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Hello Everyone! I’m a little too paranoid to post selfies, so I’ll just introduce myself here! My name is Anna (she/her pronouns), though I sign my art under the handle NebulaStep. I use I am 21 and aroace! I got into Thomas Sanders at least a year ago thanks to one of my best friends. The Sanders Sides were one of the things that got me out of my creative rut, and I am so glad that I am part of this sweet community. 

In honor of the Community and Pride Month, I made pictures of each of the Pokemon!Sides with different messages, with different Pride Flag colors sprinkled in (the only exception is Haunter!Anxiety’s picture, which contains the colors Pink and Lavender, in reference to the pink triangle and the Lavender Menace. In case it is hard to read, he is scratching out the word REBEL).

I hope you guys have a great day, and a wonderful rest of Pride Month!

Logicality Oneshot- Coming To Terms

Logan’s P.O.V:

I sighed in defeat taking my glasses off to rub my temple in annoyance.

“This is just exasperating.” I groaned out flopping my head onto the kitchen table where I was sitting with a few text books scattered around me and an untouched bowl of Lucky Charms.

“Gee, Teach sounds like you need to take a breather!” A cheery voice chirped from across the table. I peeked one eye up from where my head was lying on the table and gave a small grunt in response. Morality looked up from the newspaper he was reading and offered me a friendly grin.

Gah! That stupid grin! I’ve said it before I hate dealing with feelings and emotions. I don’t want to feel them and I most certainly do not want to feel any sign of attraction! Oh what has Thomas called this silly thing? A crush? Right, that’s it. A crush. I- As disgusting as it maybe- have a very tiny small little smidgen of a crush on Patton… Okay maybe a big one… but that’s not the point. He makes me feel all fluttery inside, whenever he’s nearby I just feel happy for absolutely no reason! Ugh! Feelings… they are the bane of my existence…

“Logan you okay over there?” He asked giving me another grin as he caught my staring. I quickly buried my face back into my arm feeling it start to burn up and simply replied with a muffled “I’m fine.”

Suddenly I heard slight movement and the chair next to me was pulled out. I glanced up to see Patton moving to sit closer to me.

Wonderful. Absolutely marvelous. I sarcastically thought to myself.

“Logan?” He asked the concern clear in his voice.

I gave another sigh before forcing myself up with slightly reddened cheeks. I stared at him and pushed my glasses back up my nose with the back of my hand.

“Are you okay?” He repeated obviously noting my blushing face and flustered demeanor.

I shook my head no knowing he wouldn’t leave me alone if I kept lying to him. He looked me up and down before putting an arm on my shoulder. “Wanna talk about it?” He asked innocently.

“Blegh…” I muttered but he pressed on.

“Logan, if somethings wrong you need to tell me.”

“Nothing wrong Morality..”


“I’m fine.” I could feel my disgusting emotions bubbling inside of me and barfed mentally.

“Logan, it’s okay to have emotions. Why are you so afraid to accept them?”

“Why am I so afraid?!” The emotions finally bubbled out.

Patton was frozen and looking at me with  shocked expression but I wasn’t stopping now. Now that the emotions were out there was no putting them back in.

“I’m afraid because I’m scared I’m going to finally accept these emotions and somebody will laugh at me! I’m afraid that it will make people think I’m too emotional and not wise enough! I’m afraid you’ll find out how I feel about you and simply think it’s a joke.”

“I’m scared you’ll find out… that I love you… I’m scared that you love me to and we’ll try to act upon this… but I’ve never been in love before…. I don’t know how it works.. or if I’ll do it right…”

Patton’s eyes were blown and he just kept on watching and listening in shock and absolute silence.

“I’m scared that… we’ll fall in love and one day I’ll lose you or I might mess it all up.. or-” I was cut off by a tight hug and I sputtered in shock for a few seconds before reluctantly returning the gesture.

“Logan, I love you too… and for now.. let’s not worry about those other things.. we can worry about that later.. for now let’s just sit down and talk this out.” He said before pulling away from the hug.

I nodded and also pulled from the hug.

“Come on let’s go watch a Disney movie or something with the others.” He said grabbing my hand and trying to drag me off to the living room.

“Patton..” Before I knew what I was doing I pulled his hand back so he was facing towards me and brought his lips to mine. I don’t understand what I’m doing or why I’m doing it but I simply must do it more. I’ve never felt so wonderful before it was like all of the flutters came back but instead of pounding against my stomach it was just a nice little think where my heart is.

“Awhhh.” I heard someone say from the doorway. I immediately pulled from Patton and looked at the doorway to see no other than Virgil and Roman. Virgil leaned against the door frame and Roman peered from slightly behind his shoulder.

Virgil smirked as my face turned completely red. “I always knew there was something going on with you two.~” He said still holding onto his smirk.

“I mean with all of the well placed sighs, Logic’s new interest in romance novels, and the goo goo eyes.” Roman added also throwing in a smirk. Although his was more charming than the mischievous smirk of the darker persona.

“You’re one to talk about ‘goo goo eyes’ I’ve seen you stare at Virg all through out movie night for like the past three months.” Patton replied back to Roman with a teasing tone.

