monthly activity update

Devotions for the first day of the month

For those Hellenics following a more modern calendar, the first day of the month is an appropriate day to make offerings to Selene, Apollon Noumenios, Zeus Herkios and Ktesios, Hestia, and the other Theoi of the Household.

Today is a day of new beginnings; as such, it is appropriate to participate in the following activities:

•Planning out the next month’s religious and secular celebrations
•Renewing offerings made to the Theoi
•Renewing contracts made with the Theoi and the people in your life
•Starting a new project or monthly activity
•Updating personal and business information and obligations
•Holding a family dinner and discussing plans and activities that impact the family as a whole

All in all, the first of the month should be used as a day of planning and beginnings, just as the last of the month should be used for closure. Use your time wisely, and honor the Gods in all that you do.

Have a happy month!