isn’t it cool and fun how…. we’re all friends. because of taylor. like she created this community on tumblr without even knowing it. i love that she has brought so many different people in my life, some that i talk to just on here, some on other social medias, some i’ve met in real life even though we live thousands of miles away from each other, some of my best friends that i will keep for my whole life i met on here all because of taylor and …… IT’S JUST SO COOL THAT WE ARE ALL IN EACH OTHER’S LIVES BECAUSE OF ONE THING (TAYLOR) AND WHETHER IT’S BEEN A MONTH OR 5 YEARS WE ARE FRIENDS BECAUSE OF HER AND THAT’S SO COOL!!!!!


heres an animation meme i worked really hard on it! :D

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So I've noticed that you seem to be short on money. Have you tried things like ibotta? It's an app that gives you money back when you buy groceries and things. It wouldn't be much but maybe you could get some money back to use on other things.

I have a few apps I’ve been trying out, but I’ll check ibotta out! Any kind of help is very needed at this point.

It’s frustrating because the issue is not budgeting but lack of income. The husband has not received a paycheck since May. We typically have a summer-span of time without pay for either of us (academia yay), but then he lost his job in August. So we’re going on 5 months on half the money we need. Went through the savings that was set aside for the summer, and now the credit cards are supplementing but not for much longer.

The good news is that we just found out about a few refund checks for various things that are going to help substantially for the next month or so. And hopefully he can nail down a job soon. There are lots of applications out.


This girl is always moving so this is the best i could do.
10 months old!!!
+7 teeth.
+Still wearing 18 months and size 5 diapers. But i think she could go back to 12 months with her slimming down.
+Crawling everywhereeeee.
+Crusing furniture and will stand unassisted for a few seconds.
+10 months of breastfeeding!
+If she sees a dog she will squeal and yell dog.

10 whole months of being your momma. What a blessing you have been. I promise i cherish every day with you, even the bad ones. You’re my whole world and i can’t believe how much you’ve grown. 2 short months until your birthday. I told you to stay little but you don’t listen.

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I really love how you write and all your hc //' ^'//) <3 you're awesome~ Aand I don't know if requests are still open, buuuut what about Omega McCree getting his heat triggered on a mission? Also, how his alpha (or future alpha if he isn't mated yet) will react?

this is the oldest ask I have, it got pushed down by all the others, I’m so sorry its taken so long to get to it but better late than never never right?

-He took all his suppressants, there’s no way he’s starting his heat!

-No, he’s probably running a small fever.

-At least that’s what he was hoping

-The way the alphas kept their distance, and how the betas stayed close to him broke whatever hope he had that it wasn’t his heat.

-Betas are fucking awesome to have in the field.

-Grouping around an alpha or omega can help calm them down and helps smoother their scent.

-He wasn’t sure how they missed the bomb but when it went off about 5 others did.

-By some un-fucking-believable luck, some grace from god, no one died.

-They were hurt, but not dead.

-But everyone was scattered.

-McCree was ambushed by the enemy, they overpowered him, tossed him in the back of their truck, and broke his com.

-All he needed to do was come to and break free, shoot to kill, and run.

-McCree ran through the jungle like a mad man, trying desperately to get into range with someone else, or find something to replace whatever broke in his com.

-He’d been separated for a few days and his heat had set in.

-He was forced to set up a temporary shelter.

-Find whatever he could eat that would last.

-And be near a freshwater source, but not too near.

-He used whatever he could find to help stop his scent from going down wind.

-Ended up being stuck in a little makeshift hut.

-He was in the middle of fingering himself when something rustled the leaves just outside of the hut.

-Honestly he was still touching himself when he grabbed Peacekeeper with his free hand.

-He could kill them and move the body later.

-First he needed to focus hard enough to see who it was.


-Oh shit, it was you.

-McCree never said anything, but he’d been crushing on you hard for the last year or so.

-Every time his heat hit, you were all he could think about.

-Now here the both of you are, alone, in a jungle, while he was in his heat.

-He knew better then to fuck someone while on a mission.

-But rules were meant to be broken

-He hadn’t pissed Gabe or Morrison off in awhile.

-And he got to fuck you.

-All you need to do is say yes ;)

When I was 19 I studied abroad as part of an upperclassmen education+internship exchange (I was the youngest person in my cohort. It doesn’t matter why). Apparently while I was there I did an exceptional job in my area because the research team I worked with had a reputation in the program for VERY exacting standards and blunt feedback on their interns. 5 months later when it was time to come home, the team gave me and my co-intern thank you/going away presents (which was apparently also vanishingly rare) and I got a kiss on the cheek from Ellie, the only other (non-student intern) woman on the team. Mine was a UCL track jacket, a sort of oddball but very sweet token.

At the time I knew next to nothing about athletic wear or about fashion in general and while I was a little perplexed by the zipper on the left side, I figured it was just a different convention for a style I was mostly in the dark about. Or, like, a European thing. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally applied the factoid “men’s and women’s zippers tend to be on opposite sides” to my own life and arrived at the conclusion “…oh”.