 Roman flushed a bright pink and Virgil blinked a few times trying to process this information and with a small blush of his own managed to wiggle away from the kitchen. Roman looked after him and the looked at us with a look that seemed to say “Look what you’ve done. You’ve scared him away.” then he quickly followed after the darker persona.

I looked back at Patton who was already staring at me. He smiled once he realized he held my attention once more. I put my forehead on his forehead and we just stared at each other for a bit before I finally spoke up in a hushed tone.

“What ever are we going to do with those two?”

“Mmm, forget about them teach..” Patton said growing closer to my face.

Before I could respond the feeling of lips against my own was forced upon me and I gladly gave in.

If this is what love is, I will gladly let other emotions out more often.

I decided I wanted to post some of my little oneshots from Wattpad on here. (I kinda just copied them from my story and pasted them here) A you want to check it out 


vulkanmag Shooting for 9 months of the year, Candice Patton (@candicekp) lives and breathes “The Flash,” and her character, Iris West. Luckily, the star took some time out of her busy schedule to talk to VULKAN about Iris’ defining moment, audition awkwardness, the first thing she does when filming wraps, and everything in between! 
PHOTOGRAPHER: @itshennadiy 
ARTIST: @elenamakeupartist 
STYLIST: @edson_doeshair 
STYLIST: @michaelstmichael

Prinxiety: Coming To Terms Part 2

So some of you might of seen that I put one of my logicality oneshots up and that there was minor Prinxiety in the end so this is a continuation of that requested by: @wentzdayz

Princes’s P.O.V:

I sighed as I walked down the hallway to the kitchen. I was planning on getting something to snack on so I could watch Mary Poppins. Maybe I can convince Virgil to watch it with me. I thought to myself as I turned the corner and saw the very object of my thoughts leaning on the kitchen doorway. I approached him and was about to ask what was going on but he put a finger to his mouth the gestured to inside the kitchen. I looked inside from behind him and forced myself not to grin.

“Patton..”  Logan grabbed Patton’s hand and pulled him back so they were facing each other. Suddenly Logan closed the distance between them and Virgil and I both looked surprised that Logan made that big of a move.

“Awhhh.” Virgil said aloud to grab their attention. They both jumped away from each other and looked over to the door. Virgil smirked and Logan’s face turned a brilliant shade of red. “I always knew there was something going on with you two.~” Virgil said still holding onto his smirk.

“I mean with all of the well placed sighs, Logic’s new interest in romance novels, and the goo goo eyes.” I added throwing in a smirk of my own. Patton made direct eye contact with me and I knew I was in for it.

“You’re one to talk about ‘goo goo eyes’ I’ve seen you stare at Virg all through out movie night for like the past three months.” Patton replied back with a teasing tone.

I felt my face heat up and quickly looked at Virgil who had just slipped past me and escaped down the hallway. I glared at the other two for a second then ran after Virgil. Really Patton! We were just starting to get along then you come and say something like that! I thought to myself in annoyance. Finally I reached the darker personas room and heard him blasting Evanescence. I sighed knocking loud enough to be heard. When he didn’t answer I sighed and pushed the door open slowly. 

“Virg?” I called out. “Virgil, are you alright?” I heard a grunt from a black beanbag in the corner and there was Virgil. We stared at each other for a second before I knelt down to be his level. 

“I-I’m sorry about Patton he doesn’t know what he-” I tried to make something up to cover the secret that had been shared but I was cut off by a tight hug. 

“Princey.. just shut up.” He said from my shoulder. Although I didn’t really want to I did as I was told and kept quiet. Virgil released me from the hug and stood up then helped me up. We walked out of his room so I wouldn’t be in there too long.

 “So um.. was what Patton said true.” Virgil asked. I debated lying again but decided I needed to come clean. I stared at my feet as I nodded. I was waiting for a laugh, for some kind of rejection, but none came.

“I’m um.. I’m free on Friday?” Virgil said shuffling his feet.

“What?” I said looking up my face a mixture of joy and shock.

“I’m free on Friday.” He said with a tad more confidence.

“Really?” I practically squeaked now beaming ear to ear.

Virgil looked up and smiled softly. “Yeah.” He said with confidence.

I couldn’t contain myself my excitement bubbled over and I suddenly grabbed him bringing him into a tight hug and spinning around. Once I stopped spinning I instinctively swung him up so I was holding him bridal style. Virgil’s face was pink when I looked down at him. I grinned at him proudly. “Well my dear you’re coming with me to watch Mary Poppins.”

Virgil rolled his eyes. “I’m still not as important as Disney?” He asked.

“Of course you are but if you’re dating the prince you have to watch all of my darling babies with me.” I beamed.

“Whatever you say your highness.” Virgil said in a mocking tone and with that I sprinted off to the common room so we could go watch Mary Poppins.

I don’t think it’s as nicely done as the original but I still think it’s nice and fluffy. =)

Obviously his death is going to have a huge impact on the characters. People sometimes forget this, but there was a nine month gap in the pilot. We did a nine month time jump. Iris (Candice Patton) has been with Eddie for a long time and they were living together. He didn’t just die, he died to save her. Obviously Iris is going to be dealing with that. Barry is going to be dealing with the fact that all Barry has ever wanted to do is protect Iris, and in the end it was Eddie who got to do it.