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you know how dean would say silly prayers to cas, his first night in purgatory he was probably like "cas, who art running around with out me, check in buddy" 5 months later.. "for some reason maybe you can't get to me. anyways, good thing i have a knife, no peach fuzz for me. cas?" and then.. "its been almost a year and i haven't seen your face. kind of miss it to be honest. i lov- i miss you, ..buddy"

So much yes.

4-5 months ago, pettypanda approached me and asked me to help him get into a shitty online browser game about boat girls.
later  i would find out that we were basically the same person almost and forged a bond that (i hope) cannot be broken.

on april 23rd, that online game turned 2 years old. and. all  i could think about was how i was able to meet someone so cool from a shitty weeaboo(the bad kind)-infested place.

sentimental shit. you can probably fill in the rest. im bad at talking about this stuff.

Yesung to Make a Comeback Through Super Junior-K.R.Y. Following Discharge

It has been announced that Super Junior’s Yesung will be making a comeback through sub-unit Super Junior-K.R.Y.’s upcoming tour in Japan after completing his military service.

On April 24, a representative of SM Entertainment revealed to TV Report, “Super Junior member Yesung will be participating in the Japanese tour that will be opening up this coming June – July, following his discharge from the military. There have not been any plans yet for an album release.”

Yesung enlisted in the army on May 6, 2013 and has been serving as a public service officer. He is expected to return to civilian life next month on May 5.

Meanwhile, his fellow group members Shindong and Sungmin began their military service last month.

Are you excited to hear about Yesung’s comeback to the stage?

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“It doesn’t matter who’s faster or stronger than you. All that matters is You Are better than the previous you.” LEFT: March 8, 2014 >>> RIGHT: April 12, 2015 This may not seem like a dramatic change, but I look at how much my body has evolved in just a year and I’m amazed. The “before” photo was about 3.5 months before I even started train to compete in my first show. While my I’m happy with my progress, I never want to get comfortable with where I am at. ~ Sh'Nere Deas

It’s the #bigday 👉 #1yearprogress pics! Words cannot describe how happy I am to finally be able to put these pictures side by side and see that all of my hard work has paid off. My one year #lifting anniversary is coming up, and the picture on the left is the reason I started. I woke up, took that picture, and realized I hated what I saw. I’ve worked hard and lifted heavy every single day since trying to give myself the body I’ve always wanted, and it’s working 🙏 I have never been more #proud of myself, and taking #progress pictures and looking back at where I was is the biggest #motivation for me. This is why I #selfie every single day 😂 Ps - the before pic is 5 months of “training”, aka 2 hours of cardio a day. The after pic is little to no cardio, and all heavy ass weight. Don’t be scared of the weights ladies 💪 #beforeandafter #flexfriday #transformation


Two dog obedience! :)  This video amuses me as Natsu (5 ½ months old) shows up his big brother Dakota (5 ½ years old) several times.

Hey guys, I’m Ayden. I am 1 year and 5 months on testosterone. I have been saving but I need a little assistance, if you wouldn’t mind taking a look at my gofundme. Even if you cannot donate it really means a lot to me just to be passed around. I plan on going to Dr. Alan Dulin in Plano, TX next summer. I’ve been working my ass off saving and with the help of the donations next summer will be looking good. Thank you❤️

He surprises you- L.h

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As you sat at your desk, finishing papers for your college classes, you where talking to your best friend, and boyfriend, Luke. “So how’s it been going babe?” Luke asked over the phone.

“Kind of good, kind of bad.” You sighed. “Why what’s wrong?” “It’s just-, the teachers give so much homework that you do more homework than in-class work. Also, I really really miss you and your hugs and cuddles. And kisses. And smile. And everything.” 

“Aw, baby. I’m sorry. But, I promise we will be together soon.” “Yeah, in about 5 months, Luke. That’s too long.” “Trust me, it will fly by fast.” “Whatever you say.” 

You then heard yelling in the background, and Luke sigh. “I-” “Have to go. Got it. Have a great show, babe.” “I’m sorry. I love you.” “I love you too, Luke.” He then hung up, and you sighed, finishing up the work.

*1 week later*

You sat at on your bed, reading a book that you had to read for english, and listening to music, when your phone started ringing. You picked it up, seeing it was Luke, and answered it.

“Hello?” “Hey, beautiful.” Your heart swelled at how he sounded, as you could practically hear a smile on his face. “Hey.” “So how’s college doing for you? Getting to be my super smart girlfriend?” 

You chuckled, closing the book with a book marker, and throwing it to the side. “Yeah. Tonight all I had to do was read, which is super easy.” “Awesome. Hey, um, didn’t you say you had to meet Y/f/n tonight for dinner?” “Um, no. That’s tomorrow night. Why?”

“Cause she texted me asking where you were.” “Really? Damn it, she must’ve mixed up the dates. Did she say where she was?” “She said she was waiting for you in the parking lot.” “Okay, um, can I call you back later?” “Of course. I love you.” “I love you too.” Yo then hung up, slipped on your converse, seeing as you where already dressed, and ran out the door.

