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Rose Weasley Headcanons

- She wanted to be Gryffindor and asked the sorting hat to put her there. She wanted to make her parents proud.
-Rose was a daddy’s girl
- She went by Rosie till her fourth year, as she wanted to seem more mature
-She went to Hermione’s work all time growing up.
-She’s veeeeeery protective of her brother Hugo. Almost embarrassingly.
-Don’t let her nerdy exterior fool you, she’s adventurous. She puts on monthly Scavenger Hunts around the castle for her family and friends.
-HARDCORE feminist. Like unbelievably passionate.
-She never really played Quidditch as she rather be in the library reading.
-She had a school girl crush on Scorpius Malfoy for four years.
-She has always been a sweet girl, unless you mess with her brother or cousins, then well be wary because she has a punch like her mother.
-Rose Weasley surrounded herself with all people of all years and houses. She was very popular all around the school.