month in thailand

tuesday, may 23, 2017

there are so many terrorist attacks in asia between yesterday and today, and some are ongoing…..

-bangkok, thailand (military hospital explosion, twenty four injured, and this is two weeks after a shopping mall explosion thst injured about fifty)

-marawi, philippines (hostage situation in city hospital, jail detainees released by militants, ONGOING, civilians advised to stay indoors, burning buildings and fire trucks)

-homs, syria (first car bomb explosion, four dead, sixteen wounded)

-damascus, syria (second car explosion)

(edit: may 24th) -east jakarta, indonesia (two suicide bombers, double bombing at kampung melayu bus terminal, three or four dead, ten wounded)

Kiersten White ✓ Twitter › kierstenwhite “My heart goes out to Manchester and Marawi, Bangkok and Syria. And it breaks that, as I type this, I wonder what I’m leaving out.”

please dont forget them as you think of the bombing in manchester

Hey! 🙋🏻 A little over two years ago I started selling off everything I owned so I could travel easily with one bag. Then I left the States intending to travel internationally full-time. I found myself in Scotland, met my boyfriend Kuba 😘, travelled around Europe on my own for 6 months, popped over to Thailand for 3 weeks, and now I’m back in Scotland until June. ✈️🇪🇸 My life has completely changed for the better since I started my journey into minimalism two years ago. I used to have closets full of clothes but now my wardrobe is simple. It includes 30 items! Everything you see here. 🎒😛 I posted a video summary of my wardrobe on my YouTube channel as well: . How do you feel about your wardrobe? Do you want to downsize? Why or why not? 🤔 And thanks to Kuba for taking this photo! 😍


We went on a epic 3-4 months journey trough Nepal, India, Thailand and biking trough Vietnam. From trekking in the Himalayas to Halong Bay, what was left were a lot of new friendships and this video.

Alcohol Chronicles

Words: 1,780
Genre: Original, Romance
A/n: Unfortunately, this doesn’t have a title yet, and I don’t know if I’ll continue the story, but here’s something like a chapter 1.  I entitled it Alcohol Chronicles because I wrote something long ago that involved alcohol, and this one involves that as well.  So yeah, hope you enjoy. :)

The first time I saw him, it was in an airplane going to Hong Kong.  He sat just across the aisle from me.  I liked looking at people, and imagining what kind of person they are, or what kind of life stories they hold.  And so I looked (stared) at him for a while (a long time).  He had a prominent bone structure- high cheekbones, and a sharp jawline. He wore glasses, and had small earrings on both his ears.  He liked to rest his chin on his knuckles while watching airplane movies or waiting for food.  He pursed his lips together into a pout when he was thinking of things to say, such as food to get in the airplane or how to operate the airplane TV.  For that whole airplane ride, I weaved back and forth from trying not to look, to giving in to the impulse of staring.  

Usually, it was easy to read people, but this one was sort of different.  I thought, maybe he was a cool guy, because he sort of had a bad boy vibe going on. His eyes were brown and heavy lidded- mysterious and piercing.  I say this because our eyes made contact when he caught me staring at him.  He bowed in greeting, and I bowed back with an embarrassed smile.  He returned the smile with a slightly mischievous smirk. A smirk? That confused me because when he tried talking to the flight attendants, he was shy and he moved quite awkwardly. When he conversed with his friends, his smile was like a boy’s- carefree and shy and innocent and (admittedly) adorable. When he laughed, his eyes would vanish and (happy) lines would form around them.  He looked like trouble, but he felt kind of…warm.

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Lost/Blindspot Crossover Fic

I got an awesome anon yesterday requesting a Lost/Blindspot crossover fic and I have never been happier. I hope you like this, buddy, and thanks again for the request. I cannot tel you how fun this was. I really hope you like it!

So we’ve got Jack Shephard and Juliet Carlson from Lost and Jane Doe and Kurt Weller from Blindspot, with mentions of Kate Auten and Christian Shephard, as well as Tasha Zapata, Edgar Reade and Sarah Weller. Heavy on the Jeller, with a bit of Jate thrown in there for fun.