You ran out to the front of the school, into the parking lot. You looked around, looking for Y/f/n, but couldn’t find her. All of a sudden, you felt a tap on your shoulder. You had thought it was Y/f/n, so you started rambling, “Y/f/n, you mixed up the dates. It was supposed to be to- oh my god! Luke?” 

He smiled down at you, rapping his arms around you, and lifting you up in a hug. “Oh my god, I misses you so fucking much.” He mumbled into your neck. “How did you..? Why?” You asked, not being able to wrap your head around him being right in front of you for the first time on about 6 months.

“Last week, when you told me that you missed me, I couldn’t take it. So, I planned with my manager to have off for a week to spend with you.” He smiled, intwinning your fingers. 

“T-that’s amazing, oh my god. I just- I can’t wrap my head around this.” You said, a big smile on your face. “Does this show how much I love you?” “Of course. I love you so so so much, Luke.” “I love you too, princess.” 



Oh! In somewhat exciting news, there was some kind of mix-up when I submitted my income verification papers last January. I don’t know what happened. Anyway, I’ve been overpaying my rent by $5 every month.

I’m really confused about how it’s calculated, especially now that I have lived in two subsidized places. My rent is supposed to be 30% of my income, and I have been getting tiny cost-of-living increases each year. They don’t seem to adjust my rent unless I move, though.

What Hormones? (Stand-Alone)

What Hormones? (Stand-Alone)


Y/Ns Perspective

Hearing the garage door close I kept busy in the kitchen, shifting to flip the burger patties, I accidently bumped my now reasonable sized bump on the bench. Sighing I gave it a rub. My normally trim frame, had a massive growth spurt in the past week or so. I was now 5 months pregnant with Dean’s baby. But looked more like 12 months on my small frame.
‘Hey Y/N, What’s for din.. oh Burger’s….again.’ Sam sighed. I glared at him. ‘You know I could help you make a salad.’
‘Salad?’ I questioned, angry and upset that the only Uncle of my baby and best friend had forgotten the fact that I couldn’t stomach anything healthy in my current position. Sam looked guilty, Dean walked in at that moment.
‘Hey baby, how you feeling?’ I shot him a murderous look. He stepped back, hands in the air.
‘You know what you can do with your salad Sam?’ I sneered
‘I was just saying it might make you feel better. All these burgers and pies can’t be good for you or squirt.’ I lost it at that moment.
‘You don’t like what I cook you can get your arse in the damn kitchen and cook your own friggen meal.’ I snapped
‘Sorry, I just..’ he tried to apologise
‘Don’t sorry me, Sam Winchester. If you want a salad make your own rabbit food. I swear to God you eat it within three rooms of me and I’ll jam it so far down your throat…’ I threatened.
‘Good God Sammy, don’t anger it?’ Dean whispered, Sam just sat there staring at me.
‘Don’t go blaming him Dean this is your fault. 100% without a doubt your fault. You got all of us in this situation.’
‘If I recall we both got us in this situation. And it was a pretty sweet getting in to.’ He smirked, pleasure washing over his face. I threw a bread roll at him.
‘No this is soley on you. Men can choose when and where they finish off, thus resulting in pregnancy. Women on the other hand have no damn say as to when we ovulate. So ergo your damn FAULT.’  I yelled, I turned my back to them to check the burger patties. I took a breath and felt a bit better. I turned around, smiling at the boys.
‘Did you want chips with your burgers?’ I asked. The boys looked at me stunned. ‘Oh and do you want your pie warmed? With cream or ice cream?’ I watched their jaws drop.

‘So, baby…,’ Dean said cautiously, ‘How’s the pregnancy hormones going? Any mood swings?’ I looked at him surprised by the question.
‘No actually it’s not been too bad, I thought it would be much worse.’ I smiled
‘Riiighhhttt’ Sam said, confused by my statement.
‘Why’s that?’ I asked, I watched Sam shove Dean forward towards me.
‘It’s just you seem a bit upset lately.’ He said, rubbing my belly, smiling at my growing bump.
‘Why would I be upset?’ I asked confused
‘I don’t know, maybe it’s harder to cope with than we first thought.’ Dean responded. I looked at Sam he was nervously looking at his feet, Dean was concentrating on my belly.
‘Why wouldn’t I cope? Just because I can’t stop vomiting, and then I get hungry and then vomit again. I can’t eat any of my normal food. My favourite foods make me sick thinking about them. I am so tired I can fall asleep standing up. I almost don’t fit in the damn bath and I’m only half way through this damn pregnancy,‘ my voice was rising and getting more distraught with each realisation, ‘My clothes don’t fit, soon even your clothes won’t fit, I’m a friggen whale. ‘ I burst into tears ‘And to top it all I want is a tin of MILO and your God damn country doesn’t stock it.’ I ran from the room hysterical.


