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“Cause I’m better than him, just saying”


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-inspired by the song Just Saying

Y/n stayed in the studio watching the band practice, she loved spending the day with the boys hearing them rehears her favorite songs. Sometimes Michael would goof around letting y/n play his guitar knowing how horrible she is and sing ‘y/n sucks at guitar’ over and over. 

“Are you guys ready for tour?” she asked laying on the couch as just they finished playing ‘Waste the Night’

Michael set his guitar on the stand pushing y/n’s legs aside so he had room to sit. “Yeah of course! Its so fun you should tour with us.” Michael suggested.  

“I wish, I have to work and Noah would be pissed if I did.” Luke’s jaw clench hearing his name, just thinking about made him on edge. “Besides I dont think Arzaylea would want me there.” laughing awkwardly. 

Michael rolled his eyes looking at Luke, “Seriously man you invited her.” The boys just looked at him a bit pissed off. 


People started to dislike Arzaylea for multiple reasons and Luke understood why they would, he just couldnt admit to it. “She’s always in our personal space and she pretty much hates y/n.” Calum complained. “Im surprised she isnt with us right now.”

“She’s a real bitch.” Michael snared. Y/n was shocked hearing Michael say that, he never said anything rude about anyone. “I’m serious she’s always with us pretending to be ‘one of the guys’ and has to brag around to everyone. Oh and yeah-she hates y/n.” he reminded. 

“Why does she hate me! And I’m always with you guys, there’s no difference.” y/n auguring with Michael.  

“Y/n, we’ve known you since even before high school and you dont bitch about everything to everyone. And its because you always hang out with Luke” Ashton added. Luke’s stayed back quietly, his cheeks flaring in embarrassment and anger, they werent wrong about what they said.

“You guys told me to get a girlfriend.” Luke explained. 

“Yeah but not someone like her.” Calum scoffed tuning his bass. Luke didnt say anything knowing that they were right. Truth was Luke was only dating her so he could distract himself from not wanting to spill his feelings for y/n. Only thing she was here for was publicity and the fact that she was hot. 

The boys and y/n went around the city after rehearsals, having a good laugh while enjoying lunch together. Luke didnt talk much, feeling like he did something to piss everyone off. He looked down at his phone seeing that his girlfriend text him a dozen times but he ignored her. 

Everyone took a walk down the boardwalk enjoying the LA sunset. Michael and Calum were acting like idiots messing with each other and Ashton was there making sure they wouldnt be in trouble. Y/n and Luke beside each other, Luke hands were in his pocket, glancing down at his gold boots. 

“You okay Lukey?” y/n asked calling him by his nickname clinging onto Luke’s muscular arm. Having y/n close to him was nice, he loved having her near.  

“Just thinking.” he whispered. Y/n nodded her head knowing that it was probably serious. She stopped walking holding onto his wrist to stop. 

“You know if there’s anything you want to talk about I’m right here.” giving Luke a reassuring smile. He smiled at her, Luke wanted to say it. He wanted to admit everything to her right then and there but he didnt know how.

“I love you.” he breathed out. Y/n had a huge smile on her face hugging her 6′4 best friend tightly. “I love you too Luke.” his heart being stabbed deep knowing she meant it in a friendly way. 

Arzaylea was furious seeing that Luke was giving y/n all the attention and completely ignore her.

“What the fuck Luke!” Arzaylea yelled as soon as Luke stepped into his apartment. It was no surprise that she was mad about something, thinking a simple hello would be nice once in a while. 

“What is it.” he sighed taking his shoes off. 

“There’s pictures of you and that bitch together, why was she holding your arms and why didnt you answer my text”  holding out her phone to him seeing that, which was no surprise someone took pictures of them to hugging and y/n holding onto Luke’s arm. 

“First of all dont you dare call y/n a bitch, second were fucking friends how many times do I have to remind you, and third I was fucking busy Im not going to answer you every goddamn time you text me” raising his voice at her, his face flared red in anger and his chest rising up and down fast.

 She stopped talking for a couple seconds then yelled again, “I cant fucking believe you Luke.” 

He couldnt stay here anymore knowing that she wont leave his apartment. He slipped his boots back on heading for the door. Luke had to see y/n even if her boyfriend was home.

“Fine go have fun with that slut!” she screamed before Luke slammed the door but marched back inside going in her face looking dead at her eyes “Dont. call. y/n. a. slut.” 

Arzaylea was speechless seeing Luke like this, her eyes stayed wide looking at his blue eyes. He turned back around slamming the door behind him, leaving his own apartment. 

A/N: its been like a month since I wrote part three. My apologizes! 

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