Jack Shephard was not supposed to be working. He was in New York for an event at his alma mater and was technically on vacation - a very well earned one. He loved coming back to New York. It gave him a chance to catch up with some of his college friends, but more importantly it meant he was as far away from his father as possible. Ever since he started working at St. Sebastian, his relationship with his father has only gotten worse. If it were up to him, he would have stayed in New York, but of course, with his father running his life, that was never an option.

So there he was back on campus, catching up with a few of his friends, where he was just Jack Shephard, the guy you wanted to sit next to during exams, and not Dr. Jack Shephard, the son of renowned Dr. Christian Shephard, prodigy surgeon. It felt good being back, Jack thought to himself, as he walked the familiar paths on campus.

Next to him, Dr. Juliet Carlson, one of his oldest friends, stopped talking when her pager beeped. “Oh crap,” she mumbled.

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anonymous asked:

okay wow i'm gonna ask a lot of questions here because i want a life like yours. so how do you make a living to travel to all these places? what kind of camera do you use? did you go to college? when did you start traveling? i'm sorry i'm just so curious on how i can make my dream become a reality like you did.

About 2 years ago I started working for myself. I plan cultural trips and help expats move abroad. It’s called “remote work” or being a “digital nomad” because you can work from wherever there’s wifi. 

A lot of people become freelancers to live the digital nomad lifestyle. Right now I’m working from Las Vegas (spending time with family) but after the holidays I’ll base myself in Italy or Colombia for a few months because why not lol.

If you don’t want to freelance or start a business, there are a TON of companies that hire for remote work – tech jobs, customer service jobs. I’m gonna do a post listing jobs hiring people for remote work. 

Here is one for now:

You teach English online through Skype and earn $14-$22 per hour. You can obviously do it from anywhere as long as you have internet, so why not do it for a few months in Thailand or Portugal? 

first try animating something so just take it

May goals

Two months until Thailand. I feel a lot better about myself than on the 15th of January, when I started keto. I’m still very self-conscious about wearing a bikini and these two months must count.

1. Lose another 2 kg (4.4 lbs). This will be hard.
2. 10.000+ steps every day.
3. Less carbs! I’m eating around 30 g these days.

Short list. Let’s do this.

I stole the idea from @lizzielosing

I’m on the bus to the airport! fuck, this is actually happening, i feel like on a rollercoaster and like i might throw up but in a good way somehow?? i mean my life is so exciting at the moment and won’t get any less in the next months, with thailand, coming home, some trips and gigs and starting uni. i’m on a proper adrenaline high right now tbh. so much is happening. fuck. in 16 hours from now i’ll be in bangkok which will be such an insane contrast to new zealand and in two days fred, who has become such a good friend in a relatively short time span will join me and the 3 weeks will be brilliant!
miraculously i didn’t cry when saying goodbye to matías this morning even though i’m terribly sad that i most likely won’t see him for at least 2 years since he’s my best friend down here but i know that we’ll actually keep in touch and when he finally comes to europe it will be a blast
and i had a really nice last breakfast with fred where we were both brimming with excitement and already making ridiculous future escape plans for if germany gets too trapping and dull and the sun’s shining and while i will most likely cry on the plane this is a good ending. i will be very nostalgic about it but right now the excitement over-shadows everything

I don’t wanna have my-aunt-has-cancer-again feelings so instead I’m having Cat Marnell feelings because the internet reminded me she existed

1) where does she get her money? she is very open and honest about everything except how she could afford to quit jobs rather than be fired - no unemployment if you quit - and who paid for her $6,000-a-month treatment in Thailand, which isn’t my business but which I am nonetheless obsessed with

2) that said, I Love Cat Marnell because she has no hair and wears thirsty-as-hell wigs colored like cotton candy and she would really, probably, honestly write better if she’d just fucking kick the drugs, and specifically I love her because I can’t stand how self-impressed she can be or how dull her writing is by the time you read the fourth Kerouackian iteration

anyway I’m related to a lot of addicts, guys, but I can’t stand being around them anymore so I guess Cat Marnell will have to substitute