Hahaha embarrassing, right?

Anyway, it’s a cool October morning today and I needed to throw on something quick to take the puppy out before breakfast, and grabbed that track jacket.

It looks pretty good on me.

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About 6 years ago, I had my period for 3 months. Went to the Dr, thank you school insurance, and got on birth control which regulated it. Then I couldnt' afford it, so BC went away. Got on insurance a year and a half ago, and realized I hadn't had a period in at least 5 months. Went to the dr again - diff. doc - found out, oh, uh, I have PCOS. So my period fluctuates now, and I'm like " oh well. Okay."

“being a girl isn’t that hard”

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I’m 17, gay and totally in love with my girlfriend who’s 18. We’ve only been dating for about 5 months. Is it too early to start telling myself that I think this is the girl for me? Like sometimes I’ll just think “ damn I wanna marry her”

No you feel what you feel

In the last 5 months I’ve had my drink spiked to the point I woke up on the beach at 3.20am without certain clothes on I know I had on at the beginning on the night, had my passport and money stolen and just left there. Had tests and all the medication to take under the sun. I’ve lost so much weight I’ve cried so much over it. Had my relationship end and breakdown because of my mental health, I’ve lost friends along the way. And to top it off had my face smashed because I said no to giving a cigarette away. I can’t cope thinking about it all again.

But I’m getting over all of that. Im trying, god I’m trying. And id like to take some time to say thank you to everyone that’s been there for me over it. You’re fab.

A special thank you to @moan–ing and @robmc1234 for being the best people I can have around me right now. You’re wonderful and I love you both dearly.

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Hello, I'm looking for advice. I'm a ENFP and my ENFJ best friend is probably in a Ti grip. She's usually very kind and social but she's drifting away from all her friends and doesn't care about texting them back. She speaks very coldly and avoids when asked about her feelings. The reason may be because she broke up with her boyfriend like 5 months ago, so maybe this is normal. But she normally talks about these things with her friends. I'm actually worried for her, what can I do to help her?

Ti grip means that an Fe dom has lost faith in people/society (blame) and/or they have lost faith in themselves because relationship “failures” strike at their core competency (low self-esteem). Ti grip involves being stuck on a specific problem that seems to them to have no solution and their emotions get sucked down the rabbit hole of overanalyzing what or how things went wrong (leading to low energy and lack of passion). They tend to fall into Ti grip if they cannot acknowledge their true feelings, so they intellectualize instead. You could try to pinpoint exactly what problem she can’t figure out, then help guide her towards a solution or an answer that would lift the cloud of negativity. Getting her to express her thoughts and feelings would be ideal, but, if feelings are off-limits, expressing only the thoughts could still do some good if only to give you a better understanding of what’s going on. Always approach her with the attitude of friendly care and concern, then she’ll be more willing to open up. Don’t make it seem that she is “wrong” or that there is something “wrong” with her behavior as it may exacerbate defensiveness or any self-esteem issues. Perhaps she needs time to work it out on her own but five months is a long time. ENFJs can rebuild optimism and confidence when they feel competent in helping others or making a positive contribution to society. If you believe it is time to draw her back out, perhaps you could do some altruistic activity and invite her to join you, such as volunteering, charity or community work, activism, etc. If you can share that activity with her, as in you are responsible for planning and guiding her along without placing undue demand on her low emotional resources, she might agree to tag along. She needs to reconnect with people and helping is a very good way to do it.

My mom hasn’t spoken to me in 5 months. Why? Haven’t a clue. The last time she said anything to me was texting me “happy birthday” and that was it.

Sorry but I’m not playing these games. She’s the mom so she should start fucking acting like it.

I just know when I eventually become a mother, I will never treat my child(ren) the way she has always treated me.



I mean yeah baby girl woke up at 5:45 and I was bleary-eyed, focusing on just putting one foot in front of the other as I pushed her round in the stroller at half past six in the morning while my knees felt weak and as if they could give way at any moment,

But other than that! She went down easy for naps, she didn’t scream or cry at the end of naps, she would lie there happily and give off occasional squeals to let me know she’s awake.

We managed to pop down to the supermarket to get a few things without any tears AND she was all smiles to the people who would stop and say hello to her.

She was so cooperative during the weekly skype chat with the in-laws. She was so chatty and smiley!

We actually had 3 outings today, maybe that’s why she was so ready for bed and fell asleep so easily. The Husband and I had a nice hot dinner and we talked! We had a good old sit down meal with conversation!


Also, I’ve switched from decaf and I allow myself one cup of regular coffee each morning and its life changing. I have so much more energy, I’m alert, and it just makes everything easier as a result. ☕️😻

url change!

I’ve had this url for like… 5 months now and I kept meaning to change it and today I finally did it! thanks to @jynserso for gifting it to me ages back!!