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Hiya! Congratulations for the blog's six months. Asking for the requests thing. What about a small fic? Or if you're not in the mood for writing, then some headcanons! Like, something about Anakin's first period at the Temple? Or, um, that time when Anakin went on the mission near the dead star Stover mentions at the beginning of ROTS novelization? I mean, the one "even stars burn out". Just random ideas!

Hey! Thanks for sending a request :P

I’d love to write a fic but I haven’t written anything in like 15 years lol I can’t even imagine what would come out lol So I’ll stick to headcanons, okay?

bb!Anakin Headcanons:

When Shmi and Anakin belonged to Gardulla they were forced to share a sleeping mat. Sleeping close together was a habit they never truly grew out of, even when they were given extra space by Watto. Anakin spent his first night at the Jedi Temple was alone, crying on a fancy sleeping mat without his mother.

After the Battle of Naboo, when Obi-wan told him he needed to cut his hair and throw his old rags away, Anakin said “yes” because he didn’t know he could say “no”.

Anakin spent most of his “free time” alone in his room building droids.

He feels the droids are the only ones that really listen to him.

No padawan ever initiated a conversation with Anakin. He always initiated every conversation first. When he realized that, Anakin decided to wait and let someone approach him first. After two weeks of silence, he decided Obi-wan was the only friend he needed.

Anakin’s first lesson at the Temple was an introductory lecture with the younglings given by Yoda. Yoda decided the best subject for the day would be “The importance of being selected by the Jedi at an early age.”

When Anakin was little, so little his mother could easily carry him in her arms, they used to sit outside their small home to escape the oppressing heat trapped within its walls. At night, they felt closer to freedom. They could lie on their backs and dream of a future where lying on your back would not hurt. His mother would tell him: the sky is a map. Every star a wish, a dream, a hope. They would lie on their backs and sent all their love and dreams to stars where nothing could ever harm them. On the worst day of his life Obi-wan Kenobi told him: Anakin Skywalker… even stars burns out.


🌸 Tattoo artists!Jikook for anon 🐉

I’m trying to bore myself to sleep with details overload, it’s not working.

Anonymous said:

Can you do just Corvos mask?

Apparently I can’t do just Corvo’s mask :[ but I’m adding the ask anyway since it’s still the reason I made this drawing.


Midoriya Izuku ⟺ Bakugou Katsuki color scheme swap (insp.)

— dedicated to & suggested by Aaron (@yaboymidoriya)

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Now a question... If you could create the story of the real reveal episode of ml how would it be??? Love your art :D

So, I don’t really think the reveal would be like this, because I want something dramatic and action-y but I figured i’d give you something cute. 


Colour Palette Challenge 11/? >> Oikawa Tooru requested by @oikvw​ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


Michaela Pratt, a known badass [requested by anon]

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Moments when kaisoo are blatantly flirting with each other? 😘

ohohohohooh I like this anon ;——————-) 

Ok, so *cracks knuckles*

Ofc, Kolon sport bts vid!! One of my fave kd moments. 

The one that posted the vid said in the description, that ppl find it attractive when a younger guy changes the form of language (like from formal to informal, and back again). It’s a form of flirting in a way.

They’re so blatantly flirting, it’s like they left their shame at the dorm xD

I mean c’mon?? Nini is flirting with soo using a cookie as a prop! 

Playing footsie under the table hehe

I could put all the moments from asian idol awards here, cuz they were literally flirting with each other the entire day+night!!! 

Why you gotta bring attention to your lips, bite them and stuff, and then make those eyes at nini at the same time??? 

Lol this was both hilarious and weird, cuz they were almost being too obvious here xD 

Hehe JM :—–)

I’ve always considered this moment to be really flirty, look at Soo’s shy smile ;) 

More flirty kaisoo under the cut ;))

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