The Signs Getting Arrested
  • Taurus: Afraid to spend the night in jail. Don't even tell them about prison food.
  • Gemini: NO NO I'm innocent, I swear!!
  • Cancer: Little flecks of blood across their face. Doesn't even deny it.
  • Leo: Wait, can I do my makeup before my mugshot?? *poses so hard, produces insta worthy photo*
  • Virgo: Remains silent until they have a lawyer present.
  • Libra: Makes friends with the cops, talks their way out of the cell.
  • Scorpio: Breaks down, says something along the lines of "IT WAS A CRIME OF PASSION."
  • Sagittarius: "It's fine, I got locked up for a month in Thailand on my gap yah"
  • Capricorn: The 50/50 chance they did it
  • Aquarius: Too smart to get caught
  • Pisces: Nervous breakdown, all the way

This was really random lmao but kinda inspired by this.


“Babe!” Justin called as his footsteps pattered on the wooden floorboards, approaching you slouched on the leather couch, eyes glued to the TV. Turning your head to give him attention, you switched off the TV, watching as he kicked off his shoes and plopped next to you, sprawling both arms and legs out.

“Mhmm” You hummed, Justin wrapping his arm around your petite frame, pulling you close as he ran a couple of fingers through your hair. “What?” You smiled, locking eyes with his.

“Well…” He giggled crinkles by both sides of his eyes, reaching for his phone. “So, you know we were thinking about our future the other day… And children if we ever have any… Have you ever like, wondered or pictured what they’d look like? I mean, I know I have.” He admitted, a grin appearing wide of his face, exposing a small dimple, you’d hardly ever notice.

“Uhm.. Sometimes, why anyway? What’d you do now?” You chuckled, nervous to see what creation or weird thought had snapped into his mind this time.

“Okay so I found this app where we can blend each others faces together and we should try it.” He suggested, meeting your gaze before directing his eyes towards his phone again, light reflecting on his face. 

“Well don’t blame me if it doesn’t go as you imagined.” You replied, tugging on your lower lip between your teeth.

You scooted closer to Justin, looking down at his illuminated phone as he typed a six digit code before a typical photo of you both kissing, back in Thailand, months ago popped up as his home screen. He opened the app and your eyebrows furrowed at first thoughts, a demo picture of a lady appearing on the screen.

“You need to take a picture of me first baby.” He pleased as he handed you his phone, whilst you hovered on your knees above one of his fully stretched leg. Justin swept a hand through his blonde hair, tossing it to one side of his face. Watching as he posed, eyes squinted, slightly seductive, no emotion to his face, you rolled your eyes, laughing.

“Come on, smile! Don’t you wan’t a happy child!” You joked, amused as Justin then showed his familiar smile, exposing the crinkles again by the outer corners of his eyes, chubby cheeks and white teeth on display. You took a second to admire him before holding up the camera. “That’s more like it, beautiful.” You giggled, pressing your thumb against the screen, shooting the picture before handing the phone back to Justin.

“Okay… Your turn.” He mentioned, a visible smirk of his face. You rolled your eyes, parting your hair through the middle before showing a subtle smile. You lifted your chin, taking a glimpse at Justin, still with that smirk on his face. “You’re hot.” He commented, running a hand through his hair once again.

“Jay!” You laughed, relaxing you face after hearing the snapshot sound echo from the phone. You scooted back next to him, throwing your naked legs crossed over his, head resting on his shoulder. “If this turns out to be ugly, I’m going after drake.” You snickered with a sarcastic smile, causing Justin to roll his eyes right before widening them again as soon as the processed picture appeared quick on the screen.

You bit your bottom lip and looked down beneath your lashes, not being able to contain your laughter. Not even for a second. It was Justin’s long facial structure, hazel eyes, thick but messy eyebrows merged with your full lips and dark hair. Moments after, you and Justin were both dying with hysterics, taking different pictures of each other, saving the hundreds of merged ones to his camera roll. Every one of him them looked how you’d imagine Justin to look, only as female.

