replace it or something

- she lets him stay with her while he tries to fix the pod (he’s no hunk or pig so it’s taking him a while) (her name is Binne)

- lance likes to play with her children, they remind him of his siblings back on earth, but because his time in the Black Room his perceptions of his friends and family are still warped (he’s still trying to get back to his friends, because he knows something is wrong with him and his friends do care for him and can fix it, even though he’s constantly telling himself that he could just live on this planet forever and his friends hate him)

- he freaks when he sees a galra solider on the streets (they patrol the city, the escapees and refugees hide during their monthly visit) and he think’s they’re here because his camera eye gave away the city

- he takes a nail and jams it into the glass eye, and it cracks, the eye is broken and now he can’t see out of his left eye

- he goes back to the binne’s house and she’s fussing over him because hiS LEFT EYE IS UM WHITE, CRACKED, AND BLEEDING??? 

- she patches him up and they put gauze over his eye, and he feels bad and then she tells him the galra soldiers always come every month so it wasn’t him who made them come

- he’s relieved, and Binne suggests he gets a job and uses the money to buy ship parts rather than get sunburns everyday while searching for scrap parts in the junkyard

- he works in the market, cleaning spare parts for a grumpy eight armed alien slug, he gets money and any parts that no one buys at the end of the week

- so lance has extra money from his job and he goes to buy some weapons to start training, because if he wants to be a paladin again he’s got to get that fighting skill back

- the only weapon they have is a spear, he wants to be the sharp shooter, but how can he if thERES NO GUNS

- he practices with the spear on a hanging bag of rice (it’s wrapped in cloth but it still rips and he has to sweep it up haha) and is picking it up quickly from his time in the gladiator fights

- one day his ship turns on and now he just needs to figure out how to turn on the radio system and find the castle’s radio

- and then he finds out some shit (also he wears an eyepatch because yes)