Dean’s Perspective

I watched at my girlfriend ran from the room crying. Pregnancy hormones were a bitch, worse than any monster I have ever faced. Only problem is I can’t kill this one.
‘You angered it.’ Sam said
‘Shut up Sammy.’ I sighed, ‘I should go check on her.’
‘Want me to finish cooking your burger?’ I looked at the dinner prep Y/N had done.
‘You know what, I am at the point I can’t handle anymore burgers. I never thought I would say that.’ I laughed.
‘There is some good news Dean.’ Sam said, I sighed and picked up the bun Y/N had thrown at me.
‘What’s that?’
‘At least we know it’s your kid.’ I shot him a dirty look, before laughing. Poor Y/N was craving all my favourite foods.
‘Don’t let her hear you say that.’ I looked out the kitchen door, not know what to do.
‘You know the best part?’ Sam said
‘What?’ I grumbled
‘I can leave, get dinner out, sleep in a motel.’ He sniggered ‘You’re the baby Daddy. You have to stay and be supportive.’
‘Shut up Sammy.’ I growled. ‘Where the hell do I get MILO?’ I asked Sam ‘What is MILO?’ Sam shook his head, he pulled his phone out and googled it.
‘A Malted Chocolate energy drink. It’s an Aussie thing.’ He explained, I sighed
‘How the hell do I get that?’
‘You could get her a plane ticket?’ I glared at him ‘Just saying. Cas?’ Good Idea, I prayed.
‘Cas? You there? We need you. Really, really need you.’ I waited. Nothing
‘Buddy?’ zilch nothing.
‘Gabriel?’ Sam suggested, we tried him and Balthazar no response from the Angel trio. I sighed and went to try and talk to my pregnant emotional girlfriend. I could hear her sobbing from the hallway.

I got desperate, I walked back into the kitchen, I looked at Sam.
‘That bad?’ he asked, I nodded. ‘You’re thinking of selling your soul for a tin of MILO.’ I groaned.
‘Well I can’t sell hers, that baby took that already.’ I grumbled. Sam laughed. I dialled Crowley’s number.
‘No.’ was the response he gave before I even got the question out.
‘No I am not helping that she devil with her emotional crap.’
‘Damn it Crowley, I’m desperate.’
‘I know it’s rather amusing. There are three angels hiding out so they don’t have to be near her in case she explodes, again.’ My jaw set in place, I was pissed. I hung up and called Cas again.
‘Get your feathery butt here NOW!’ I demanded. A few seconds later, he appeared.
‘Where were you?’ I growled
‘I am sorry Dean. It’s just well she is scary.’
‘And the other two?’
‘Hiding.’ Sam laughed.
‘I know how to rid the world of monsters Dean. We will let your pregnant girlfriend loose into the world.’
‘Shut up Sammy.’


Y/N Perspective

I walked back into the kitchen to apologise to the boys about my emotional outburst. I heard Dean given Cas instructions on going to Australia and getting me MILO. I ran into the kitchen crying happily.

‘You’re going to get me MILO?’ I asked Cas between sobs, he nodded. I hugged him so hard, I thought he might snap. ‘I’ll love you forever and owe you big time.’
‘It’s ok Y/N I will try and find it.’
‘Hey Cas. If I give the names of some other Aussie stuff can you bring them back to?’ I threw him a huge smile. He nodded, not sure of what to make of the situation. I wrote out my list MILO, Fruchocs, Farmers Union Iced Coffee and Wagon wheels.
‘Why you do want a wheel for a cart?’ Cas asked
‘It’s a chocolate bar. It has biscuit, jam and marshmallow inside it.’ I explained. Cas nodded and disappeared.
‘Thank you,’ I said to Dean ‘I love you.’ He grinned, kissing me.
‘I love you too.’
‘I want to apologise if I have been moody lately. I don’t mean to.’ The boys nodded. ‘Have I been moody?’ I asked, they remained quiet. ‘Oh, God. I have.’ Tears formed in my eyes.
‘No, no you haven’t baby.’ Dean said
‘Not at all.’ Sam agreed.
‘Good, I’m glad. I really would hate to be one of those moody crazy ladies.’ I laughed. ‘Wanna watch a movie?’ The boys nodded and looked at each other.

Three hours later I heard Dean mumbling about Cas not coming back. I was also growing concerned. It shouldn’t have taken him this long. He finely showed up with shopping bags full of the stuff I asked for.
‘Thank you Cas so much.’ I gave him a kiss and went to take the bags to put them away.
‘Yes Cas, thank you.’ Dean said, extremely grateful. He took the bags from Cas and carried them into the kitchen.
‘Did you have any trouble finding the items?’ I asked him.
‘A little, but that’s ok.’ I smiled
‘Thanks again.’ I put it all the cupboard and fridge.
‘I’m off to bed.’ I told them yawning.
‘Wait, what I thought you wanted MILO?’ Dean asked.
‘Meh, passing craving. I’m good now. Thanks anyway.’ The two men exchanged a look, neither looked happy. I had no idea why, maybe it was them being affected by the pregnancy hormones.