Hello friends (when you follow me you automatically become my friend)! :) Thank you so much for 12k, I really can’t believe it! T_T I made this blog because of how much I love avatar and it is amazing to see that even when the show is over the fandom still keep on going. I am traveling tomorrow which means that I might not have internet for a month. If that is the case: good luck everyone and remember that I believe in every one of you ^_^

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Tag game

Tagged by @tenoko1 (do I freak out or laugh like a villain and crow “my stalking has paid off”… decisions, decisions)

Countries I lived in: USA (Michigan), Cambodia for a month, Thailand (currently)

Languages you speak: English, French, Russian, smattering of Polish, not nearly enough Thai… bits and pieces of fictional languages

Favorite film of 2015: Uhm…. Inside Out.  Pixar is awesomeness.

Last article you read: … cannot remember the name, but it was something Joss posted on Twitter about the mass societal dissonance going on in America that has lead to the current election mess and why Republicans were desperate enough to back the Cheeto in the first place.

Shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here: “Our Happy Home” David Crowder* Band, “Mollymauk” Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends, “Just Might Change Your Life,” Sidewalk Prophets

Last thing you bought online: Not counting plane tickets and crap… Eyes.  (Doll eyes for amigurumi like these guys)

Any phobias or fears? Talking on the phone (when there’s a chance it might be a wrong number)

How would your friends describe you?  Past examples: “This is Becca, she has chickens.”  “This is Ryll, she speaks like eight languages” (”I do not speak eight” “it’s the best way to describe it you speak too many”), sassy, and the most current one is apparently “tale pale american with red hair?” (distracted friends are so helpful lol) Ah, updated is “loyal, considerate, motherly”

How would your enemies describe you? Uhm.  I’ve never asked.  Probably rude, a know-it-all… and if I had no self control around them “obsessed with Sweeney Todd” would probably be on the list.  (Something so therapeutic about singing songs about murder…)

Who would you take a bullet for?  My friends, my family, kids in general…

If you had money to spare what would you buy first?  A guitar, I miss mine so much.

Rules: Tag ten people you want to get to know better.

(I apologize in advance) @mittensmorgul, @kefka334, @tree-of-blue-squirrel (Squirrelock come play), @ladynikitablack, @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell, @helvonasche (*tags again* *runs away*), @dont-dropp, @theflufwiththefandoms, @queensdontwaittobesaved, and @wildtendermythologia (do one last sane thing before the pasta sets in…)

Don't worry baby, I'll catch you if you fall! (You x EXO Kai)

SOOO MANY KAI FEELS RIGHT NOW T.T Ugh sometimes I wish I could go to the Lost Planet concert, but that would make my feels 100% worse haha >.< I’m keeping them at bay for now by writing this! I hope you enjoy!



You scream at the top of your lungs along with the rest of the fans standing around you. Although it was unlikely that your little section could scream over the other fans around you, you were going to try!

You had been waiting months to go to this concert. Buying a ticket had meant scrimping and saving where ever you could (and even then you’d begged your mom to front you the remaining cash). But you were finally at an EXO concert, light stick in hand, standing right in front of the stage. You gape open-mouthed as the boys pass back and forth a few feet from you.

This particular spot had been expensive, but your friend had said it was worth every penny. She’d been able to go last month while she was in Thailand visiting her grandmother, and she’d gotten a gorgeous pic of Suho waving to her. It was now framed on her wall and was the profile picture of every SNS account she had, so eventually, you’d broken down and bought the same ticket.

Even though she had gotten the picture, you weren’t even going to pretend that could happen to you. You supported all the boys, but you were mostly here for Kai. He had been your bias since the beginning, and on occasion, you splurged on some official merchandise.

But he had spent the entire time on the other side of the stage, to your disappointment. He had come close to you once during an SNSD song, but Luhan had pulled him away just as fast as he came over! You wave your glowing light stick anyway, as if he could tell the difference between yours and the thousands of others in this arena. Kai, just once. You wish. Could you let me see you just one time?

The arena goes dark once more, and a video comes on the screen. It’s a behind-the-scenes look of the concert. While you’re avidly paying attention, many of the fans in your section get up. There hadn’t been a break in a while, and you could hear a few mumblings about a bathroom break. You ignore them, directing your glance at the screen.

