month of water

Audrey and I might be moving over to the Albany WA indefinitely around August to live with her family so we can both save up money because neither of us can find jobs here and we can both do courses we want through the Uni/Tafe there/no rent it’s a no brainer, practically. But I can’t help but but be so upset and emotional at leaving this weird little town where I’ve had some of the best and worst memories of my live all once. It’s so beautiful up here, I’ve never lived in place quite so strange and special and it makes feel like vomiting thinking of leaving. Goodbye, beautiful 50s house where first met and kissed Audrey. Goodbye Seasons Sushi where we eat Chicken Katsu every week. Goodbye adorble bustling little main street that feelings like a painting. Goodbye Leura park April 17th, 2016 when I first did pingas. Goodbye Blakeheath and goodbye snow! Goodbye Drivethrough bottle shop where I outdrank most truckstop drivers in my darker months. Goodbye little water retention pond where in October we did pingas and in January I overdosed on seroquel in a medical mask to hide my face in an attempt to kill myself. Goodbye rusty n rustic golden fiery Autmn leaves, Goodbye singingly cold winter weather, goodbye frostbitten trees. Goodbye possum that lives in the roof. Goodbye new home :(


[Part 2/3] Continuation of the Reiner x Geek!Connie au (x)

Still can’t believe that I actually did part 2 and it’s not even finished. Part 3 is still in a VERY slow process. Haha. ha. 


4/2/17 - so happy with february’s spread ^^ it’s water month so that means no fizzy drinks or sweet stuff just fruity water all the way!! also, porter robinson has been my jam lately, which explains the ‘worlds’ background ~ my typography needs a little work but apart from that i’m content with how it looks! felt like pairing this with a lovely shot of the sunset the other day!! perks of living literally a road away from the sea ~