Suddenly the lights come up, and spotlights on stage illuminate each member. Your jaw drops: their all wearing matching deep blue tuxedos, twinkling rhinestone stars pressed to their skin. You immediately look for Kai. He’s posed between Baekhyun and Sehun, eyes lowered to the ground. A few stars have been pressed to his throat, and his eyes are a deep grey. Um, wow.

The music starts up again, and you recognize the song instantly. The members each take a different path, fanning out to dance in pairs. Your breath catches in your throat as Kai and Lay sidle down the stage in your direction. The few fans that are left beside you scream at the top of their lungs.

You watch Kai move, his arms gliding through the air without making a sound. He and Lay move in sync, their body rolls killing nearly everyone. How could one person move like that? He steps closer and closer to the edge of the stage, and you drink it all in.

And all of a sudden, everything happens to fast.

The plastic tile at the edge of the stage breaks away, and Kai slips, his delicate move collapsing into something that remains you of a duck flapping its wings. Everyone screams in alarm. While it’s clear that Kai is delaying the fall, it’s a fight gravity is going to win. As if oil has been dropped into water, everyone shrieks and moves away, giving him room. Why would they let him fall like that?!

You step forward, and moments later, you feel a heavy, warm weight sink into your arms.

The ground comes close and fast, but you break the impact. The air escapes your lungs, and you gasp. When you open your eyes, the music has stopped, and a concerned Lay hovers above you, still standing on the stage.

“Are you okay?”

You look down. Your arms are full of…Kai.

He looks up in utter disbelief. You gasp a little, quickly backing away. You hadn’t realized you were hugging him tightly. He stands quickly, offering you a hand. “I’m fine.” He says, giving you a frazzled but genuine smile. He gets up, offering you a hand. You take it, and he pulls you to your feet. “Thank you. You didn’t have to do that. You could have been hurt.”

You return his smile. “I’m your fan!” You grin. “Don’t worry, I’ll catch you if you fall!”

Even among the screaming fans, you can hear his laughter. It’s a deep and a little childish, and it makes your heart beat. Security envelopes you, quickly putting distance between the two of you. He hops back on stage, and more staff fills the area, fixing the stage and putting barriers in front of you. Your head buzzes. Did that really just happen?

The concert goes on, but you fade in and out, stuck in the moment when you had Kim Jongin in your arms. How were you supposed to focus now?!

Towards the end of the concert, the boys have begun playing, the choreography getting looser and more fun. They squirt each other with water and chase each other, grabbing and tripping and laughing all the while. Suddenly the fans around you jostle towards the stage, and you look up. A few very expectant people are gazing down at you—Suho, Luhan, Chanyeol, and Sehun—all led by Kai.

You blush at the very direct eye contact, and Suho hands Kai a microphone. “Thank you for catching me.” He laughs. “I think I’m your fan now!” Everyone screams at the top of their lungs, but everything is quiet to you. “This is for you!” He offers you something, and a security guard takes it from him, handing it to you. It’s a hoodie, with signatures scrawled across it. You gasp.

Kai smiles with delight at your face, and gives you a wave before he’s pulled away once more.

You’re 99% sure the shock will stay with you for forever. Not even until you get home does any of it seem real. You sit on your bed staring at it, trying to make sense of it all. Slowly you pull on the hoodie, and something catches your attention.

Kai has written a message on the inside.

Thank you for catching me today~ Since I don’t if I can return the favor in the future, wear this so you can always be surrounded by me! Imagine they are my arms hehe…always embracing you!^^ EXO fighting!

Your jaw drops. When did he have time to do this?!

A tiny star is pressed beside it, just like the ones they had been wearing. You carefully fold the hoodie and place it on your desk, climbing into bed. No one was going to believe this, but you barely believed it yourself. But somehow you knew…Kim Kai was your bias for all the right reasons.


Scenario end! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE /rolls around on the floor/ I don’t know if the feels are better or worse now! They’re pretty much destroyed at this point OTL /cries a river/ ~Jjangpanda